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IBL pleased with results from USA All Stars program

April 9, 2009 - International Basketball League (IBL) News Release

About the USA All Stars: In 2008, the International Basketball League created the USA All-Stars-a developmental basketball team whereby ten collegiate level players who want in the IBL, get to play against IBL teams, in games that count (real games). Restated: the USA All Stars team was created to further the league's goals of developing and assisting players in maximizing their opportunities in professional level basketball. The team will serve as a season-long opportunity (the team plays 24 games in the 2009 season) for players to prove their game against outstanding competition. IBL Commissioner Mikal Duilio-"the USA All-Stars is a fantastic program that gives players a chance to come out and see if they are good enough to play against professional level players but even more importantly, if players are not good enough, it gives these players a chance to end their professional basketball dreams in a responsible manner and move on with their lives-as playing against professional level players is a more accurate way to end a dream for younger players who often do not see players better than them at their local gyms". Ultimately, the All-Stars will give undiscovered talent another avenue to be discovered. Players who may be on the cusp of being able to make it professionally will be given the opportunity to try and make it by competing in actual professional basketball games. The team will play a full IBL schedule against IBL teams across the country, and the roster will change frequently as new players are given an opportunity to prove themselves. In 2008, the USA All Stars finished 1-21 and the team put 14 guys into the IBL. In 2009, the USA All Stars teams is already 3-5, three wins being a stark improvement already from the 2008 season. This improvement in record for the USA All Stars is due to better talent wanting to play in the IBL but as well, it is dues to some new, skilled coaches as described below:


Coach Ken Hasty: Ken Hasty s the current Director of Operations for an organization called World of Basketball where he runs international camps for teams from places like Korea, Finland, Mexico, China, and Argentina. He is well regarded as one of the best teachers and trainers of basketball in the country and has trained or worked with NBA players such as Shawn Marion, Leon Smith and Tytus Thomas. Says Hasty: "I think the USA All-Stars is a great program. For the last 15 years I have been looking for ways that guys under the radar can be seen, and this is the perfect avenue for that to happen; this gives players a clear opportunity to be seen in their natural position." Ken Hasty- "the goal would be to help young men find out what it takes to play at the next level. Too often young men do not realize how different minor league basketball is from college ball. It's an educational process, mentally, physically, and skill wise-(it is) more of a grind than a sprint. Also, players have to be realistic-if a player is 29 or 30 and still trying to make it (professional basketball) a career, they may have to let that dream go at some point, and this may be the right venue for them to realize that."

Coach Tytus Cousins: Tytus is a sports agent; Tytus is a dynamic speaker with a varied career background that garnered him a reputation as someone who could reach young adults with interactive programs and methods. As lead instructor for Elijah's House, Tytus spearheaded programs such as Project Success, First Start, and Urban Teen Magazine. Tytus Cousins- "I am excited to be coaching the USA All Stars. This team will help these young men get exposure to showcase their abilities to succeed in making their dream come true. Coach Ken (Hasty), Terrance (Dickens) and I are dedicated to helping these guys advance their careers and look forward to an exciting year".


Coach Dwight Edwards: A former Marine (7 years in the service), Dwight Edwards occupations have recently included sales and education positions with education being his specialty. Dwight Edwards is a former college player, having played at Wentworth Military Academy and Upper Iowa University. Dwight has assisted in coaching for colleges (Upper Iowa) and minor league professional teams as well (recently, Snohomish Explosion and the Jazz of Tacoma); in fact, Dwight was an interim head coach for the Jazz of Tacoma in 2008, to end their 2008 campaign. Dwight will head three USA All Star games this upcoming weekend as the USA All Star players play multiple games over a three day period, April 10th, 11th and 12th at Warner Pacific College in Portland, Oregon.

The above three mentioned coaches are in addition to Terrance Dickens-the 2008 coordinator/coach. Also helping to coach the games on April 10th, 11th and 12th are Terrance Burns, Ed Leblanc and Osa Esenee from Portland, Oregon.


