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Notes & Quotes: New York Red Bulls 2 - 1 New York City FC

July 15, 2019 - Major League Soccer (MLS) - New York City FC News Release


New York City FC traveled to New Jersey to take on the Red Bulls in the first leg of the 2019 Hudson River Derby.

As the team looked to bring the three points home to the Big Apple, Dome Torrent made a few changes to the XI. Torrent welcomed back his starters from international duty with Sean Johnson back in net and Alex Callens back in the defensive line.

Keaton Parks, Anton Tinnerholm, and Taty Castellanos also made their returns to the starters group after coming off the bench in the U.S. Open Cup shootout defeat at Orlando on Wednesday.

Although in enemy territory, the Boys in Blue made their presence felt early as their offensive efforts helped City secure the lead in the 7th minute.

Maxi Moralez received it from Keaton Parks, before connecting with Tinnerholm who produced a brilliant first-time cross to Héber who found the underside of the crossbar and the back of the net.

Meanwhile, on the other end of the pitch, Johnson's long-awaited return to net yielded the same results we've come to expect. The Red Bulls got a header off Brian White, but the big man cleared it on a huge left-handed save.

City regained their dominance at Red Bull Arena, as Moralez found Parks in the box to double the lead, but unfortunately, Luis Robles was able to make the save from Keaton.

Dome Torrent's men had enjoyed the best of the first half but before the halftime whistle blew, the Red Bulls were awarded a penalty kick after White went down in the box on a foul from Chanot.

With no VAR called for, Daniel Royer scored the penalty, tying the game up 1-1.

It became 2-1 in the 60th minute as Royer benefited from a controversial moment in the match to score his second goal of the encounter.

The goal came directly from a quickly-taken throw-in after the assistant referee had appeared to signal for a corner kick.

Chasing the equalizer, Gary Mackay-Steven made his debut in City blue and it was the Scot who created NYC's best chance of an equalizer.

Mackay-Steven found Héber on the edge of the box and the Brazilian tried to curl the ball into the net, but his attempt was just over the top.

Unfortunately, the equalizer never came and NYCFC fell to the Red Bulls 2-1, in their first meeting this season.

Bring on August 24.


NYCFC Head Coach Doménec Torrent

On the match and the corner/throw-in controversy...

"I'm very happy with the team, because I think they deserve more-- they played much better, especially in the first half and we can't score more goals. That is the first one. The second one, we make a mistake, in the last minute of the first half, and we know they play the long balls, when they recover the ball -- the Red Bulls, they are dangerous when they don't have the ball. When they have the ball, you can control this team. But when they don't have the ball all the time, they play fast, they play in the middle and we knew that. After that, congratulations to Corey because he wasn't great, because he negated [the corner], and we had anticipated that -- we had anticipated a corner, we are not ready because when they decide it's corner, we are ready for the corner. They play fast because we know that. They play fast when they recover the ball -- but today, I'm so sorry for the soccer, because it's not fair what happened in this game, I'm so sorry. Sometimes I don't like to talk about the refs, but impossible, don't talk about the refs tonight, and everybody knows what happened. You have a doubt, you can go see the TV; it's clear. But it's indicated corner, two seconds -- and what happened after that, maybe it's our mistake, but it's not easy once they [call] corner and you are ready for the corner, not for the throw.

But after that, I think we play much better, especially in the first half. We create two or three opportunities to win the game. But the soccer, I say many times, it's not about if you play much better than the opponent because they play always in the same way and they get the results all the time, and congratulation, Red Bull, it's the first one, congratulation. I'm very happy for Chris, especially for him, and okay, we have to be ready for the next game. It's not easy to play here after 11 hours on our [trip from Orlando], because we have many problems in Orlando.

But I think we compete really well against the Red Bull."

On what the referee told him...

