Is 2017 the Year of the NFL Developmental League?

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Is 2017 the Year of the NFL Developmental League?

Post by Fran » Tue Mar 07, 2017 4:37 pm ... tal-league

One of the biggest developments for pro football in 2017 might not have to do with virtual reality, live streaming NFL matches, remote-controlled tackling dummies or sideline video on tablets. But it could advance the use of those innovations in the NFL.

It's called a developmental, or "D" league which could provide a steady-flow of pro-ready players, coaches, officials and more, along with employment for countless NFL wannabes that didn't make team or practice squad rosters or capture the attention of the 32 franchises at all.

Troy Vincent, head of football operations for the NFL, has reportedly created and presented options for a D league to coaches and those on the competition committee. The concept has support from head coaches and beyond after being studied for several years.

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Might be time . . .

Post by LordBy2014 » Tue Mar 07, 2017 11:53 pm

if the NFL is serious about coming up with a "D-League" to further develop players, coaches, referees, etc., etc., I think this might be worth a look-see for either the NFL Network and/or other alternative delivery platforms to get a foothold into the NFL broadcast stream . . .

Am waiting to see any serious action on this . . .

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