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MLL Week Six: Inside the Numbers

July 10, 2019 - Major League Lacrosse (MLL) News Release

We take a closer look at the numbers from Week 6 of the 2019 MLL Season.

This week the Denver Outlaws beat the Chesapeake Bayhawks 14-13, the Chesapeake Bayhawks beat the Atlanta Blaze 16-13, the Boston Cannons beat the Dallas Rattlers 15-11, & the Atlanta Blaze beat the New York Lizards 12-11.


Goals Per Game Assists Per Game Ground Balls Per Game Face off Wins Per Game Shots on Goal Per Game Turnovers Per Game

Cannons - 15.4 Blaze - 10 Cannons - 43.4 Outlaws - 17 Cannons - 27.6 Bayhawks - 14.4

Blaze - 14.5 Outlaws - 8.5 Outlaws - 41.83 Lizards - 15.5 Bayhawks - 26.8 Outlaws - 15.5

Outlaws - 13.83 Cannons - 6.2 Blaze - 38.67 Cannons - 15.4 Lizards - 26.33 Rattlers - 15.67

Bayhawks - 13.4 Lizards - 5.83 Lizards - 37.5 Blaze - 15.17 Outlaws - 26.17 Cannons - 16.4

Lizards - 11.67 Bayhawks - 5.8 Rattlers - 34.83 Bayhawks - 14 Blaze - 26.17 Lizards - 17.17

Rattlers - 9.83 Rattlers - 3.33 Bayhawks - 33 Rattlers - 11.83 Rattlers - 24.17 Blaze - 17.5

Caused Turnovers Per Game Ground Balls Against Per Game Shots on Goal Against Per Game Face off Losses Per Game

Bayhawks - 8.8 Outlaws - 32.33 Lizards - 25 Lizards - 12.5

Rattlers - 8.5 Blaze - 38.5 Rattlers - 25.33 Outlaws - 13.17

Cannons - 6.4 Cannons - 38.6 Outlaws - 26.17 Rattlers - 15.33

Outlaws - 6.17 Bayhawks - 39.6 Cannons - 26.4 Blaze - 15.5

Lizards - 5.67 Lizards - 40 Bayhawks - 27 Cannons - 15.8

Blaze - 5.17 Rattlers - 44.33 Blaze - 27.33 Bayhawks - 17.2

Best Passing Teams

These rankings are based on the percent of a team's goals are assisted. The acronym GWA stands for Goals With an Assist 

Atlanta Blaze - 69% GWA (60 Assists & 87 Goals)

Denver Outlaws - 61.5% GWA (51 Assists & 83 Goals)

New York Lizards - 50% GWA (35 Assists & 70 Goals)

Chesapeake Bayhawks - 43.3% GWA (29 Assists & 67 Goals)

Boston Cannons - 40.3% GWA (31 Assists & 77 Goals)

Dallas Rattlers - 33.9% GWA (20 Assists & 59 Goals) 

Ground Ball Percent's Rankings

These rankings are based on the percent of all available ground balls in a game that a certain team scoops up. 

Denver Outlaws - 56.4% 

Boston Cannons - 52.9%

Atlanta Blaze - 50.1%

New York Lizards - 48.4%

Chesapeake Bayhawks - 45.5%

Dallas Rattlers - 44%

Team Stats Trends for Week 6

Teams with more Shots on Goal were 2-1-1 this week

Teams with more Ground Balls were 3-1 this week

Teams with more Face off Wins were 4-0 this week

Teams with less Turnovers were 2-2 this week

Teams winning at Half were 2-1-1 this week

Teams winning going into the 4th Quarter were 2-1-1 this week

(Note: the 2-1-1 means that in certain games the teams tied in certain statistics, like Shots on Goal, or that games were tied at half or going into the 4th quarter)

In previous weeks we had seen statistical trends that did not line up with conventional lacrosse or sports knowledge, this week was different. A good example is that all four teams that were able to win more faceoffs, and therefore steal extra possessions, were able to win their games. This week for only the second time all year we saw a fourth quarter comeback. During the annual July 4th game where the Denver Outlaws play at Mile High Stadium, the same stadium that the Denver Broncos play in, they were in a 3-goal hole against the Chesapeake Bayhawks going into the 4th quarter. The Bayhawks didn't make the hopeful comeback any easier for the Outlaws by scoring a goal and giving themselves a 4-point lead in the opening minute of the 4th. Denver went on to have a classic Outlaws on Independence Day performance, they scored 5 straight goals that gave them a one-point lead with only three minutes left. The Outlaws held their ground in the final minutes of play and did not allow the Bayhawks to score which gave the Outlaws another July 4th win.

Team Stats Trends for the Whole Season

Teams with more Shots on Goal are 8-7-2

Teams with more Ground Balls are 11-5-1

Teams with more Face off Wins are 10-7

Teams with less Turnovers are 2-11-4

Teams winning at Half are 9-4-4

Teams winning going into the 4th Quarter 14-2-1 

(Note: 8-7-2 or 11-5-1 indicate that there have been games that tied in these statistical categories, & the 9-4-4 or 14-2-1 indicates that a game was tied at halftime or going into the 4th quarter)

The statistical category that has led to the most wins this season has been winning more ground balls. Winning these 50/50 balls has led teams to have more possessions, especially in situations where the defense is not completely set and ready for the attack. After week 4 teams with more face off wins were a shocking 2-7, however there has been a gigantic comeback in this category. In weeks 5 and 6 of the MLL season teams with more face off wins have gone an outstanding 8-0. This season a lead at halftime has been beneficial but it has not by any means guaranteed a win. In games this season the team winning at half has gone on to win the game 70% of the time. While 70% is very high it does not quite compare to the chances of a team winning the game after starting the 4th quarter with a lead, 88% of those teams have finished that game with a win.

