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Futures League Announces 2016 Schedule

November 18, 2015 - Futures Collegiate Baseball League (FCBL)
Old Orchard Beach News Release

Chelmsford, MA - On Wednesday, November 18, Futures Collegiate Baseball League (FCBL) Commissioner Chris Hall released the 2016 Futures League regular season schedule. "We've been so fortunate to have such great communities to play in. Thanks to our ten teams' fan support which grows year over year, the Futures League is one of the premier leagues in the country." The Futures League's sixth season is set to open on Wednesday, June 1.

The Futures League will continue to feature two divisions. The East Division will consist of the Nashua Silver Knights, Seacoast Mavericks, North Shore Navigators, Brockton Rox and Martha's Vineyard Sharks. While the West Division will consist of the Bristol Blues, Wachusett Dirt Dawgs, Pittsfield Suns, Torrington Titans and the 2015 Futures League Champion Worcester Bravehearts.

Each team will play a 56-game regular season schedule split evenly with 28 home games and 28 road games. The regular season runs from Wednesday, June 1 through Saturday, August 6 and will be immediately followed by the playoffs. The 2016 Futures League playoffs will revert back to the 2014 format which will feature six teams in a three-round format. The winner of the each division will have a bye in round one. The next four teams with the best overall record will be in a winner take all play-in game. The play-in games will be between the #3 and #6 seed, and the #4 and #5 seed. Teams will be seeded 1 through 6 based on overall records. Round two will feature a 3-game series between the league's #1 seed and the lowest remaining seed from round one, and between the league's #2 seed and the highest remaining seed from round one. The FCBL championship will be determined by a final 3-game series between the two teams who won their semi-final round.

The 5th Annual Futures League All-Star Game will be hosted by the 2014 & 2015 Futures League Championship team, the Worcester Bravehearts. "The Futures League far and away runs the best Scout Day and All-Star Game in the country. I always look forward to attending their All-Star Games," said one Major League Scout. The game will be held on Wednesday, July 13, 2016 at Hanover Insurance Park at Fitton Field on the campus of the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, MA. The Worcester Bravehearts are owned and operated by the Creedon family and led by long-time baseball executive, GM Dave Peterson.

The Futures League has experienced a meteoric rise to being one of the best leagues in the country in large part due to the league's well-capitalized ownership groups featuring franchises with tremendous facilities in outstanding communities. In addition, the Futures Collegiate Baseball League provides family-friendly and affordable fun for its host communities in a minor league style setting. Learn more at

