Indoor and Arena Football History

National Indoor Football League (NIFL)
National Indoor Football League (NIFL)
Active: 2001-2007

NIFL logoNIFL logoAfter Mike Storen became commissioner of the IPFL, he instituted a stronger league structure which didn't set well with some IPFL team owners. They believed the league's demands only increased their costs and irritation. Among them was original team owner Carolyn Shiver. She took her Louisiana franchise, and along with Mississippi and Mobile, struck off on their own to form the National Indoor Football League in 2000.

Shiver became league president and directed the circuit with the help of an executive committee of other owners. Starting with 18 teams in 2001, the league has expanded aggressively since its formation but has also lost franchises every year. Still, league membership has hovered in the mid-20s since the first couple of seasons.

When arenafootball2 bought the Indoor Football League and left many of its markets without teams, the NIFL quickly filled the void by placing franchises in many of the IFL's former markets. When the IPFL went out of business in 2001, the NIFL absorbed three of its remaining teams.

Formed from the break with the IPFL, the NIFL has also seen teams leave over the years. In 2005, 10 franchises, including some of the league's strongest, left the league to help form United Indoor Football. After absorbing four Intense Football League teams that same year, four teams broke away at the end of the season to re-form the Intense league.

Though its lineup changed frequently over the years, the NIFL was the longest surviving indoor football league, excluding the Arena leagues. But a disastrous 2007 season in which less than half the league's scheduled games was played spelled the end of the NIFL.

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