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Commentary: NIFL daily buzz

by Jerry Hewitt
May 19, 2006 - National Indoor Football League (NIFL)

Is it a lie, a cover up, or just some refusing to admit the error of their ways? On Monday, May 22nd it will all be revealed. Check in Monday at OurSports Central or IndoorBowl.Com for "Firestorm overwhelms the NIFL." The actual title of the article is different by the way, but if I used it, the secret would be out and that wouldn't be any fun. Seriously, don't miss this non Daily Buzz article, it is big!

Tennessee update

From the River Sharks website, "The Tennessee River Sharks game this week has been postponed until July 1st. Owner Jamie LaMunyon stated that she felt that the Sharks would not compete well with all the activities scheduled in Chattanooga this week. "I've been in meetings all week with new investors and possible new owners of this team and haven't had time to properly promote the game. she said. "Our opponents graciously agreed to the postponement." The remainder of the season will be played as scheduled with the exception of the the rescheduled game. "We're also looking at the possibility of a venue change from Camp Jordan Arena." She continued. "If that happens the announcement will be made in a few days. I want our last two games of the season to be played before a packed house. We play better when all the home fans show up."

So let's take this announcement apart piece by piece. I do so love it when some NIFL types put obvious bs in print, gives me material to work with on slow days. Seriously though, other reports I've received paint a different picture.

Could not compete with all the other activities ............ how about money owed the venue not paid, uniforms repossessed, players not paid and other bills outstanding and overdue that might prevent the game. Actually I liked my giving the new Arkansas owners another week to get up to speed better than the LaMunyon creation.

Skipping down some, venue change .................. uh yeah, if you don't pay Camp Jordan, a change is probably needed, although I hope the new venue gets cash up front.

Overall I love the way some try to portray things the way they do, when truth be told, if they just took care of business as agreed, they wouldn't have to try to hide the truth from fans.

Now, other reports I have is that a semi pro team has been contracted to finish the Sharks season. They will wear their own uniforms since the team ones reportedly were repossessed. I speculate there could be some players from the River Sharks roster on the team since local players I'm told are paid up to date. I previously reported only out of area players are still due paychecks.

Last note, someone tell the NIFL website the game is postponed. As of this writing, it still shows it as on.

AFL lawsuit

If I understand correctly when the NIFL settled their suit against the AFL, one of the conditions was every NIFL affiliated official website contain the following disclaimer. "The NIFL and its Member Teams are not affiliated, sponsored or associated with the Arena Football League or any of its Member Teams" If this disclaimer isn't in place it opens up the possibility for another lawsuit by the AFL.

So I was wondering how many teams actually are fulfilling this legal obligation. We found nine, Dayton, Fayetteville, Greensboro, Lakeland, Lincoln, Billings, Osceola, Palm Beach and Twin City. That's less than half, but still a substantial number.

Lincoln, St Joseph confusion

On the NIFL official website, the Lincoln Capitols are still listed, not the St. Joseph Cyclones, although when you look up the team information, the teams address is Shawnee, KS and the venue in St. Joseph, Missouri. In most pre-game and post game reports from the opposing teams, the Caps are listed as the St. Joseph Cyclones. In most media news reports, the same.

I guess this isn't that big of a deal, but don't you think it might be just slightly confusing to the average fan? In my opinion, just another example of the lack of professionalism in the NIFL.

This weeks games, pro and semi pro

Is it a pro game or semi pro game if one of the two teams is professional? OK, that screws up my simple mind. Anyway, pro games of the week include, St. Joseph @ Tri-Cities, Wyoming @ Rapid City, Katy @ Beaumont, Greensboro at Twin City, RiverCity @ Lakeland, Montgomery @ Cincinnati, Palm Beach @ Fayetteville, and Osceola @ Florida. Semi pro, Arkansas @ Tennessee and Billings @ Big Sky. Tomorrow we'll preview week eleven.

Fire watch

Tennessee may be rising from the ashes along with a few others, but will the impending major firestorm distroy all that remains of the NIFL? Monday will provide those answers.

Parting notes

Time for a change folks, no question about it, but I wonder if anybody capable of making change is listening. And to maybe call out those who have the power to make a difference, to make the changes needed, I wonder, do you have what it takes to make the right decisions or cower as in years past. Blunt I know, politically correct, maybe not, but exactly as I see it.

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