NAHL Teams sending players to College

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NAHL Teams sending players to College

Post by NPlainshockey » Fri Jul 06, 2007 8:54 pm

Looking at a couple of other venues for info on NAHL 9including their own website), I am finding that they get a bunch of the Midwest High School Elite League players in that league after high school.
Seems like a good thing that they go upto 20-21 yr. olds for players.
So 18-19-20-upto 21 yr. olds playing in that league.
Minnesota has their Minnesota Hockey website. listing USA Hockey U17 players attending the National USA Hockey camp in St. Cloud this next week.
North Dakota has a Amatuer Hockey Assoc. website-- listed there are the players selected to go to St. Cloud also.

Minnesota sure gets a lot of guys compared to North Dakota. I didn't see one south dakota kid listed.

Some players that have made a name for themselves in Minnesota High School Hockey-- Now showing talents at USA Camp--
Aaron Crandle-- Goalie- St. Thomas Acad.(plyed in State Tourney)
Tyler Landman- F- Roseau (good hockey up there) State Champions in 07'
Ryan Bohrer- F- Cretin D. Hall (USHL team protected)
John O'Neill- F- Anoka (many good players came from Anoka)
Cory Thorson- F-Armstrong High school (good Hockey at Armstrong)

North Dakota players- Showing their talents at USA Camp
Goalie- Pat Arnasen- Grand Forks (Lord knows they know hockey in Grand Forks, ND-- Fighting Sioux have a few National Championships)
Alex Simonsin- F- Grand Forks- he was on the draft list 07' for Chicago USHL
Tyler Groth- F- Fargo - Listed as a USA Hockey National Champion on U16 team this spring 07' with a Dakota Starz team (Arnasen was the goalie on that team), Must have been a good team. They were 6-0 at Nationals.
Tyler Swanson- D- West Fargo-- he has been on the USHL watch list for the past couple of years. Now I see on NAHL-tendered with Fargo Team.
I didn't notice if they- Swanson or Simonsin played for that National tourney team Dakota Starz- but probably did.
since they are all great players from North Dakota.

Help me out with some more things on the NAHL and players going to College.
bigger league- more players meaning-- more chances I think.


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Post by MR. HOCKEY » Thu Oct 18, 2007 9:14 pm

This is the way I see it.

USHL. = About 50% of the players go to D-1. A few years ago I counted in the let's play hockey magazine that out of 250 players , 125 of them signed with D-1 teams. I also found out that the top 5% of Minnesota high school players will go right to D-1 and no need for JR hockey. The rest will have a verbal or sign and play one year of JR hockey, this is why the D-1 schools don't need to red-shirt the players anymore when they can use the USHL program for this and it also cuts cost for the D-1 schools budgets. :o

NAHL = I see this level of JR hockey for some of the players that are younger and need more time to grow. Most of the players will get D-3 spots and go have fun and get a good education and some will just play to have some more fun and playing time after high school. The NAHL is getting stronger and stronger every year. I'm starting to see more and more players getting on some D-1 teams. There not all top notch D-1 teams but hey , D-1 is D-1 hockey. When the NAHL first started I think there was only about 10% that went D-1. Now it seems to me that it's up to about 20% to 30% that get signed to the D-1. :-D

It's kinda funny in Minnesota because alot of people forget there is more D-1 teams in this hockey world than the WCHA leauge. Don't get me wrong , almost every kid from Minnesota wants to play for the Minnesota Gophers. There are some very good D-1 team out east too. " LET'S PLAY HOCKEY " :p

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