Review of League Schedule

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Review of League Schedule

Post by turbocamyes » Mon Mar 31, 2014 1:40 pm

Revised numbers:

All told a total of 107 games were originally scheduled with 42 played and 21 cancelled outright. Another 44 games were rescheduled; 39 were played and 5 cancelled. The percentage played without changes was 39.25. I should note that I wanted to show how the withdrawal of one team affected the overall stability of a league.

Number of teams listed: 11
Number of teams finishing: 10
One team removed during season (West Virginia)

Total Games played: 81

Number of Games on original schedule: 103
Number of Games Played on original schedule: 40
Number of Games Cancelled on original scheduled: 19
Number of Games Rescheduled - New Date on original schedule: 3
Number of Games Rescheduled - New Team on original scheduled 41

Number of Games not on original schedule added: 4
Played: 2
Cancelled: 2

Number of Rescheduled Games played: 39
Number of Rescheduled Games cancelled: 0
Number of Games Rescheduled -New Date rescheduled: 2
Number of Games Rescheduled - New Team rescheduled: 9

Anyone interested in my file please email me at
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