No interest for Canadian expansion: NASL commish

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No interest for Canadian expansion: NASL commish

Post by Fran » Sat Aug 29, 2015 11:21 am

This doesn't surprise me. ... lor=sports

The North American Soccer League is looking for volunteers.

Specifically, ones on this side of the border willing to bring another Canadian franchise into the league.

With the NASL full speed ahead towards its goal of expanding to 20 teams and with just two of the existing 11 teams representing Canadian cities, there appears to be little interest from markets flying the maple leaf.

What gives, eh?

Though Hamilton and Winnipeg had previously been touted as potential locations for Canadian NASL clubs, that appears to no longer be the case and, according to league commissioner Bill Peterson, there aren't any other immediate options.

"There are no hot leads at this time," Peterson said following Fury's scoreless draw against the New York Cosmos at TD Place on Wednesday night.

"I would like to see some people raise their hand and say they're interested. I don't know if that's a (matter) of us spending some time, maybe in some different cities, or maybe doing some more media to get the word out, but we're not seeing enough interest in my mind."

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