Zach Wright's Teammate of the Week Award

Lyle Thompson of the Chesapeake Bayhawks has been arguably the best player in professional lacrosse this year. Not only has he been a scoring machine but this week he proved he is capable of setting up his teammates with opportunistic and timely passes. Thompson played two games for the Bayhawks this weekend, the first was the annual July 4th game against the Denver Outlaws at Mile High Stadium. Unfortunately, Chesapeake lost a nail-biter of a game by only one goal, but Thompson was able to put up great numbers, scoring 5 goals and getting an assist as well. The Bayhawks second game of the weekend at home against the Atlanta Blaze went much better for the team, and somehow Lyle surpassed his incredible numbers from the first game. Thompson has an 8-point showing on Saturday scoring 5 goals and assisting on 3 other goals. This gave Thompson a total of 10 goals on the weekend, but goals do not win you a Teammate of the Week award, assists do, and Lyle had 4 throughout his two games this weekend. Therefore, Lyle Thompson wins the Zach Wright Teammate of the Week Award for Week 6 of the 2019 MLL season.

Nick Beati's FOGO of the Week Award

Max Adler of the Denver Outlaws Thursday night vs. Chesapeake had a performance for the ages. In a contest that saw several weather delays, Adler brought his A game for all 60 minutes. On top of winning a remarkable 71% of faceoffs (22/31), Adler tallied a goal and an assist. Adler netted his first goal of the season at a pivotal moment in the contest, scoring in the first 10 seconds of the second half, tying the game at 5 and gaining crucial momentum for the Outlaws. In addition to his 2 point performance and incredible tenacity in the faceoff circle, Adler recorded 12 ground balls. This is Adler's second consecutive week winning this award. The Bentley University product is a huge part of Denver's success, good for first place in the MLL at 5-1.

Nick Beati's "Stoned Cold Robbery" of the Week Award

Offenses got the best of goalies this past week except in Boston. In four games, Cannons netminder Nick Marrocco was the only goalie to save over 50% of shots on goal. His 16 saves and 59.3% save percentage helped spear the Cannons to another win Saturday in Dallas, improving their season record to 4-1, half a game behind Denver for first place. His goals per game and save percentage rank top in the MLL among starting goalies, first and second respectively. This is Marrocco's first time winning this award, but look for the second year goalie to become friendly with this accolade moving forward as he continues to emerge as a star in this league.

Week 6 Team Shots on Goal Efficiency (SOGE) Rankings

Boston Cannons - 60% SOGE (15 Goals & 25 SOG)

Chesapeake Bayhawks - 56.9% SOGE (29 Goals & 51 SOG)

Atlanta Blaze - 56.8% SOGE (25 Goals & 44 SOG)

New York Lizards - 50% SOGE (11 Goals & 22 SOG)

Denver Outlaws - 48.3% SOGE (14 Goals & 29 SOG)

Dallas Rattlers - 40.7% SOGE (11 Goals & 27 SOG)

Team SOGE Season Rankings

Boston Cannons - 59.5% SOGE (78 Goals & 131 SOG)

Atlanta Blaze - 56.1% SOGE (87 Goals & 155 SOG)

Denver Outlaws - 55.4% SOGE (87 Goals & 157 SOG)

Chesapeake Bayhawks - 51.1% SOGE (69 Goals & 135 SOG)

New York Lizards - 45.2% SOGE (70 Goals & 155 SOG)

Dallas Rattlers - 42.7% SOGE (61 Goals & 143 SOG) 

Home Field Advantage is Back

For the first time all year the home teams have taken the lead over road teams. Road teams were winning at a much higher rate this year but after week 6 the home teams have officially won more games. However, it is still very close, the home teams have won nine games while away teams have won eight, but the season isn't even halfway done. Time will tell if the home teams continue the mid season push or if the pendulum swings back in favor of the away teams.

2019 Season: Home & Away Record is 9-8

Every Teams Home & Away Records so far this season

Atlanta Blaze

Home Record: 3-1

Away Record: 1-1

Boston Cannons

Home Record: 2-1

Away Record: 2-0

Chesapeake Bayhawks

Home Record: 1-1

Away Record: 2-1

Dallas Rattlers

Home Record: 0-3

Away Record: 0-3

Denver Outlaws

Home Record: 2-0

Away Record: 3-1

New York Lizards

Home Record: 1-2

Away Record: 0-3

Best Week 6 Performances

Lyle Thompson - Chesapeake Bayhawks - 14 points (10 Goals, 4 Assists, & 2 Ground Balls in 2 games)

Bryan Cole - Atlanta Blaze - 10 points (7 Goals, 3 Assists, & 3 Ground Balls in 2 games)

Brendan Sunday - Atlanta Blaze - 8 points (5 Goals, 3 Assists, & 4 Ground Balls in 2 games)

Chris Aslanian - Denver Outlaws - 5 points (2 Goals & 3 Assists)

Zach Currier - Denver Outlaws - 5 points (4 Goals, 1 Assist & 4 Ground Balls)

Nick Aponte - New York Lizards - 5 points (4 Goals & 1 Assist)

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