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Minnesota United Captured a 2-1 Comeback Win Over the Portland Timbers

May 18, 2024 - Major League Soccer (MLS)
Minnesota United FC News Release

SAINT PAUL, Minn. -- Minnesota extended its unbeaten streak (6W, 1D) against the Portland Timbers at Allianz Field following a 2-1 comeback win after Sang Bin Jeong scored the game-winning goal in the 82nd minute.

12' - Minnesota United opened the match with a close opportunity on goal after Joseph Rosales took space up the pitch toward the end line. Rosales placed a low-driven ball to teammate Teemu Pukki's feet just inside the 18-yard box for a shot but was aimed wide of the right post.

17' - Portland scored the first goal of the match after an up, back, and through sequence opened space behind Minnesota's back line. Portland midfielder David Ayala slotted a ball through to Jonathan Rodríguez who went one-on-one against Dayne St. Clair. Rodríguez found the far right corner, putting the Timbers on the scoreboard.

27' - Bongi Hlongwane found himself dribbling the ball in the attacking third before he was pulled down from behind by opponent Kamal Miller inside the box. The foul was not called for a penalty by the referee.

38' - St. Clair made a crucial save to keep the score 0-1 after Juan Mosquera ran onto a long through ball on the right side of the pitch, firing a right-footed shot from the top of the box but St. Clair was able to push it wide.

42' - Yet again, St. Clair saved a close chance on goal by Portland after Rodríguez capitalized off a missed kick by Minnesota. Rodríguez with space to goal tried to chip the ball over St. Clair who was outside the 18-yard box but he was able to head the ball away from goal.

50' - Caden Clark took the first dangerous shot of the second half after dribbling to the inside of the box and firing a shot off but missed wide of the far post.

65' - Robin Lod scored the equalizing goal after Rosales inside the box crossed the ball to Lod inside the six where he tapped the ball into the goal.

70' - Teemu Pukki was awarded a penalty after being fouled inside the box while going to goal. But after VAR review, Portland was awarded a free kick after the review showed that Pukki had fouled Portland's defender.

82' - Minnesota United took the lead after DJ Taylor crossed the ball from the right side of the pitch finding Sang Bin Jeong inside the 18-yard box. Sang Bin shot a low-driven ball to the far right corner, finding the back of the net for the first time this season.

89'- A Minnesota corner kick goes to the back post and is headed back across the box by Kervin Arriaga. Tani Oluwaseyi got his foot to it and hit off the crossbar. The ball still was loose and Sang Bin collected it and hit a strike off the outside of the net.

90'+7' - Inside Minnesota's box, Portland had two consecutive shots inside the six-yard box. The first close shot was deflected off St. Clair and went back into Portland's possession for another close shot that was deflected off Wil Trapp and cleared out.


0-1 POR - Jonathan Rodriguez (David Ayala) - 17'

1-1 MIN- Robin Lod (Joseph Rosales, Teemu Pukki) - 65'

2-1 MIN - Sang Bin Jeong (DJ Taylor, Robin Lod) - 82'


MIN - Miguel Tapias (caution) - 42'

POR - Jonathan Rodríguez (caution) - 42'

POR - Evander (caution) - 44'

POR - Diego Chara (caution) - 67'

POR - Miguel Araujo (caution) - 67'

POR - Dairon Asprilla (caution) 82'

MIN - Miguel Tapias (ejection) - 90'+1'

MIN - Sang Bin Jeong (caution) - 90'+8'

MIN - Wil Trapp (caution) - 90+13'


1- Carlos Harvey made his first MLS start of the 2024 season since March 15, 2021 when he started for the LA Galaxy.

26 - Robin Lod scored his 28th goal across all competitions for Minnesota United, making him the all-time leading goal scorer for the club in MLS history.

5 - Minnesota United is undefeated in the last five MLS regular season games.

13 - Minnesota has a seven-game scoring streak, scoring 13 goals in that run.

7 - Joseph Rosales has recorded seven assists across five consecutive games.

8 - Minnesota United has scored eight goals off the bench this season, the most in MLS.




