Danville Demolition Finished?

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Danville Demolition Finished?

Post by The Man, The Myth » Wed May 16, 2007 4:05 am

A post on AIFAFans.com states: "AS of today (Tuesday) everyone from the danville organization was released!!!"

This would make the Demolition the first casualty in the 2007 AIFA season.

Anyone heard anything about this?

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Post by fwp » Sat May 19, 2007 2:04 pm

I guess we'll see. Danville has certainly had a rough season on the field.

I did find this posted on their website though. We can hope for the best. It's tough to be a struggling team in indoor football at this point in a season.


"Update on the Danville Demolition
There have been a lot of rumors and mis-information floating around. This is to clear it up.

The Danville Demolition is not folding, nor has the ownership changed. We will be finishing our season; we will be here next season and will be in Danville for the foreseeable future.
The coaching staff was released. The new head coach is Willie Davis, our previous quarterback.
The team was released. Some of the team (about half) will be asked to come back, the rest will be new players.
We have a season record of 1-10. We believe we need new ideas.
There have also been allegations made about the Demolition front office staff and medial staff. Facts.

Practice is monitored by a student athletic trainer. A full-time trainer attends all games.
The front office staff is well educated, holding 5 degrees (3 bachelors, marketing, chemistry and sports medicine and 2 masters in sports medicine and sports management) between 3 people.
The office staff is part-time. We are available when we can be available."

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