"No, nothing. I say, you make a mistake and you know that. But he knows that. He knows that, hundred percent, you have to review the TV if you want. But it's clear, it's not just one second. It's two seconds, he said corner. so when my player ask him, says it's a corner, say it's a mistake -- after that, we made the mistake maybe, but it's not easy to defend because if you know it's corner because the linesman say corner -- it's not easy to defend that. But that happened in the second goal. If you will ask me about the game, I am happy. I think we played the right way especially the first half. Everybody knows what happened here. The game is not over because they played with intensity on balls all the time. When they play long balls -- you have to defend really well, okay. And we decide to win the next game and we decide to win the next game against Red Bull.

On referee allowing the throw to be taken...

"This is a mistake. They know. He decided the game. I said to him, you decide the game and you know that. You decide the game. You are not brave. You decide the game. What is the reason why? Corner, maybe he make a mistake, maybe it's not corner, I accept that. But when they say corner, two or three seconds, and say [to] my player is corner, is a mistake. You have to say to the referee, say, oh, it's corner for me, and the result -- it's not the result. They take the ball and you know what happened after that. That is not an excuse. It's the reality, boys. That happened today, here in the Red Bull Arena, here tonight, not ten months ago. And that happened because we have to improve. We have to improve. I have to improve, but the refs does as well. It's important for MLS, if you want to get the next step, it's about the refs, as well, because he decide. Look, tonight he decided the game.

On if there was a tactical adjustment in the second half...

"No, we were still playing the same way, believe me. Sometimes it's not easy. They are pressing in the second half, even in the first half, but maybe we make a mistake because in the first half, we played two, three touches and played on the side, the spaces on the other side. We realize many games are about Red Bulls, and everybody knows the way Red Bulls plays, it's pressing, recover the ball, play fast, defend the side, especially the upside. We want to play the same way...and after that, when that happened in ten minutes they score, in the last ten minutes, they scored, then in the last 10 minutes they played five in the back, 5-4-1 and we decided to play with five strikers, with Jesus, with Gaz [Gary Macaky-Steven], and Gaz, I'm very happy for Gaz and it's his first 15 minutes, he played well but the most important thing is I believe in them right now, because my feeling is much better than, I don't know, two months ago. They know exactly the best way to play, when I say three in the back and play wide, or when I say we will play 4-3-3 or 4-2-3-1, and that is good news for us, but you know soccer. I haven't analyzed what happened in the game, but it's usually about the result. The result is 2-1 but we played much better. I accept that."

New York City FC Midfielder Alex Ring

On the corner kick incident...

"I mean I think it's pretty clear that the assistant shows down with his flag to play the corner kick, and if the referee feels it's a throw in, he should have the decency to let everyone know. I think it's a game-deciding situation, he has to look in the mirror and be brutally honest because he cost us the points today. I think we played a great game for the team, it was our sixth game in two weeks and it's just a shame to lose the points because of... I thought the ref had a horrible game today, that's what I think."

On whether the referee said anything during the incident...

"Doesn't say anything and just lets the play continue as if he were a part of Red Bulls team. I think it's just common decency, if it's that clear that your linesman shows to the corner flag, even I agree it was a throw in because I saw it the same way as him - but then you let everyone know. I talked with a couple of Red Bull players who were surprised as well. We have to speak about this because it's not the first time we have games go against us because of the referees."

On the 'courtesy' part of what the referee should have done...

"Courtesy part of it, especially if your assistant is showing to the corner flag and everyone is expecting a corner, then you whistle and you say, 'no no, it's a throw in,' you don't just let the play go. It's a shame, really."

On how the team can bounce back...

"We have a week till we travel to Colorado, I said to the team that I was proud of the way we played here today. They [RBNY] had a week's rest, we came from 120 minutes in Orlando and penalty shootout defeat and came here and played really well as a team I thought, and it's just a shame to lose the game like this, and yeah, I think I've said enough but we have to speak about it because I think many other players in the league agree with me. Even though we have VAR, we're still making decisions that impact the game and the result, which is why we have it in the first place there and the mistakes are still happening. And yeah, I think it's important to address."

New York City FC Goalkeeper Sean Johnson

On the game...