Minnesota United XI: GK Dayne St. Clair; D Devin Padelford, Miguel Tapias, Michael Boxall ©, Caden Clark; M Carlos Harvey, Wil Trapp, Joseph Rosales, Franco Fragapane, Bongokuhle Hlongwane; F Teemu Pukki

Bench: GK Clint Irwin; D Zarek Valentin, Victor Eriksson; M Tani Oluwaseyi, Robin Lod, Alejandro Bran, DJ Taylor, Kervin Arriaga, F Sang Bin Jeong

Portland Timbers XI: GK Maxime Crépeau ©; D Miguel Araujo, Kamal Miller, Dario Zuparic; M Evander, Cristhian Paredes, David Ayala, Dairon Asprilla, Juan Mosquera; F Felipe Mora, Jonathan Rodríguez

Bench: GK James Pantemis; D Eric Miller, Zachery McGraw; M Eryk Williamson, Diego Chará; F Nathan Fogaca



DICK's Sporting Goods Park | Commerce City, Colorado

05.25.24 | MLS 2024 Regular Season | Matchday 16

8:30 p.m. CT (MLS Season Pass/1500 ESPN)



On today's performance...

"I was really pleased with the way we won the game, not necessarily the manner from a technical, more tactical perspective. But to see the game out in the way we did was really impressive. That's the mark of a team that is really together, that knows how to use the crowd and the energy. That was arguably for everything else that went with the game, us on the ball, all of the chances we created, that's the most pleasing part of the game. That's the part everyone remembers. We'll say that's one of those games that's not possible to do without having the crowd behind you and that the group knows how to use the crowd. It's one of those, again you get to that point where you feel like you almost can't lose it when the atmosphere is so strongly in your favor. It's a really big win for us and a big step forward."

On the substitutions that were made...

"Obviously everyone will point undoubtedly to the changes and the way the momentum shifts in the second half but I'll say again not quite as easy as the narrative appears, I suppose. Because we were very dominant in the first half, we made a load of chances in the first half. Typically in the second half at home we always finish games really strongly. So I don't think it's quite so easy again to say the changes are the difference but obviously they get to play their part. But I would say Carlos [Harvey] in the first half for us handled himself really well. Their were elements in the first half that we were really pleased with, really long on the ball, we created a good number of chances, we had some sloppy moments of course, allowing the opposition back in when they really shouldn't, but I always felt like if we could get to the hour mark in good shape, then we would have a really good chance of winning the game."

On concerns that the unit that started tonight not being able to score..

"Always try to take the game as a whole because obviously the guys that started the game they handle the ball relatively well, good amount of possession, they pinned Portland in on top of their box for a long time, obviously that has an effect on Portland and for me it feels as though they were unable to finish the game strongly themselves on the basis of balance of play. Of course the guys come on, the game is open, there's a lot of momentum, the crowd is really with us. That naturally led to more goal scoring opportunities. But of course you can't deny it. I've just handed Robin [Lod] the [jersey] to commemorate now he's the club's top scorer, and in typical Robin fashion, he's done what he does really well. It's him and as well other guys contribute.

On his thoughts on Sang Bin Jeong possibly pressing too much and how scoring tonight helps him...

"I always felt with Sang Bin [Jeong] that he, for want of a better phrase that he would come good in that sense because he gives so much to the team. Obviously, when asked about Tani [Oluwaseyi] and Sang Bin [Jeong] and the goal scoring, the lack of goals, or Teemu [Pukki]. It's always for me what they bring to the team in general as much as those moments. Again, I'll make the point that we are a really strong collective, we need players that are really playing for the team, that are really defending as part of a unit and that attack with strategy and mind opposed to individual goal tallies and assists. Sang Bin is one of those players, he's a really selfless player, a proper team player. He brings loads on top of the goals and I know the goals and chances will come because he gets himself into really good positions."

On his thoughts on Caden Clark's performance...

