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March 3, 2008 - Continental Basketball Association 1 (CBA 1) News Release


Second career award for Cavalry head coach

The Continental Basketball Association is pleased to announce that The CBA is pleased to announce that Oklahoma Cavalry head coach Michael Ray Richardson has earned Coach of the Month honors for the month of February 2008. This is Richardson's first Coach of the Month award this season; he previously won the title in December of 2006

In seventeen February contests, Richardson's Cavalry posted a 14-3 record, earning 85.5 quarter-points for a 5.11 quarter-point average, the highest among all active CBA teams that month. During that time, the Cavalry won 14 consecutive games and clinched a place in the CBA Playoffs.


Silverados forward helped team sweep three victories

The Continental Basketball Association is pleased to announce that Rio Grande Valley Silverados forward Gordon Klaiber is the CBA National Conference Player of the Week for the week ending March 2, 2008. This is the first time Klaiber has received this award, and the second time a Silverados player was named to this honor this season.

The 6'9" forward from Fairleigh Dickinson University scored 38 points and 27 rebounds in Rio Grande's three consecutive victories over the Butte Daredevils this week.

Other players under consideration for the award included Harvey Thomas, Yakama; Jibril Hodges, Butte; and Curtis Haywood, Oklahoma.


Strong week for Miners guard, helps East Kentucky make playoffs

The Continental Basketball Association is pleased to announce that East Kentucky Miners guard Jason McLeish is the CBA American Conference Player of the Week for the week ending February 17, 2008. This is the first time McLeish has earned this award, and is the third Miner to be so recognized, joining teammates Josh Pace and James "Boo" Jackson.

The 6'0" guard from East Kentucky University stepped up with 75 points and 31 assists in the Miners' three victories this week, including two wins over the Oklahoma Cavalry.

Other players under consideration for the award included Ronnie Fields, Minot; Ray Cunningham, Minot; Jason Williams, Albany; and Mike Dean, East Kentucky.


On March 1, 2008, Ronnie Fields scored his 6,000th CBA point, the fifth player in league history to reach that level.


By mathematically securing the best quarterpoint average, the Yakama Sun Kings have earned third second consecutive Governor's Trophy, and third Trophy in the team's history.


The Yakama Sun Kings have tied the record for most 7-0 quarterpoint victories in a single season. Both Yakama and the Pittsburgh Xplosion still have a chance to surpass the record for most 7-0 quarterpoint victories in a single season.


Dakota Wizards 2002-03 8

Quad City Thunder 1989-90 8

Albany Patroons 1987-88 8

Yakama Sun Kings 2007-08 8

Nov 17, Great Falls 95-69

Nov 20, Rio Grande Valley 98-84

Nov 24, Butte 97-70

Nov 2, Pittsburgh 111-94

Dec. 22, Rio Grande Valley 125-75

Jan 4, Atlanta 2-0 (forfeit)

Feb. 12, Atlanta, 148-103

Feb. 22, Albany, 121-88

Pittsburgh Xplosion 2007-08 7

Nov. 25, Rio Grande Valley 124-96

Dec. 17, Oklahoma 117-97

Dec. 19, Oklahoma 99-87

Jan. 7, Great Falls, 133-101

Jan. 19, Atlanta, 121-98

Feb. 1, Atlanta, 158-110

Feb. 3, Atlanta, 164-119


This is a list of all players in the 62-year history of the Continental Basketball Association, including those who played in the league's earlier incarnations as the Eastern Professional Basketball League (EPBL, 1946-1970) or the Eastern Basketball Association (EBA, 1970-1978). Players in CAPITAL LETTERS are currently active or who have played in the CBA this season.