Saturday April 4th 1:00PM Southern Illinois Truth @ USA All-Stars 126 - 138 W

Saturday April 4th 3:00PM Grand Rapids Flight @ USA All-Stars 135 - 106 L

Saturday April 4th 5:00PM Holland Blast @ USA All-Stars 157 - 102 L

Saturday April 4th 7:15PM USA All-Stars @ Kankakee Soldiers 104 - 87 W

Sunday April 5th 11AM Southern Illinois Truth @ USA All-Stars 113 - 122 W

Sunday April 5th 1:00PM Grand Rapids Flight @ USA All-Stars 151 - 127 L

Sunday April 5th 3:00PM Holland Blast @ USA All-Stars 146 - 137 L

Sunday April 5th 5:00PM USA All-Stars @ Kankakee Soldiers 92 - 128 L

Friday April 10th 8:15PM Vancouver BC Titans @ USA All-Stars Warner Pacific College/Portland

Saturday April 11th 12PM Vancouver Volcanoes @ USA All-Stars Warner Pacific College/Portland

Saturday April 11th 2:00PM Vancouver BC Titans @ USA All-Stars Warner Pacific College/Portland

Saturday April 11th 3:45PM Snohomish Co. Explosion @ USA All-Stars Warner Pacific College/Portland

Saturday April 11th 5:30PM Bellingham Slam @ USA All-Stars Warner Pacific College/Portland

Saturday April 11th 7:15PM Seattle Mountaineers @ USA All-Stars Warner Pacific College/Portland

Sunday April 12th 1:00PM Bellingham Slam @ USA All-Stars Warner Pacific College/Portland

Sunday April 12th 3:00PM Vancouver BC Titans @ USA All-Stars Warner Pacific College/Portland

Sunday April 12th 5:00PM Snohomish Co. Explosion @ USA All-Stars Warner Pacific College/Portland

Sunday April 12th 7:00PM Vancouver Volcanoes @ USA All-Stars Warner Pacific College/Portland

Saturday April 25th 7:15PM USA All-Stars @ Grand Rapids Davenport University

Sunday April 26th 5:30PM USA All-Stars @ Holland Blast Holland Civic Center

Tuesday May 19th 1:00PM China-Shanxi Zhongyu @ USA All-Stars Salvation Army (Portland, Or)

Tuesday June 23rd 6:30PM China-Shanxi Zhongyu @ USA All-Stars Salvation Army (Portland, Or)


Five foot nine inch point guard Royce Parran scored 33 points and had 5 assists in a 105 to 89 victory over the Kankakee Soldiers, impressing everyone in his attendance with his control of both the offensive and defensive ends of the court. The next day, in Royce's second game, he scored 45 points, had 3 assists and 5 rebounds in a 137 to 146 loss to the undefeated Holland Blast. Royce is a former collegiate player from Chicago State; Royce finished third in the 2007 NCAA dunk contest despite being only 5 foot 9 inches. As well, Royce was accomplished in 2008 with an IBL team-the Gary Steelheads, in fact, Royce was the MVP of the IBL 2008 All Star game. Royce is not necessarily as much of a tryout player as a showcase player, at this point. While Royce credentials are well known, a newcomer impressed just as much-Terrance Hundley. Hundley scored 49 points in his USA All Stars debut versus the Southern Illinois Truth. 49 points was not the story; where Hundley impressed was in his defense, passing and in that he rarely missed... not to mention that most of the Terrance Hundley three point baskets were from the NBA range (a few feet beyond the college three point line); Terrance Hundley followed up that first game, the following day- with a 34 point performance (5 assists and 7 rebounds) as Hundley's USA All Stars team won again. Hundley was so impressive that he was picked up later that same day to play for the Grand Rapids Flight and scored a cool 26 points in 28 minutes of play. Other players making teams were as follows:

1.Royce Parran offers from multiple teams- may or may not play in the IBL (his choice)

2.Terrance Hundley offers from multiple teams- will choose in coming days

3.Zach Ramey Grand Rapids

4.Phillip Hillstock Grand Rapids

5.Robert Broughton Grand Rapids.

6.Marc Jackson Central Oregon Hotshots

Other players to mention: Nathaniel Ody, David Kay and Michael Simms may find a team in the next week. A few other players are still finishing up a few college classes through May (for graduation) and these players have been advised by the USA coaches to play in a few more USA games (two games on April 24th and 25th in Michigan) but leave the 2009 season alone- these players are Nathaniel Hainje, Matthew Corning, Terry Jeffries and Fred Taylor.

How a player joins: if a player thinks they may be good enough to play in the IBL, they typically will sign up as a tryout player-by going to the IBL site, downloading a tryout form, sending a basketball resume to the league, etc. and then getting put on a USA All Star team. Additional info on the IBL and the USA All Stars can be found online at www.iblhoopsonline.com

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