"Obviously, we played him [Caden Clark] in an unfamiliar role today, there were moments he was really really good, very threatening, and moved the ball very aggressively. Certainly, he had threatened to make something happen from the top of the box which is a really pleasing thing, he got in some really good positions. He had really good moments defensively. Of course when you're playing that role for one of the first times at this level then it will feel unfamiliar. You're slightly exposed in that sense but I knew that was going to be the case today. It was a nice step forward, he's someone with a lot of different qualities. I do see him as one of the squad's more versatile players, I'm hoping over the course of the season he can fulfill lots of roles for us and certainly play his part tonight."

On Miguel Tapias' first yellow and the confrontation...

"I probably wouldn't comment too much without having a chance to watch it back but it was one of those games, the nature of it. Often games are like that with Portland. We were really conscious of trying not to get drawn into that but as the game goes on, the nature of it, the added time, and the intensity of the occasion, it's collateral damage in the sense. I won't dwell on it too much."

On if Miguel Tapias' ejection will affect going into the next few games...

"Yes, but I'm fortunate by design that we're going into this busy period with lots of players who have played lots of minutes. As you've seen tonight, we've used 15 outfield players, we often use 15 outfield players, we often make changes. Fortunately, I'm not relying on 10 or 11 players to see us through the next month. We've got decent depth. As has been the case most often this season, when someone goes out and someone comes in. It's an opportunity for them to really stake a claim for their place in the team for themself."

On his reason to make substitutes all at once...

"You get a really big momentum shift as we have today and in some senses from an organization perspective it's easier to make wholesale changes. You can do everything in one fell swoop, change the shape, change the approach. There's also making sure we're pretty strict on keeping players fresh and we get a good balance of minutes across the group. There will be weeks where it works for us and there will be weeks where it doesn't work for us. Over the course of the season, minutes, legs, and good spreads of minutes. All the players feel really connected to the project moving forward. I think that's arguably been the biggest benefit."

On his initial reaction to the two penalty kicks...

"You can make an argument for it [penalty kick] being taken away, it's probably easier for me to stand here and say that having won the game. I might foolishly look at it differently if it wasn't the case. Again, I won't dwell on it too much."

On his reaction after the game...

"The nature of winning at home here, particularly the situation like that where the team has really, really ground down the very difficult 12 minutes. By the time you're down to 10-men, you need players to be heroes, use their energy of the crowd, put their bodies on the line, really run, and they did that to a man. It's a great way to finish a game and for me that's the best atmosphere I have seen and that's saying something. To finish a game like that it's everything you want to experience as a Minnesota player."


On being the club's all time goal leader...

"It feels good. Feels good and it's an honor. I guess I've been doing something well."

On what was on the ceremonial jersey given in the locker room...

"The number of goals and my name. Hopefully we'll have many more."

On multiple substitutes at the same time...

"We have a good group of players here that we can make the change and the level does not drop off and we can bring some energy from the bench. It's a little bit different coming from the bench, but at the same time when you're on the field, it feels the same."

On it being difficult coming off the bench...

"No, I don't think so. I mean we have a lot of games and it's not easy to play two 90s [minutes] in the same week. So it was expected and once you just come from the bench and the minutes you play you just try to give our best."

On possibly feeling run down last year by playing so many games...

"I don't think so. I like to play and I did not mind playing 90 minutes. Obviously, it is a different front this season coming from the knee injury. I have to be a little bit more cautious with that. But it's nice we have a lot of players that play and we can make changes in the games."

On if there is more buy-in since there will be more changes, more guys counted and more of a collective...

"It keeps everyone on their toes. Everyone knows that they will have their chances and sometimes maybe people prepare themselves a little bit better to know that they will get the chance. It keeps us honest and also the ones who are on the field, they have to give everything because there's hungry guys taking your spot if you're not playing well enough."

On having 10 minutes of second half added time stoppage time, the crowd roaring and a player gets sent off...

"It's a personal thing. Of course it's not easy when the opposing team is risking and is putting a lot of balls in the box and you just do not want to do stupid mistakes. So, at times it can get a little bit nervous, but at the same time you just need to be calm and believe in yourself and do the things you can do."

