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Minnesota FC Ties FC Dallas in a 1-1 Draw

June 8, 2024 - Major League Soccer (MLS)
Minnesota United FC News Release

SAINT PAUL, Minn. - Minnesota United splits points with FC Dallas after both teams scored one goal apiece in the first half of the match on Saturday night at Allianz Field. Next, the Loons look to the Pacific Northwest as they travel to face Seattle Sounders FC on June 15.

8' - MNUFC scored the first goal of the match after putting pressure on FC Dallas's back line, forcing goalkeeper Maarten Paes to turn the ball over on the 18-yard line. Bongokuhle Hlongwane gained possession taking a quick touch that Hassani Dotson used to set himself up for a one-touch shot on goal, finding the back of the net.

15' - FC Dallas equalized the match, 1-1, on a set piece. Dallas forward Jesús Ferreira played a short ball to Asier Illarramendi on top of the 18-yard line who then passed it off to Liam Fraser on the far left corner of the 18. With clear space ahead of him, Fraser's strike from distance found the upper corner for the score.

25' - Jordan Adebayo-Smith had a goal scoring opportunity after running onto a long ball inside the 18-yard box. On the left flank, he flicked the ball towards goal but the shot was deflected out by Paes.

32' - Jesús Ferreira broke away from MNUFC's back line, carrying the ball toward goal. Minnesota defender Victor Eriksson on his back made a clean tackle in Minnesota's defending third, not allowing Ferreira a shot on goal.

49' - Wil Trapp nearly scored after a corner that was crossed in by Sang Bin Jeong ricocheted out towards the left side of the 18-yard. Trapp then took a one-touch shot on goal but it was saved out by Paes.

50' - Yet again, Minnesota was granted a corner kick that ricocheted out towards the right corner of the 18-yard box towards Franco Fragapane. Fragapane gained possession and tried to curve the ball in towards the far post but missed just wide.

68' - Minnesota goalkeeper Clint Irwin had two close range saves seconds apart, first denying a header from forward Bernard Kamungo and then a right-footed shot from FC Dallas captain Paul Arriola, keeping the score 1-1.

90' + 3' - Minnesota was granted a free kick about 20-yards out from the goal line. Sang Bin Jeong took the free kick, fired off a shot in an attempt to score at the last second, but the shot was saved by FC Dallas and the game ended in a 1-1 draw.


1-0 MIN - Hassani Dotson (Bongokuhle Hlongwane) - 9'

1-1 DAL - Liam Fraser (Asier Illarramendi, Jesús Ferreira) - 15'


MIN - Franco Fragapane (caution) - 43'

MIN - Wil Trapp (caution) - 45'+2'


1 - Minnesota United players who made their MLS debut: Morris Duggan, Kage Romanshyn Jr.

Minnesota United players who started in their first MLS game: Victor Eriksson, Jordan Adebayo-Smith

2 - Midfielder Hassani Dotson has scored his second goal of the season and first since the 3-0 win against Charlotte FC on April 21, while midfielder Bongokuhle Hlongwane recorded his second assist of the season.

12 - Minnesota United has scored in its last 12 home games.

4 - Four Minnesotans were on the field at the same time in tonight's game: starters Devin Padelford and Caden Clark and substitutes Patrick Weah and Kage Romanshyn Jr.




Minnesota United XI: GK Clint Irwin; D Caden Clark, Devin Padelford, Michael Boxall ©, Victor Eriksson, Sang Bin Jeong; M Franco Fragapane, Wil Trapp, Hassani Dotson, Bongokuhle Hlongwane; F Jordan Adebayo-Smith

Bench: GK Alec Smir; D Zarek Valentin, Morris Duggan; M Molik Jesse Khan, Moses Nyeman; F Kage Romanshyn Jr., Patrick Weah

FC Dallas XI: GK Maarten Paes; D Omar Gonzalez, Sebastien Ibeagha, Sam Junqua; M Marco Farfan, Paul Arriola ©, Asier Illarramendi, Liam Fraser; F Patrickson Delgado, Petar Musa, Jesús Ferreira

Bench: GK Antonio Carrera; D Nkosi Tafari, Amet Korca; M Sebastian Lletget, Dante Sealy, Katlego Ntsabeleng; F Logan Farrington, Eugene Ansah, Bernard Kamungo



Lumen Field | Seattle, Washington

06.15.2024 | MLS 2024 Regular Season | Matchday 20

9:30 p.m. CT (MLS Season Pass/1500 ESPN)



On the draw against FC Dallas...

"I was really happy with the one [point]. We wouldn't have blown anyone away with that performance, but we needed, to an extent, a performance like that. We didn't have ways of changing the game, we didn't have loads of depth, so we knew we needed to make sure that we stayed in the game, that we played at a certain rhythm, and made it difficult for them to do what they wanted to do. And for the large portion of the game, we did that and we had a couple of good chances of our own. Relative to the circumstances, that's a really good point for us. It means that we roll on in terms of momentum and there were obviously a load of other positives that go with a day like that in terms of debuts. I suppose how you show how you put the whole club on show, how you integrate Academy players, how the crowd responds to that type of thing. So, that was really important for us today. I think arguably it's as good an outcome as we could have hoped for."

