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RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a format for syndicating news headlines. News aggregators, browsers and email clients are able to pull RSS feeds automatically, delivering a constant stream of headlines from your favorite sport or league. The feeds are also available for website use, free of charge.


Using RSS is simple. Just plug the address(es) of the XML feeds below into an RSS program or online reader, and it will automatically load the latest OurSports Central content on your favorite leagues. Nearly all modern browsers support RSS, and adding a feed is often as simple as clicking an icon.

Each sport feed below contains all the news from each league under it. For example, the Baseball feed contains news from all affiliated and independent baseball leagues. Similarly, each sport version feed contains news from all the leagues under it. For example, all indoor and Arena Football league news will come under Indoor/Arena Football. In addition, league specific feeds are also available.

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CORPUS CHRISTI - The Hooks picked up their 10th consecutive win Saturday night, edging Frisco, 4-3, before a sellout crowd of 7,137 fans at Whataburger Field. Corpus Christi (5-0, 48-26) has won 12 of the last 13, and stands 21-5 since May 26. A t...
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