1. Tico Brown (CBA) 8,538

2. Willie Simms (CBA) 8,320

3. Julius McCoy (EPBL) 7,754

4. Stacey Arceneaux (EPBL) 7,735

5. Tom Hemans (EPBL) 7,641

6. Hal Lear (EPBL) 6,876

7. Kenny Natt (CBA) 6,281

8. Cedric Hunter (CBA) 6,205


10. Derrick Rowland (CBA) 5,783

11. Kermit Holmes (CBA) 5,760

11. Tracy Moore (CBA) 5,757

13. Stan Pawlak (EPBL/EBA) 5,729

14. Ron Davis (EBA/CBA) 5,673

15. Tim Legler (CBA) 5,604

16. Bill Spivey (EPBL) 5,530

17. Carl Thomas (CBA) 5,479

18. Richard Gaines (EPBL) 5,473

19. Kelsey Weems (CBA) 5,457

20. Rich Cornwall (EPBL/EBA/CBA) 5,260

21. Sherman White (EPBL) 5,098

22. Greg Jones (CBA) 5,083

23. Waite Bellamy (EPBL/EBA) 5,010


The Atlanta Krunk have now set the record for most 7-0 quarterpoint losses in a single season, previously held by the 1989-90 Columbus Horizon.


Atlanta Krunk 2007-08 8

Jan. 4, Yakama, 0-2 (forfeit)

Jan. 19, Pittsburgh, 98-121

Jan. 30, Minot, 115-148

Feb. 1, Pittsburgh, 110-158

Feb. 4, Pittsburgh, 119-164

Feb. 12, Yakama, 103-148

Feb. 17, Great Falls, 120-173

Mar. 2, East Kentucky, 115-194


Each week, one player from the CBA will be chosen as Player of the Week, based on the nominations submitted by each organization. The POW award will be announced each Monday throughout the season.


Nov. 26, Josh Pace, G, East Kentucky

Dec. 3, John Strickland, F, Minot

Dec. 10, Amal McCaskill, C, Albany

Dec. 17, Waki Williams, F, Atlanta

Dec. 24, James "Boo" Jackson, F, East Kentucky

Dec. 31, Ronnie Fields, F, Minot

Jan. 6, John DeGroat, F, Pittsburgh

Jan. 13, John DeGroat, F, Pittsburgh

Jan. 20, Ray Cunningham, F, Minot

Jan. 27, Nat Burton, G, Albany

Feb. 3, Ray Cunningham, F, Minot

Feb. 10, Ian Young, Albany

Feb. 17, James "Boo" Jackson, F, East Kentucky

Feb. 24, Terrance Hunter, F, Atlanta


Nov. 26, Jason Forte, G, Yakama

Dec. 3, Daryan Selvy, F, Oklahoma

Dec. 10, Jason Sasser, F, Yakama

Dec. 17, Odell Bradley, G, Butte

Dec. 24, Jason Sasser, F, Yakama

Dec. 31, Aaron Cook, G, Butte

Jan. 6, Demorris Smith, F, Rio Grande Valley

Jan. 13, Tim Ellis, G, Yakama

Jan. 20, Desmond Ferguson, F, Yakama

Jan. 27, Jermaine Blackburn, G, Yakama

Feb. 3, Daryan Selvy, F, Oklahoma

Feb. 10, Moochie Norris, G, Yakama

Feb. 17, Daryan Selvy, F, Oklahoma

Feb. 24, Daryan Selvy, F, Oklahoma


February 28, 2008

Albany Patroons signed F Anthony Bruin. Waived F Dajan Smith at 10 am EST.

Rio Grande Valley Silverados signed G Kwan Johnson. Waived G Nate Johnson at 4 pm EST.

East Kentucky Miners signed G Daniel Price. Waived G Bryant Northern at 4 pm EST.

Minot Skyrockets signed F Kevin Johnson. Placed F Marshall Phillips on Inactive Reserve.


Each month, one coach from the CBA will be chosen as Coach of the Month, based on the team's highest quarter-point average during the month of eligibility. The award will be announced on the first of every month.

