New League For 2013 or 14

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New League For 2013 or 14

Post by Hockey » Tue Oct 09, 2012 9:35 am

Let's try a new approach to minor league sports. I am going to take the best of every minor league hustle for one new national, heck let's go global, league.

For a small franchise fee of $15,000 you can secure a team in our league. We will also be offering a buy two get one free promotion for the first year.

Don't worry, you can except to draw at 90% capacity of your facility at $12 per ticket the first season. Possibly reaching 100% and potentially building your own facility by the third year.

We will keep our costs down by providing you natural rivals in every local community in your area. Since we are a global league we will also be able to secure large sponsorship's that will reduce your budget down to almost nothing.

There is one small problem, you will not have enough advertising inventory available to make all of your potential sponsors happy!!! They will be knocking down your door.

League dues are only $1,000 and include temporary access to one email address and a complex new online tool that will allow with the pressing of a few buttons the ability to modify any historical logo to be used as your own and we will provide an experienced team of public relations specialists to review all official team releases for proper grammar and punctuation&

We are proud to announce that our league will be the first to institute the "no seat backs" and "15 second rule" for our franchises. These policies will ensure that if you become bored with your market you will be able to easily move and then return again.

This is the fastest growing league in the country and I suggest you fill out our website application and provide your paypal $1000 deposit immediately.

Get it done soon as we are only accepting new teams up until the third month of our first season.

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