Scorps GM Peter Young Out, New TexMex GM In!!

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Scorps GM Peter Young Out, New TexMex GM In!!

Post by YumaHeat » Thu Apr 14, 2011 2:46 am

I'm glad PY has been replaced by a GM who has been said to be GM of the year twice, well I guess in Laredo where there is nothing to do but go to the games, I guess you would be GM of the year. Now the games begin and wait till he goes and knocks on doors and gets his [email protected]! handed to him and thrown out of all the businesses they have already screwed, I hope people from Yuma businesses read this and don't sponsor a dime to this organization as it is broke and they think a new GM will change it, it's not going to happen and welcome to Yuma, now go home! It takes 500 butts in seats to make money, not 50 and calling it 500!

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Post by smallballfan » Thu Apr 14, 2011 4:13 am

Good luck to the new guy - anyone who knows Young knows anyone replacing him is a severe upgrade. Yuma is a dead market, the GL ruined it (with Young and Smith being the last straw) and anyone who takes it on is braver than I will ever be.

That being said... I read the Yuma Sun article on the Cansecos, and some of the stuff the new guy said indicates he has a screw loose. He dropped Pedro Martinez's name as someone who might play in Yuma, simply because he left Pedro a message. He said something about Gary Busey being a first base coach, and that 'several networks' are interested in doing a reality show about the Cansecos and the team.

Unless some network is actually paying the Cansecos to do this and make a lame reality show out of it, this new GM sounds a lot like Young, with all his (supposed) high-powered media connections and years of sports experience. All of which got him to Yuma with a proven criminal in that Smith guy, who is probably still on the run somewhere with his 'wanted by Interpol' wife.

Young's very lucky he didn't get lynched by the players last year, that the GL let him get away with backpedaling from Smith as soon as Smith disappeared.

So if some network is doing that, it would have been mentioned at the press conference, so this guy is talking out of his behind, just as Young did.

As they say on ESPN... 'come on, man.'

The worst thing about all this is that I had time to read about what goes on in the GL/NAL and in Yuma, Arizona, depsite never having worked in either the league or the town. Tells you what kind of life I have. Though, baseball is a small world and friends have some pretty first-hand knowledge of the last few years of the GL. Sad stuff. Guess it's like they say, you can't take your eyes off a train wreck.
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