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OSC’s 10 Questions with Erik Evenson

by Joshua Russell
September 13, 2016 - Southern Professional Hockey League (SPHL)

Our Sports Central asked minor league executives across the country to participate in a short questionnaire about themselves. We will feature their responses every Tuesday.

First up is the Director of Broadcasting and Media Relations for the Macon Mayhem, Erik Evenson. The 2016-17 season will be his first season with the team. Mr. Evenson spent the past two years as the color commentator for the Alabama Hockey Team.

1. What was your first job in the sports industry? Working as a producer for the "Student Section" on the Student Radio Station (WVUA-FM) in Tuscaloosa, AL. It was my sophomore year of college, and I was the new kid at the radio station, so I started as a producer and worked my way up to hosting my own addition of the "Student Section."

2. What was the last app you downloaded? The Golf Channel app

3. What was the first job you ever had? Skate Counter at the Duluth Iceforum (local ice rink in Duluth, GA). I passed out rental skates for public skating sessions, and after a couple of months, I moved up to being a Pro Shop Assistant, which was my job through my junior and senior years of high school and college breaks.

4. What is currently your favorite song? "Closer" by The Chainsmokers

5. What is the last thing you watched on Netflix? Last Chance U. That was an amazing show about East Mississippi Community College and the world of Junior College football.

6. What is the best advice you have ever received? "Do everything in your life with passion. Whatever you do in life, you do it to your best ability. If you are going to be a greeter at Walmart, you be the absolute best greeter you can possibly be." ""Jason Greeson, my former hockey coach

7. What is the last book you read? Raw by Colin Cowherd. I have always been a big fan of Cowherd, and he is actually the reason I went into the sports broadcasting business. I read his first book called You Herd Me, and then recently read Raw. I love his unfiltered, controversial takes on the world of sports.

8. What is one unique or quirky habit that you have? I am a very superstitious person, so when things are going well, I do not change a thing. When things go wrong, I change routines/details until it goes bad again. This is mostly true for sports. For instance, when Alabama lost to Ole Miss in football last season, I changed the background of my phone, the clothes I wore on game day, where I sat/watched the games, and a few other things. Alabama has not lost since, and those things have not changed. If and when Alabama loses again, it will be time to change. I am a big Pittsburgh Penguins fan, and I had three jerseys that I wore throughout the Stanley Cup Playoffs. I would wear one until the Penguins lost, and then I would rotate through the jerseys. Never changing until they lost. Like I said, I am very superstitious and just change little things like that.

9. What advice would you give someone who wants to work in the sports industry? Branch out and try new things. This one, I have learned from experience. All I wanted to do going into college was sports talk radio, but I tried hockey broadcasting and loved it. Also, just get experience in any way you can. This can get your foot in the door in many places. You may not start in the exact job you want to do, but you can work your way up. Do not limit yourself to one niche. Keep your options open by becoming versatile.

10. Who was your role model growing up? Sidney Crosby. As a big Pittsburgh Penguins fan, obviously he has been the best player on the team for a decade now. But, what makes him an even better role model is the fact that he is an absolutely tireless worker. He is very detailed oriented, and he always finds something he can get better at. That attention to detail and work ethic is something that I try to use in my everyday life. There is always something you can improve on, and there is always work to be done.

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