On playing with a high press to start the match and that leading to a goal...

"We were trying to make sure that we really picked our moments to be very aggressive and the points to which we couldn't, we were very happy for them [FC Dallas] to have the ball and we had a very specific plan to take away what is typically their threat. So for the large portion we did, obviously with the balance of play, you would expect that they would come into the game at some point. They're a team for me that needed to come here and really have a good go at beating us. So toward the end of the game, you would expect a little bit of momentum to tip in their favor and given our circumstances. So we did manage that well. We had a couple of moments where we really high-pressed and did so to good effect, but for the large portion of the game we kept the game where we wanted to keep it. And that was, that was arguably the biggest factor behind the point."

On the organization of the team...

"I mean we really needed to make sure that we took away the middle of the pitch. We made it very difficult for them to connect the passes in the middle through some of their players that really liked to play in that way. And then I thought we defended the space in behind our line really well. It was a game where we had to be very compact. We had to make sure that we were completely on point in terms of organization and discipline and they were, and I would say even the players that came into the game that haven't been a big part of what we've done this year, I think they work within that framework really well. So we, yeah, we're really pleased with that."

On preparation with corner kicks...

"Yeah, well we did, we were disappointed with the goal that we conceded there because it was very preventable if you've seen what they've done over the course of the year so far. But I would say it's one of those things sometimes where you've got players that aren't necessarily in the rhythm of playing competitive minutes for long periods of time, and set plays is often one of those areas where players lose concentration. And unfortunately that was what cost us today because beyond the set plays, we largely restricted them to very few chances aside from a couple at the end. So we will obviously have a good look at that, but I would say yeah, yeah, perhaps on, on, on our part we take a little bit of culpability, but also it's the nature of, of the players rhythm and that that's what cost us, I suppose."

On Victor Eriksson's performance...

"He [Victor Eriksson] had some really good moments. It was, I suppose, not the best sort of circumstances to come in, in the sense that the team perhaps was not playing in the way with the same rhythm that it has done at home over the course of this year so far. That was a game, I would say, that looks very different. It is a stand out game in my period here in terms of style, balance of play, and how we were able to use the ball. So I don't think it was a pretty performance all around but it was definitely steady from his perspective which was definitely what we were hoping for today."

On the performances of the other younger players...

"It is a difficult set of circumstances to come into. It was not a fluid flowing performance. It required discipline, it required hard work so someone like Patrick [Weah] say comes on maybe not in the circumstances that best shows his qualities but he played in a very disciplined way as did Jordan [Adebayo-Smith] up until the moment he came off, I thought Kage [Romanshyn Jr.] played with real composure in the moments that he had the ball, he looked like he had every intent to make something happen which is the mark of a really confident player and the crowd responded really well to him so we were pleased with that. Morris [Duggan] even as he comes on in the end with very little sort of action and involvement, he still looked a good presence and he looked like he really wanted to come on and make a mark and play with purpose and that is all you can ask of those players so it was a really good showing from them"

On the atmosphere of the crowd...

"We really need the fans tonight and I said that yesterday that it was not going to be a game that we were going to find easy throughout. I knew full well that we were going to need them to drive us home. In the first half, they gave us a really good atmosphere, that definitely contributed to the way in which we were able to steal the ball and half those counter attacking moments in front of the noisy end. As the game goes on, they recognized what the team needed, they knew that the team needed noise and it needed energy, and the fact that they responded so well to the players coming on from the academy, that's a huge thing for us. Yes, we did not win but in some senses it feels like a win for many reasons tonight so I hope they enjoyed it and definitely a big part of that point for us."

On goalkeeper Clint Irwin's performance...

"A really good performance, exactly what we needed from him [Clint Irwin]. He has been a really big part of what we are doing. He is very good behind the scenes, perfect character for that number two goalkeeper, really good influence in the dressing room, really steady guy, very positive and we needed him to perform tonight and I'm really glad that he has done so because it sets off really well this period that he is going to be standing in for Dayne [St. Clair] I did not have any doubts about him, I don't think any of the staff had any doubts about him and he has proved that and some tonight."

On midfielder Caden Clark's hamstring issue...

"It was [a] cramp with Caden [Clark], obviously he has not played a load of 90 minutes this year, so that was expected, to an extent. I would say the same for a load of the players that have been a victim to an extent that the fact that we've changed a lot of the front players often. Someone like Bongi [Bongokuhle Hlongwane], Sang Bin [Jeong], Caden are not playing loads of 90 minutes so that was a bit of a grind for them but they did brilliant for us."


On having a lot of guys out and gaining one point in tonight's match...

"Coming into this game, I thought through the spine, we had enough to play a bit more assertive than we did. Then obviously as the game unfolded, it wasn't looking like a bad result. There were some big performances, Clint [Irwin] obviously, some debuts from the young boys was good to see. Obviously it's not how we want to play at home but hopefully down the road that point will help us."

On seeing any wide eyes from the guys who made their debut...