2016 Futures League Schedule

Date Visitor at Home
1 Wed-6/1 Nashua at Seacoast
2 Wed-6/1 Pittsfield at Torrington
3 Wed-6/1 Bristol at Wachusett
4 Thu-6/2 Torrington at Wachusett
5 Thu-6/2 Worcester at Seacoast
6 Thu-6/2 Nashua at Brockton
7 Thu-6/2 North Shore at Martha's Vineyard
8 Thu-6/2 Bristol at Pittsfield
9 Fri-6/3 Brockton at Torrington
10 Fri-6/3 Wachusett at Worcester
11 Fri-6/3 Seacoast at Martha's Vineyard
12 Fri-6/3 North Shore at Nashua
13 Fri-6/3 Pittsfield at Bristol
14 Sat-6/4 Nashua at Pittsfield
15 Sat-6/4 Wachusett at Brockton
16 Sat-6/4 Torrington at Bristol
17 Sat-6/4 Seacoast at North Shore
18 Sat-6/4 Martha's Vineyard at Worcester
19 Sun-6/5 Pittsfield at Wachusett
20 Sun-6/5 Brockton at Martha's Vineyard
21 Sun-6/5 North Shore at Seacoast
22 Sun-6/5 Worcester at Torrington
23 Sun-6/5 Bristol at Nashua
24 Tue-6/7 Wachusett at Nashua
25 Tue-6/7 Bristol at Torrington
26 Tue-6/7 North Shore at Brockton
27 Tue-6/7 Worcester at Pittsfield
28 Tue-6/7 Martha's Vineyard at Seacoast
29 Wed-6/8 Nashua at Wachusett
30 Wed-6/8 North Shore at Martha's Vineyard
31 Wed-6/8 Bristol at Worcester
32 Wed-6/8 Pittsfield at Seacoast
33 Wed-6/8 Brockton at Torrington
34 Thu-6/9 North Shore at Wachusett
35 Thu-6/9 Seacoast at Martha's Vineyard
36 Thu-6/9 Pittsfield at Worcester
37 Thu-6/9 Torrington at Brockton
38 Thu-6/9 Nashua at Bristol
39 Fri-6/10 Wachusett at Seacoast
40 Fri-6/10 Martha's Vineyard at Brockton
41 Fri-6/10 Torrington at Pittsfield
2016 Futures League Schedule
42 Fri-6/10 Nashua at North Shore
43 Fri-6/10 Worcester at Bristol
44 Sat-6/11 Pittsfield at Bristol
45 Sat-6/11 Worcester at Torrington
46 Sat-6/11 Martha's Vineyard at Seacoast
47 Sat-6/11 Nashua at North Shore
48 Sat-6/11 Wachusett at Brockton
49 Sun-6/12 Wachusett at Seacoast
50 Sun-6/12 North Shore at Pittsfield
51 Sun-6/12 Martha's Vineyard at Nashua
52 Sun-6/12 Worcester at Torrington
53 Sun-6/12 Bristol at Brockton
54 Tue-6/14 Brockton at Wachusett
55 Tue-6/14 Bristol at Worcester
56 Tue-6/14 North Shore at Nashua
57 Tue-6/14 Pittsfield at Martha's Vineyard
58 Tue-6/14 Torrington at Seacoast
59 Wed-6/15 Nashua at North Shore
60 Wed-6/15 Seacoast at Brockton
61 Wed-6/15 Martha's Vineyard at Bristol
62 Wed-6/15 Wachusett at Torrington
63 Wed-6/15 Worcester at Pittsfield
64 Thu-6/16 Brockton at Worcester
65 Thu-6/16 Seacoast at North Shore
66 Thu-6/16 Martha's Vineyard at Torrington
67 Thu-6/16 Wachusett at Bristol
68 Thu-6/16 North Shore at Seacoast
69 Fri-6/17 Pittsfield at Brockton
70 Fri-6/17 Torrington at Wachusett
71 Fri-6/17 Nashua at Martha's Vineyard
72 Fri-6/17 Bristol at Worcester
73 Sat-6/18 Worcester at Martha's Vineyard
74 Sat-6/18 North Shore at Brockton
75 Sat-6/18 Torrington at Pittsfield
76 Sat-6/18 Bristol at Wachusett
77 Sat-6/18 Seacoast at Nashua
78 Sun-6/19 Martha's Vineyard at Nashua
79 Sun-6/19 Wachusett at Pittsfield
80 Sun-6/19 Seacoast at Worcester
81 Sun-6/19 Brockton at Bristol
82 Sun-6/19 Torrington at North Shore
83 Tue-6/21 Wachusett at North Shore
84 Tue-6/21 Nashua at Brockton
85 Tue-6/21 Pittsfield at Torrington
86 Tue-6/21 Worcester at Bristol
87 Tue-6/21 Seacoast at Martha's Vineyard
88 Wed-6/22 Pittsfield at Worcester
89 Wed-6/22 Brockton at North Shore
90 Wed-6/22 Wachusett at Bristol
91 Wed-6/22 Seacoast at Nashua
92 Wed-6/22 Torrington at Martha's Vineyard
93 Thu-6/23 Brockton at Nashua
94 Thu-6/23 Pittsfield at Torrington
95 Thu-6/23 Worcester at Bristol