On the advice he gave to the team before playing Portland...

"We've played a lot of games against Portland [Timbers] and some games in the past being little bit more heated and there might be some history. It is a tough opponent and it's always fun to play with them."

On having his family watch him in-person today...

"It's a pleasure because they always wake up in the middle of the night to watch the game. So it's nice that they can actually come here and see the game live and feel the atmosphere and all those great things and having them see the Wonderwall. So those things are super nice for my parents and I know they really loved it."

On if his dad played soccer...

"He played when he was younger. He was more of a hockey guy and he played in college here in the U.S. My grandad was more of a soccer guy."


On assisting the game-winning goal and how he has stepped up this year...

"Yes, it is something I am trying to work on. Defensively, I've been really good, but I've been missing the attacking part of the game and I've really tried to grow into that this year. With the new style of play and me being a wing back, it's been fun to explore that."

On the biggest difference playing wing back and fullback...

"Just a higher performance. I get more space to go one-v-one and be more attacking instead of coming 60 yards back from behind. So it's nice to just express myself in the attacking third."

On the collective group of guys and squad rotation compared to years past...

"It is awesome to see that we are a versatile team, and that we can call on anyone who is on the roster to win the game. It's huge that as a club we are able to take that step forward as a top-tier club that is able to rotate guys and we can still get points no matter whether we are at home or away."

On the feeling of coming off the bench...

"Yes, definitely a lot more energetic, I feel like. You know to get it in the game you are tied when you start but being able to just come off with fresh legs and help the team and just run for them is an incredible feeling, and just having more energy so I'm super excited."

On what the benefits of having four subs at the same time were...

"It just adds a whole new element to the game and you see what the game is missing and we were kind of struggling in the attacking half to create chances, especially in the first half. So for us to be able to switch four guys completely and just bring a whole new energy and add movements to the skill sets that you know maybe we were lacking in the first half was able to show in the second half. But everyone today did an amazing job. The guys that started and the guys that came on."

On if it is hard to stay calm with the crowd roaring and the ten minutes of stoppage time...

"It is definitely something we were trying to focus on, not getting caught up in the game against Portland [Timbers]. You know they like to fight and get dirty. So, it is about keeping your composure and just staying together, and we were able to do that, keep our focus, especially with us going with a man down. It makes you focus even more, even though the crowd is behind it, but we did a great job."

On Sang Bin Jeong getting on the score sheet on his first goal of the year and what it could have meant to him...

"It has been awesome for him [Sang Bin Jeong] and I'm glad I got to do it for him on my first assist. It definitely is probably a relief for him, but I give him credit. He's been working hard every training, every game, nothing has changed from him. He has just been working harder and harder and we all see that he has that potential to be a goal scorer and I hope that this continues to ride his confidence."

On goal scoring with Tani Oluwaseyi, or Sang Bin and the focus of the collective as opposed to the final product...

"I think so, we never doubt that we are going to score goals. Ramsay has pretty much echoed about us being together, and with us being together we create multiple chances for guys. We trust that they are going to finish their opportunities, and we see it come out in flow you know now Sang Bin being has his confidence so maybe he's going to help the next person you know so we definitely just start together and just trust each other."

On some moments last year when he played two 90 minutes in a week...

"Oh yeah for sure, it's been different. I give props to [Eric] Ramsay for having conversations about it and explaining the decisions that he is making in the rotations and, yes we appreciate that a ton. I hope that he keeps that communication as we go forward. He has created a great culture with our team and everybody seems happy and I am really proud of a togetherness feeling today for the club in general as everyone was called upon and did their job."

On the halftime conversation that sparked a second half run...

"It was more to just remain calm. Don't get caught up in the game. We know the game [between] San Jose [Earthquakes] and Portland [Timbers], San Jose got a red and lost the discipline, and then Portland came back and won. It was about us continuing to do what we do. We had 60 percent possession, so it's just, we can be sharper in the attacking half and create more energy and be more decisive. We were able to do that with the subs and even in the first part of the second half, we came out with a new energy, so it was awesome."

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