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Minnesota Myth Sign Merchandising Deal with HUMBL Authentics

March 8, 2024 - Arena Football League (AFL3)
Minnesota Myth News Release

HUMBL, Inc. (OTC: HMBL) and HUMBL Authentics announced today that it has signed an agreement with the Minnesota Myth of the Arena Football League (AFL). The Minnesota Myth is the first US professional football franchise with a sole Latina owner. The deal will be for the 2024 season, and will deliver merchandise in the areas of clothing and collectibles.

HUMBL Authentics provides unique technology solutions in areas that provide increased merchandise authenticity and transparency throughout the lifespan of the item.

"The AFL is working to level up the fan experience across digital wallets, ticketing and merchandise," said AFL Commissioner Lee Hutton III. "With HUMBL's use of blockchain technology, the ability for fans to have a secure, authentic and exciting transaction inside their digital wallet means a better experience for fans."

HUMBL Authentics has introduced a bespoke solution that seamlessly integrates cutting-edge technology with fashion. Each piece of clothing is affixed with a custom-printed product label that features a QR code. This QR code serves as a digital gateway: when scanned with any mobile device, it directs the user to the registry page of the garment. This page details the blockchain record for the item, providing transparent access to its provenance, authentication process and other vital information. This approach not only elevates the trust and assurance in the authenticity of the clothing but also enhances the consumer experience by offering immediate verification and insight into the garment's history and origins.

These innovations position HUMBL Authentics and the Minnesota Myth at the forefront of the fight against counterfeit clothing, ensuring that only genuine, verified items reach the market with additional authentication measures that include digital Certificates of Authenticity (CoA).

"When I was looking for an innovative approach to my apparel line, I was excited for the opportunity to partner with HUMBL Authentics. My vision was to create a line that would reflect the diversity of our fans, without compromising the quality of the merchandise. I am thrilled to release the King Lobo line which will be followed by two additional lines: Queen Loba (apparel for women) and Baby Lobos (apparel for kids). I appreciate all the work that HUMBL has accomplished to make this a reality," said Diana Hutton, President and Owner of the Minnesota Myth.

Certificates of Authenticity - Providing consumers with a Certificate of Authenticity (CoA) - NFT attached to a blockchain registry, offers a multitude of benefits, both for the consumer and the broader ecosystem of authentic garments. These benefits include:

Provenance Tracking: The blockchain registry enables a transparent and immutable record of the garment's history, from its creation to each subsequent owner. This provenance tracking reassures buyers of the garment's authenticity and history, increasing its value and appeal.

Enhanced Security: NFTs are tamper-proof and cannot be replicated, making them an ideal tool for combating counterfeiting. Consumers can trust in the authenticity of their purchase, knowing that the blockchain's security mechanisms protect it.

Ease of Verification: The digital nature of the CoA NFT allows for easy verification of authenticity. Owners can simply use a blockchain explorer or the issuer's platform to confirm the NFT's details, offering peace of mind with minimal effort.

Ownership Transfer: The transferability of the NFT with the garment enables a seamless change of ownership, preserving the item's authenticity throughout its lifecycle. This feature is particularly valuable in the secondary market, where proving authenticity is crucial.

Increased Resale Value: Items with verifiable authenticity and a clear ownership history often command higher prices on the resale market. The NFT CoA serves as a digital certificate that enhances the garment's value to potential buyers.

Consumer Engagement and Trust: Offering an NFT CoA fosters a sense of exclusivity and engagement among consumers. It builds trust in the brand by demonstrating a commitment to authenticity, transparency, and quality.

Sustainability: By facilitating a trusted secondary market through provenance tracking and transferability, the NFT CoA encourages the reuse and recycling of garments, aligning with growing consumer demand for sustainable fashion practices.

"HUMBL is a verified web platform - across which identity, transactions and merchandise can be trusted. This is yet another step forward for our company to showcase new technology solutions for the pro sports and collectibles markets. We are proud to work with the Minnesota Myth to do so," said Brian Foote, CEO of HUMBL.

Fans can shop the official Minnesota Myth collection now by going to:

About Minnesota Myth

The Minnesota Myth joins the AFL for the 2024 season as it makes its return to arenas across the country with a brand-new team, mission, and organization.

The Myth's season consists of 10 games- 5 away and 5 home games to be played at the iconic Target Center in downtown Minneapolis. The Minnesota Myth will head into the 2024 season with a hunger for victory and a desire to bring people together to celebrate not only sports and football, but connection and community. With training camp on the horizon, the Myth organization is ready to bring experience, talent, and determination to the game and overall fan experience.

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