NASL expansion

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NASL expansion

Post by Fran » Wed Aug 26, 2015 12:45 am

I don't see the NASL having 20 teams or a match between the NASL and MLS champion ... 31924.html

Q: "What is the future of the NASL?"
A: "I see a league with 20 teams. We want to have more teams in the West, but need to have good owners and a city where a team can succeed. I think we're tomanado good decisions regarding our expansion. "

Q: "Someday there will be a match between the champion of the NASL and MLS champion?"
A: "iNOS love! Our teams would play against anyone. No matter where you play. I think football fans here in America would love such a party. I have not talked to [MLS commissioner] Don Garber about it, but it would be phenomenal. "

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