Gone but not Forgotten

OurSports Central has provided coverage of independent and minor league sports since 1999. In that time, a lot of teams, and several leagues, have come and gone, leaving their fans only memories.

Looking for information on a team that used to appear on OurSports Central? You`ve come to the right place. Here you`ll find the dearly departed, those teams which have gone out of business or moved, as well as those teams and leagues for which OSC no longer provides coverage.

Teams are listed by the last league in which they played which was covered by OSC. Some active teams are also still listed under leagues which have since stopped playing or are no longer covered by OSC.

Defunct Leagues or Leagues no Longer Covered on OSC
Active Leagues with Defunct Teams

Defunct Leagues or Leagues no Longer on OSC

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The Threshers saw a three-game win streak halted on Friday, as Clearwater dropped game one at St. Lucie by a 5-2 final at First Data Field. Clearwater (27-22) now sits in second place in the FSL North, one game back of the Dunedin Blue Jays. The Mets...
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