Nov. 2007, Paul Woolpert, Yakama

Dec. 2007, Patrick O'Herron, Butte

Jan. 2008, Paul Woolpert, Yakama

Feb. 2008, Micheal Ray Richardson, Oklahoma

Mar. 2008, TBA


(BOLD indicates current player)


1. Tico Brown (1979-85, 86-88) 8,538

2. Willie Simms (91-00, 01-03, 04-06) 8,320

3. Kenny Natt (1981-89) 6,281

4. Cedric Hunter (1987-97) 6,205

5. Ronnie Fields 5,891

Games Played

1. Willie Simms (91-00, '01-03, '04-05) 541

2. Cedric Hunter (1987-97) 466

3. Barry Sumpter (1988-89, '90-99) 440

4. Ron Spivey (1984-96) 432

5. James Martin (1992-00) 416

Minutes Played

1. Willie Simms (91-00, '01-'03, '04-05) 16,462

2. Cedric Hunter (1987-97) 16,396

3. Mark Wade (1987-95) 13,912

4. Tico Brown (1979-85, '86-88) 13,289

5. Kermit Holmes (1991-99) 12,796


1. Jerome Henderson (81-82, 84-89, 90-91, 92-94) 3,167

2. Ron Spivey (1984-96) 3,069

3. Willie Simms (91-00, 01-03, 04-06) 2,956

4. Barry Sumpter (1988-89, '90-99) 2,936

5. Jim Lampley (1983-84, '85-92) 2,792


1. Cedric Hunter (1987-97) 3,815

2. Mark Wade (1987-95) 3,358

3. A.J. Wynder (1987-89, 90-96) 2,513

4. Kelsey Weems (1989-97) 2,507

5. Corey Gaines (1988-94) 2,276



CEO: Benito R. Fernandez

GM: Dave Bestle

Head Coach: Vincent Askew

Assistant Coach: Darrell Skeeter

Public Relations: Julie LaFrano

Phone: (518) 694.7160

Fax: (518) 694.8291


Albany Patroons (21-22, 149.5 QP, 3.48 AVG, 4th place, American Conference)

Struggling to pick up points, the Patroons hosted the Minot Skyrockets for a three-game series at the Armory. Four quarters could not decide the match, but in overtime, the Patroons could not overcome a Minot 8-0 run, and lost 106-99 [5-2]. Nat Burton was the Pats' top scorer with 29 points, while Chad Timberlake returned from a groin injury to score 16. The Patroons could not catch up on Friday night, losing to the Skyrockets again, this time by a score of 106-88 [6-1]. Nat Burton again led Albany in scoring with 26 points, while DayShawn Wright added 15. Even though the Patroons battled hard on Saturday night against the Skyrockets, it was the same old story - moments of close play followed by costly turnovers, and in the end, another Patroons home loss, this time 121-111 [5.5-1.5] to the Skyrockets. Jason "J-Bird" Williams was the top scorer in that game, with 23 points; Nat Burton had 22. DayShawn Wright had a double-double of 11 points and 10 boards.


543 Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive

Atlanta , GA 30314

President: Duane Hughes

Vice President: Freedom Williams

Special Counsel: Andrew Schwab

Business Affairs: Llew Haden

Head Coach: Gary Perry

Phone: 1-800-201-9919

Fax: (404) 581-5948


Atlanta Krunk (10-37, 80.5 QP, 1.71 AVG, 5th place, American Conference)

The Krunk began their final games of the 2007-2008 campaign on the road, as the replacement team for the recently folded Great Falls Explorers. The Krunk spent Sunday afternoon at the East Kentucky Expo Center as guests of the Miners, but in the end the Krunk were punked 194-115 [7-0]. New Krunk signee Rodderick McGahee scored 27 points for Atlanta, while two other signees, Edward Allen and Shawn Jones, put up 21 apiece.


Owner: Apex Sportstainment

CEO: Joe Clark

General Manager: TBD

Head Coach: Justin Wetzel

Public Relations: TBD

Phone: (406) 782-2859

Fax: (406) 782-2193


Butte Daredevils (16-30, 130.5 QP, 2.83 AVG, 3rd place, National Conference)

The Daredevils tried to take a win in Minot, but were unsuccessful, losing 119-117 [5-2]. In the loss, Benson Callier was the top Daredevil scorer with 31 points; Martane Freeman also had a solid night for Butte, scoring 26. Carl Boyd was the top rebounder for the Daredevils, with 11 pulldowns. To complete their final road trip of the season, the Daredevils spent three days in McAllen to play the Rio Grande Valley Silverados. The first match on Friday night saw the Daredevils fall to Rio Grande Valley 120-118 [5.5-1.5], with Jibril Hodges hitting 28 points - including going 6-for-9 from three-point range. Hodges' father was legendary three-point shooting champion Craig Hodges. Carl Boyd had a double-double of 16 points and 15 rebounds. The Daredevils collapsed on Saturday night to Rio Grande Valley, 107-102 [5-2], and capped off the weekend with a loss Sunday afternoon to the Silverados 99-87 [6-1], despite 16 points from Martane Freeman.


