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Rapid City update

by Jerry Hewitt
May 2, 2006 - National Indoor Football League (NIFL)

The latest we have from those close to the scene is that the NIFL or someone has two days to come up with approximately $20,000 to save the Aces. The word I got wasn't specific on what the $20,000 is for, but I speculate its to cover the overdue wages for players and management. That would keep the team alive to at least play this week.

Our sources tell us that it appears the NIFL isn't that interested in saving the Aces, preferring to put their efforts into other teams with problems. The NIFL has a chance to do the right thing here and save a franchise that has proved they are wanted in their community by buying tickets, but prefers to help out teams that are having low attendance and maybe even one team that hasn't even got a venue. Come on NIFL, where are your priorities?

Shades of HP Patterson update

This morning we speculated on Howard Neal sounding a bit like HP Patterson who was involved with the Cincinnati Marshals and Miami Morays last season. He was rumored to have left a trail of unpaid bills and most questioned his business practices, some calling him a con man.

Howard Neal a.k.a. Howard Patterson a.k.a. H.P. Patterson a.k.a. Howard Weinner of Florida. I admit I got very lucky on my comparison this morning, but I never thought it could be old HP himself. How could it be, I mean I've met the guy and know Carolyn Shiver has as well. HP Patterson's actions are well know to those inside the NIFL.

I was made to believe that it was the NIFL leadership that found Mr. Neal as an investor in Rapid City. If that is true, then considering HP Patterson's history with the league, how could this happen? How could the NIFL allow the good people of Rapid City to be duped by this con artist?

If simple people like my sources can get a simple background check to find out who Mr. Howard Neal really is, then why can't the NIFL? This didn't take Sherlock Holmes to uncover this, just ordinary people. I'm sorry to say this, but there is absolutely no excuse for the NIFL leadership on this one. Saying they didn't know is no excuse, because to say they didn't know means they don't check out potential owners at all. Damned if you do and damned if you don't on this one NIFL

I admit I'm still shaking my head in disbelief over this one and may be for some time to come.

New owner in Montgomery

In an article in the Montgomery Advertiser today LaMunyon said she is talking to a couple different perspective owners. Hey Jamie, HP is looking for a team, why not give him a call?

Also in this article, it clearly states the team has not provided the Garrett Coliseum with proof of insurance, which a spokesman for the venue said would be required before this weekends game. He also said there is $4000.00 due from the Maulers before the game also.

Fire watch update

Sources report that heavy fires burning around the country are starting to all move towards Louisiana. We'll stay on top of this unusual event and update as needed. Stay tuned, fire season isn't over yet.

Weather forecast

Official NIFL weather report and fire control updates. NIFL fire crews are hard at work trying to contain some of the fires, while they are just letting some burn themselves out. In some areas, local fire crews have been left on their own to battle the blazes. Reports from our watch towers are no new sightings, but the weather forecast includes a 90% chance of thunderstorms over the next eleven weeks. Additional fire crews have been put on alert that their services could be needed at a moments notice and should be prepared to go anywhere in the NIFL forest. As always, we have our own spotters that will be on the front lines covering the disasters as they happen.

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