Sudbury's woes continue

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Sudbury's woes continue

Post by yeti » Sun Oct 02, 2011 7:44 pm

The Wolves have started their 2011-12 season and already things are not looking up. They have lost their first 4 games and to make things worst, they are riddled with injuries.

I saw the game vs the London Knights and I must say, a guy like Tinordi, who is captain by the way, head checks Alex Racino in then middle of the ice and doesn't get assesed a match penalty. Where were the refs? Is Tinordi an exception to the new head checking rule? At least the refs were on the Knights Flemington when he gave a blindsided hit to the head to Harris, who didn't return for the rest of the game. I hope both of the Knights players get the deserved suspension from the OHL.

But the Wolves need 3 things to get back to respectability:
1- Better goaltending...lets hope Mattsson can prove his worth
2- Special teams...score on the power play and not give up short handed goals
3- Get tough...get tougher on opposing team players.

Lets hope Leivo, Mattsson can return against Sault Ste Marie on wednesday night. As for Racino and Harris, I understand their situation. Lets hope they get better soon.

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