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New revolution!!!

Post by J.Nevarez » Wed Jan 15, 2014 4:15 pm

My name is John Nevarez. I coach RB and manage the office for the Texas Revolution! After looking at these threads they all seem way out of date and just wanted to update everyone about the Texas Revolution! Last year coach Billy Back was the head coach. We have decided to part ways with him and continue our hunt for the CHAMPIONSHIP with former Odessa Roughnecks & New Mexico Stars Head Coach Chris Williams! We are very excited to have him and looking forward to having a successful season! Coach Blackmon, our DB coach last year will replace Coach Wells as our Defensive Coordinator. Coach Jermaine Blakely will return as our OL/DL coach. Myself (John Nevarez) will be coaching the RB for as a start for my coaching career. Sam Hirst-Wade
will be our Director of Player Personnel who has a past of scouting with Coach Williams.
Cleaning our roster we have selected a VERY few players from last year to compete for a spot on this years roster. Names like Frankie Solomon, Scooter Rogers, Brian Ellis, Marcus Jackson, and Josh Floyd (NM Stars). Notable rookie names that we have signed are Javicz Jones, Danny Mason, DJ Beashers, and Jimmy Coy. We are extremely excited about the upcoming season and hope everyone else is as well! Any question or concerns let me know on here or feel free to contact me at 972-422-PASS or

By the way if anyone is or know anyone who is interested in tryouts on the

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