237 2nd Street, Suite 5

Pikeville , KY 41501

Owner: Trinity Sports & Ent. Group

GM: Kyle Macy

Head Coach: Kevin Keathley

Dir. Public Relations: Steve LeMaster

Sales & Marketing Mgr: Brian Levy

Dir. Basketball Ops: Brandon Paquin

Phone: (606) 437-9715

Fax: (606) 437-9725


East Kentucky Miners (26-21, 177.5 QP, 3.77 AVG, 3rd place, American Conference)

In their final homestands, the East Kentucky Miners put a 39-19 first quarter lead on the Oklahoma Cavalry Thursday night at the East Kentucky Expo Center, and then held on for a 120-118 [4-3] win. Jason McLeish put 32 points and 11 assists on the board, while Steve Thomas had a team-high 19 rebounds to go with his 17 points. James "Boo" Jackson also had a double-double of 22 points and 12 rebounds. In the rematch Friday night, the Miners again took a win from the Cavalry, 106-102 [5.5-1.5], with Josh Pace leading the scoring charge with 28 points. Jason McLeish finished with 25 points, and Steve Thomas was the top rebounder with 14 boards. The Miners finished the week off with a flourish, hosting the Atlanta Krunk at the East Kentucky Expo Center for a Sunday afternoon matchup. The Miners jumped out to an early 21-4 lead - then accelerated to a 42-12 first quarter - and kept on accelerating - until the Miners completed a 194-115 [7-0] clunking of the Krunk. Mike Dean took the scoring lead with 44 points on the night, Josh Pace added 28, James "Boo" Jackson had 26 points and 20 rebounds, and Lawrence Barnes added 23. Also getting his first minutes of the season was Mark King, a member of the Miners' practice team; King had five points, including a 3-pointer in the fourth quarter, and two assists.


Owner: Minot CBA Investment Group

CEO: Joe Clark

General Manager: Kim Mueller

Head Coach: Chris Daleo

Marketing/PR: Anna Miller

Phone: (701) 839.7526

Fax: (701) 839.8492


Minot Skyrockets (35-10, 219.5 QP, 4.88 AVG, 1st place, American Conference)

The Skyrockets continue to battle for every point and every quarterpoint, as they took the Butte Daredevils to a 119-117 [5-2] victory at the Launchpad. Ronnie Fields put up 28 points to lead the Skyrockets in scoring, while Chris Reaves followed with 26. Sidney Holmes was the top rebounder for Minot, with 11 boards. Next up was a trip to Albany for a three-game series with the Patroons. In a game that eventually went into overtime Thursday night, the Skyrockets took advantage of an 8-0 run to defeat the Patroons 106-99 [5-2], with Ronnie Fields notching a game-high 28 points; Ray Cunningham followed up with 22 points and 14 rebounds. The Skyrockets had an easier time against Albany in the Friday night contest, with a 106-88 [6-1] win that essentially pushed the Patroons out of the playoffs. Ronnie Fields' 21 points were tops for the Skyrockets, while Ray Cunningham and Kellen Miliner put 20 points apiece up for the Magic City crew. Sidney Holmes had eight rebounds to lead Minot in that category. In their final game at the Armory this season, Minot roared out to a strong lead and eventually took their seventh straight victory over the Patroons, 121-111 [5.5-1.5]. Ray Cunningham was the top scorer Saturday night with 23 points and 10 rebounds; while Ronnie Fields finished with 19 points, including his 6,000th career CBA point, the fifth player in CBA history to reach that plateau.


P.O. Box 1227

Lawton , OK 73502

Owner: Pin High Investments, Inc.