"No, not really. I think because these guys train with us so regularly, they're around us every day. It almost seems normal playing with them. Obviously they've got bright futures and they're working hard. Can't fault any of them for their contributions tonight. In trying circumstances, if you put them in and they're surrounded by a few of the guys that are missing, it just makes things a bit easier. For them to come on and do a job for us was massive."

On keys to defending long balls over the top...

"Just reading the man on the ball. Because we play quite high, you've always need to know what the man on the ball is doing and drop accordingly. They [FC Dallas] got in behind a couple of times but nothing really came of that. Victor [Eriksson] was solid, Devin [Padelford] obviously is doing really well this season, he's coming into his own. He's been fantastic."

On if the team is organized if the opponent is settling for long balls...

"Yes, I think so. We're trying to deny them the middle so obviously Hassani [Dotson] and Wil [Trapp] once again are absolutely tireless in the midfield and really worked hard for us. That really only leaves our wide areas, Caden [Clark] did a great job and Sang Bin [Jeong] was excellent. He's got a hell of an engine on him."

On Victor Eriksson's journey to earning some first team playing time tonight...

"Coming in for that short amount of time away at Philly [Philadelphia Union] who are a tough team, especially at home. He has a strong character, he's kept working, he hasn't got his head down, and he keeps showing up each day to put in the work. He was solid tonight. When the ball that was played through and I kind of got caught out, he made a huge tackle there to keep us in the game. I don't think there's any faults you could point out from his game tonight. Big step up for him."

On what went into the high press to start the game...

"It's something we're focused on since the preseason. Because of so many changes we were meant to be dropping off, but I think when [FC] Dallas play out like they do, it kind of invites you. Everyone who hasn't got a lot of minutes, they're all training with us, they know exactly what to do when we press. It worked a treat."


On making his MLS and MNUFC first-team debut...

"Honestly, it was a surreal experience. I had so much fun; it kind of felt like a bit of hard work paid off, which was really fun. [I'm] just thankful for the coaches for believing in me."

On if he felt any nervousness before entering the match...

"A little bit, but kind of when I just stepped on the pitch, I just kind of felt at home. It felt ready. It was good."

On four Minnesotans on the field at the same time...

"Honestly, not really. It was just kind of like everyone, everyone was playing their game. It was good."

On having a plan for his debut jersey...

"[I'll] probably frame it. Put it up in my house. I'll hold onto it."

On what his mindset was while walking onto the field...

"Just stay focused and engaged and not let the atmosphere get the best of me."

On if the atmosphere got the best of him or not...

"No, I don't think so. I felt pretty good, honestly. It was amazing."

On feeling ready to continue playing next week on the first team if called upon...

"Yep, one hundred percent."

On how he experienced the crowd at Allianz Field...

"Yeah, it was crazy. It was so loud. The atmosphere was amazing. It was honestly unbelievable."

On if his preseason training with the first team calmed him before playing tonight...

"Yeah, for sure. And training with these guys, every day, it makes me so much better, working on my game against them. I just feel like I'm getting better every day."

On what's worse: making his MLS debut and talking to us [the written press]...

"[In a playful manner] Unfortunately, probably having to sit here and talk to you guys. Sorry about that though."

On takeaways from the other midfielders as he was subbed in...

"Honestly, I felt like everyone obviously was giving me tips here and there. But, the coaches prepared me well before I went in and gave me tactics and stuff, so it felt good."


On his goal...

"It's always nice to be on the score sheet. It was a good collective performance from the guys and some of the guys that haven't got too many minutes really stepped up and I was really happy for a bunch of the young guys to get their debuts today."

On the team's defensive performance...

"I thought it was pretty organized. We weren't out of our shape too much. I thought, if I am being super critical, I thought we could have maybe picked a little bit more times to trigger a press, but overall, to only concede one goal in that off of a, you know, controversial call, you know, I think that we did pretty well."

On if Dallas' goal was offside...

" I think we, for the first corner kick, it was off of him. I mean, that's what I've been told, but I mean, you got to, you got to play through it."

On being disappointed the team did not leave with three points...

"Yeah, in the first half we really had a lot of momentum and we could have put the game away, but they're a quality side and really good in possession. And if we don't punish them when we can, you know, a point, especially with the circumstances, is a point gained and not a point lost."

On corner kicks from the opponents...

" Everyone has this role on defensive corner kicks and they get a really good pass with the ball. We just, you know, maybe a little too man oriented and we could have made, stepped out and made a play."

On FC Dallas triggering a high press in the way they were playing...

"Yeah, they were pretty risky in the back. They fancied themselves in possession and we almost got them a time before that and Jordan [Adebayo-Smith], Fraga [Franco Fragapane] and Wil [Trapp] and everyone closed off the angles pretty well and Bongi [Hlongwane] won the ball and a little heavy touch. So I took a shot instead."

On Bongi Hlongwane being awarded an assist on his goal...

"I'll take it. I mean, I'll take the goal. He can have the assists. No problem."

On Kage Romanshyn Jr.'s debut...

"Anyone that has been around us in preseason knows that, he's [Kage Romanshyn Jr.] shown a lot of quality at times. In that professional mindset and keep the same [intensity] throughout everything through the ups and downs. And he has a bright future ahead."

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