96 Thu-6/23 Wachusett at Seacoast
97 Thu-6/23 Martha's Vineyard at North Shore
98 Fri-6/24 Bristol at Pittsfield
99 Fri-6/24 Seacoast at Brockton
100 Fri-6/24 Martha's Vineyard at North Shore
101 Fri-6/24 Nashua at Torrington
102 Fri-6/24 Worcester at Wachusett
103 Sat-6/25 Pittsfield at Nashua
104 Sat-6/25 Torrington at Worcester
105 Sat-6/25 Bristol at Wachusett
106 Sat-6/25 Seacoast at North Shore
107 Sat-6/25 Brockton at Martha's Vineyard
108 Sun-6/26 Pittsfield at Bristol
109 Sun-6/26 North Shore at Seacoast
110 Sun-6/26 Wachusett at Torrington
111 Sun-6/26 Nashua at Worcester
112 Sun-6/26 Martha's Vineyard at Brockton
113 Tue-6/28 Bristol at Martha's Vineyard
114 Tue-6/28 Brockton at Nashua
115 Tue-6/28 Torrington at North Shore
116 Tue-6/28 Seacoast at Pittsfield
117 Tue-6/28 Worcester at Wachusett
118 Wed-6/29 Seacoast at Nashua
119 Wed-6/29 North Shore at Worcester
120 Wed-6/29 Torrington at Brockton
121 Wed-6/29 Wachusett at Pittsfield
122 Wed-6/29 Martha's Vineyard at Bristol
123 Thu-6/30 Martha's Vineyard at Pittsfield
124 Thu-6/30 North Shore at Torrington
125 Thu-6/30 Brockton at Seacoast
126 Thu-6/30 Nashua at Wachusett
127 Thu-6/30 Bristol at Worcester
128 Fri-7/1 Pittsfield at Torrington
129 Fri-7/1 North Shore at Nashua
130 Fri-7/1 Brockton at Martha's Vineyard
131 Fri-7/1 Worcester at Bristol
132 Fri-7/1 Seacoast at Wachusett
133 Sat-7/2 Torrington at Wachusett
134 Sat-7/2 Nashua at Martha's Vineyard
135 Sat-7/2 Brockton at North Shore
136 Sat-7/2 Bristol at Seacoast
137 Sat-7/2 Worcester at Pittsfield
138 Sun-7/3 North Shore at Worcester
139 Sun-7/3 Pittsfield at Wachusett
140 Sun-7/3 Brockton at Martha's Vineyard
141 Sun-7/3 Seacoast at Nashua
142 Sun-7/3 Torrington at Bristol
143 Mon-7/4 Nashua at Pittsfield
144 Tue-7/5 Bristol at Wachusett
145 Tue-7/5 Martha's Vineyard at Worcester
146 Tue-7/5 Seacoast at Torrington
147 Tue-7/5 Brockton at Nashua
148 Tue-7/5 Pittsfield at North Shore
149 Wed-7/6 Wachusett at Martha's Vineyard
150 Wed-7/6 North Shore at Bristol
151 Wed-7/6 Worcester at Nashua
152 Wed-7/6 Brockton at Seacoast
153 Wed-7/6 Torrington at Pittsfield
154 Thu-7/7 Bristol at Martha's Vineyard
155 Thu-7/7 Nashua at Pittsfield
156 Thu-7/7 Torrington at Worcester
157 Thu-7/7 Seacoast at Brockton
158 Thu-7/7 North Shore at Wachusett
159 Fri-7/8 Martha's Vineyard at Seacoast
160 Fri-7/8 Nashua at Torrington
161 Fri-7/8 Brockton at Pittsfield
162 Fri-7/8 Wachusett at Bristol
163 Fri-7/8 Worcester at North Shore
164 Sat-7/9 Nashua at Worcester
165 Sat-7/9 Brockton at North Shore
166 Sat-7/9 Martha's Vineyard at Seacoast
167 Sat-7/9 Pittsfield at Torrington
168 Sat-7/9 Wachusett at Bristol
169 Sun-7/10 Brockton at Torrington
170 Sun-7/10 North Shore at Seacoast
171 Sun-7/10 Bristol at Pittsfield
172 Sun-7/10 Worcester at Martha's Vineyard
173 Sun-7/10 Wachusett at Nashua
174 Wed-7/13 All Star Game at
Hanover Insurance
Park/Fitton Field,
Worcester, MA
175 Thu-7/14 Torrington at Pittsfield
176 Thu-7/14 Seacoast at Brockton
177 Thu-7/14 Worcester at Bristol
178 Thu-7/14 North Shore at Nashua
179 Thu-7/14 Martha's Vineyard at Wachusett
180 Fri-7/15 Torrington at Nashua
181 Fri-7/15 Bristol at Worcester
182 Fri-7/15 Pittsfield at Wachusett
183 Fri-7/15 Brockton at Seacoast
184 Fri-7/15 North Shore at Martha's Vineyard
185 Sat-7/16 Worcester at Brockton
186 Sat-7/16 Martha's Vineyard at Nashua
187 Sat-7/16 Seacoast at North Shore
188 Sat-7/16 Wachusett at Pittsfield
189 Sat-7/16 Bristol at Torrington