Chairman: TBA

President & GM: Otis Birdsong

Head Coach: Micheal Ray Richardson

Asst Coach: Greg Minor

Dir. Media, Comm. Rel.: Heather Johnson

VP Sales & Marketing: Natasha Chambers

Phone: (580) 353-CAVS (2287)

Fax: (580) 353-1619


Oklahoma Cavalry (27-18, 186.5 QP, 4.14 AVG, 2nd place, National Conference)

The Cavalry hosted Yakama for the second of a two-game series at the Great Plains Coliseum, but this time the Sun Kings got the upper hand, taking a 99-88 [5-2] victory over Oklahoma. Daryan Selvy's 20 points and 9 rebounds were tops for the Cavalrymen, while DeAnthony Bowden scored four three-pointers to amass 16 total points in the game. Next up was a trip to the East Kentucky Expo Center, where the Cavalry took on the East Kentucky Miners. Falling behind 39-19 in the first quarter, Oklahoma fought back in every subsequent quarter, eventually losing 120-118 [4-3] to the Miners. Daryan Selvy kept the scoring barrage up with 27 points, while Curtis Haywood finished with 23 points and 9 rebounds. Things didn't get easier in the rematch game at the East Kentucky Expo Center, as the Cavalry held the lead for most of the night, but fell in the end 106-102 [5.5-1.5] to the Miners. Curtis Haywood led the Cavalry in scoring with 24 points; Haywood also had 11 rebounds. Marvin Phillips added 12 rebounds of his own to lead the Cavalry in that category. The Cavalry finished off the week by traveling to the SunDome to face the Yakama Sun Kings. Unfortunately for Oklahoma, they were taken apart 96-87 [5-2], with Shawn Daniels scoring 16 points to lead all Cavalrymen in scoring.


200 James Place, Suite 302

Monroeville , PA 15146

President: Richard Hersperger

General Manager: Freddie Lewis

Head Coach: Carlos Knox

Asst Coach: Pablo Redwood

Public Relations: Barry Beal

Phone: 1-877-410-9900

Fax: (605) 332-2305


Pittsburgh Xplosion (26-18, 182.5 QP, 4.15 AVG, 2nd place, American Conference)

The Pittsburgh Xplosion did not play this week.


2800 West Trenton Ste. 2840

Edinburg , TX 78504

President: Art Gonzalez

Chair. of the Board: Dr. Jordan Maswoswe

Vice President: Kevin Mitchell

General Manager: Norge Stout

Head Coach: Derrick Rowland

Asst: Coach: Matt Palmquist

Dir. Corporate Sales: Diane Atkinson

Office Manager: Jesenia Magallan

Phone: (866) 645-1116

Fax: (956) 668-1116


Rio Grande Valley Silverados (11-33, 106.0 QP, 2.40 AVG, 4th place, National Conference)

The Silverados wound their regular season up with three straight victories against the Butte Daredevils. On Friday night, the Silverados won 120-118 [5.5-1.5], led by 29 points from Jason Forte and 12 rebounds from Cedric Smith. On Saturday night, the Silverados took a 107-102 [5-2] win from Butte, and finished off the winning weekend by claiming a 99-87 [6-1] triumph. In the Sunday matchup, Kwan Johnson had 22 points to lead the McAllen quintet, while Gordon Klaiber pulled down 10 rebounds. Heading into the final week of play, Rio Grande Valley has a four-game winning streak.


1301 S. Fair Avenue

Shattuck Building

Yakima, WA 98901

Phone: (509) 248.1222

Fax: (509) 248.4662

GM/Head Coach: Paul Woolpert

Asst Coach: Kipp Christiansen


Yakama Sun Kings (40-4, 246.0 QP, 5.91 AVG, 1st place, National Conference)

The Sun Kings battled the Cavalry for four solid quarters, and eventually took a 99-88 [5-2] victory Monday night at the Great Plains Coliseum. Tim Ellis put 20 points on the board to lead all Yakama scorers, while Moochie Norris added to his league-leading assist total with nine dishes. After some rest due to the cancellation of road games to Great Falls, the Sun Kings hosted the Cavalry on Sunday afternoon at the Yakima Valley SunDome. Once again, the Sun Kings burned out the Cavalry 96-87 [5-2], as Desmond Ferguson's 20 points included four more three-pointers. With the win, the Sun Kings cemented their third Governor's Trophy for best regular season quarterpoint total.

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