"I was not expecting the game to be decided the way it was. Obviously, I thought up until that point, up until the second goal, I thought we played well. It's disappointing given all the circumstances, coming into a tough place to play, playing against a good opponent, having a decent bit of momentum in the game and something like that so tragic to happen it's crazy."

On the controversial goal...

" To be honest I thought there was no way they were going to let the goal be counted. It's obvious to us players, we have these meetings with referees and the league before to talk about decisions that are made in a game. We, as players, saw the AR point down [that] the ball went out for a corner kick with his flag first. Then, the player asks the referee is [it] a corner kick and he points down with his left hand, 'Yes, corner.' OK, then you see players turning back to walk toward our goal to set up for a corner kick. They grab the ball. None of their players are near the corner flag. They grab the ball, they play short, they serve the ball in, they score a goal. And then I sprint to the assistant referee and asked 'What was that,' and silence. There's no explanation, he talks to the head referee and they talk and discuss it for I don't know how long they discuss it and then they say, 'Oh, it's a goal.' For us as players, it's inexcusable."

On the double standard of players and referee media...

"For me, it's disappointing as a player. We speak our minds, speak freely about decisions that are made and fines come down on whoever speaks the way they want to and yet when it comes down to referees and decisions they make, they can go into a back room and hide from the media, from players and they don't have to stand up and explain what happened. There's no apology on the play, no explanation, they just pointed down and said there was a goal. For me, it's inexcusable."

Pool Reporter Responses From Officials

Question: Why wasn't a corner kick given on the play that led up to Danny Royer's 60' goal when the AR pointed to the corner flag?

"The referee overruled the AR because the referee was in a better position to judge that the ball went out for a throw-in."

Question: Did anyone make a "throw-in motion" if AR's call was overturned? Did Kelly (referee Alan Kelly) signal for it and why was it overturned?

No "throw-in" motion was made, and would not normally be made.

Question: Was that clearly indicated to NYCFC? Was it reviewed by VAR?

"The referee indicated verbally that the restart was a throw-in. Corner kick vs. throw-in decisions are not reviewable by the VAR."


New York Red Bulls 2 - 1 New York City FC

Sunday, July 14, 2019

2019 MLS Regular Season - Game 18

Attendance: 20,128


New York Red Bulls: Luis Robles; Michael Murillo, Aaron Long, Amro Tarek, Kemar Lawrence; Cristian Casseres Jr., Sean Davis, Daniel Royer (80' Alejandro Romero Gamarra), Marc Rzatkowski (85' Tim Parker), Alex Muyl; Brian White (76' Bradley Wright-Phillips)

SUBS UNUSED: Ryan Meara, Connor Lade, Derrick Etienne, Vincent Bezecourt

New York City FC: Sean Johnson; Anton Tinnerholm, Sebastien Ibeagha (80' Jesus Medina), Maxime Chanot, Alex Callens, Ronald Matarrita (46' Ben Sweat); Alex Ring, Keaton Parks; Maxi Moralez, Héber, Valentin Castellanos (84' Gary Mackay-Steven)

SUBS UNUSED: Brad Stuver, Ebenezer Ofori, Justin Haak, Tony Rocha


7' - NYC - Héber (Assisted by: Anton Tinnerholm, Maxi Moralez)

45'+1' - RBNY - Daniel Royer (Penalty)

60' - RBNY - Daniel Royer (Assisted by: Cristian Casseres Jr., Marc Rzatkowski)


30' - RBNY - Amro Tarek (YC - Unsporting Behavior)

45' - NYC - Maxime Chanot (YC - Unsporting Behavior)

48' - NYC - Héber (YC - Unsporting Behavior)

75' - RBNY - Brian White (YC - Dissent)

83' - NYC - Alex Ring (YC - Unsporting Behavior)

90'+4'- NYC - Anton Tinnerholm (YC - Unsporting Behavior)

90'+7' - RBNY - Kemar Lawrence (YC - Time Wasting)

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