190 Sun-7/17 Worcester at Brockton
191 Sun-7/17 Seacoast at Pittsfield
192 Sun-7/17 Torrington at Bristol
193 Sun-7/17 Martha's Vineyard at Wachusett
194 Sun-7/17 Nashua at North Shore
195 Mon-7/18 Worcester at North Shore
196 Tue-7/19 Pittsfield at North Shore
197 Tue-7/19 Wachusett at Worcester
198 Tue-7/19 Torrington at Martha's Vineyard
199 Tue-7/19 Brockton at Bristol
200 Tue-7/19 Nashua at Seacoast
201 Wed-7/20 North Shore at Brockton
202 Wed-7/20 Pittsfield at Nashua
203 Wed-7/20 Bristol at Seacoast
204 Wed-7/20 Martha's Vineyard at Torrington
205 Wed-7/20 Worcester at Wachusett
206 Thu-7/21 Brockton at North Shore
207 Thu-7/21 Martha's Vineyard at Nashua
208 Thu-7/21 Torrington at Seacoast
209 Thu-7/21 Wachusett at Worcester
210 Thu-7/21 Pittsfield at Bristol
211 Fri-7/22 North Shore at Martha's Vineyard
212 Fri-7/22 Worcester at Wachusett
213 Fri-7/22 Bristol at Pittsfield
214 Fri-7/22 Nashua at Brockton
215 Fri-7/22 Seacoast at Torrington
216 Sat-7/23 Nashua at Martha's Vineyard
217 Sat-7/23 Seacoast at Bristol
218 Sat-7/23 Pittsfield at Wachusett
219 Sat-7/23 Brockton at Worcester
220 Sat-7/23 North Shore at Torrington
221 Sun-7/24 Torrington at Wachusett
222 Sun-7/24 Nashua at Seacoast
223 Sun-7/24 North Shore at Bristol
224 Sun-7/24 Pittsfield at Worcester
225 Sun-7/24 Martha's Vineyard at Brockton
226 Tue-7/26 Wachusett at Torrington
227 Tue-7/26 Martha's Vineyard at Brockton
228 Tue-7/26 Worcester at Pittsfield
229 Tue-7/26 North Shore at Bristol
230 Tue-7/26 Nashua at Seacoast
231 Wed-7/27 Pittsfield at Martha's Vineyard
232 Wed-7/27 Torrington at Worcester
233 Wed-7/27 Nashua at Brockton
234 Wed-7/27 Seacoast at Wachusett
235 Wed-7/27 Bristol at North Shore
236 Thu-7/28 Worcester at Nashua
237 Thu-7/28 Pittsfield at Brockton
238 Thu-7/28 Bristol at North Shore
239 Thu-7/28 Wachusett at Torrington
240 Thu-7/28 Seacoast at Martha's Vineyard
241 Fri-7/29 Wachusett at Nashua
242 Fri-7/29 Brockton at Seacoast
243 Fri-7/29 Pittsfield at Worcester
244 Fri-7/29 Martha's Vineyard at North Shore
245 Fri-7/29 Torrington at Bristol
246 Sat-7/30 Torrington at Nashua
247 Sat-7/30 Martha's Vineyard at Brockton
248 Sat-7/30 Wachusett at Worcester
249 Sat-7/30 Seacoast at Bristol
250 Sat-7/30 North Shore at Pittsfield
251 Sun-7/31 Bristol at Brockton
252 Sun-7/31 Wachusett at North Shore
253 Sun-7/31 Nashua at Martha's Vineyard
254 Sun-7/31 Torrington at Pittsfield
255 Sun-7/31 Worcester at Seacoast
256 Mon-8/1 Brockton at Martha's Vineyard
257 Tue-8/2 North Shore at Brockton
258 Tue-8/2 Torrington at Worcester
259 Tue-8/2 Seacoast at Wachusett
260 Tue-8/2 Martha's Vineyard at Pittsfield
261 Tue-8/2 Nashua at Bristol
262 Wed-8/3 Bristol at Torrington
263 Wed-8/3 Seacoast at Worcester
264 Wed-8/3 Brockton at Pittsfield
265 Wed-8/3 Martha's Vineyard at North Shore
266 Wed-8/3 Nashua at Wachusett
267 Thu-8/4 Brockton at Nashua
268 Thu-8/4 Wachusett at Martha's Vineyard
269 Thu-8/4 Bristol at North Shore
270 Thu-8/4 Pittsfield at Seacoast
271 Thu-8/4 Worcester at Torrington
272 Fri-8/5 Torrington at Brockton
273 Fri-8/5 Wachusett at Pittsfield
274 Fri-8/5 Bristol at Nashua
275 Fri-8/5 Martha's Vineyard at Worcester
276 Fri-8/5 Seacoast at North Shore
277 Sat-8/6 Bristol at Torrington
278 Sat-8/6 Brockton at Wachusett
279 Sat-8/6 North Shore at Seacoast
280 Sat-8/6 Worcester at Martha's Vineyard
281 Sat-8/6 Pittsfield at Nashua

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