Gary Indiana - To not play in PLayoff's

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Gary Indiana - To not play in PLayoff's

Post by homeboypla » Wed Jun 25, 2008 11:57 pm

Stealhead dude whats up your boys not going to play in the East Tournament?

I see some shaddy stuff going on in the East. So I guess the Express better purchase your tickets to the west coast for the finals.

We will have - My prediction after working all day at the Explosion office to setup the playoff's is that Edmonton wins it all if they do not lose to Tacoma.(should be cool possible Shawn Kemp and other NBA players at the game also.)

So at least you do not have to travel so far.

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Post by balling2008 » Thu Jun 26, 2008 1:00 am

Seriously if Gary is not going to be there why in the world would there even be a tournament. The East is definally a mess.... :eek:

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Post by MJHankel » Thu Jun 26, 2008 2:40 am

Where did this info come from? I am not saying your wrong, just, where did you hear it?

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There will still be competition

Post by winds55 » Thu Jun 26, 2008 11:14 am

Elkhart is not taking winning the East championship as a given. Although we (the fans) are definitely disappointed in not having a full playoff (some of us took a vacation day so we could attend all the games), there will still be competitive basketball played. Each of the teams have given Elkhart a run for their money during the regular season, and will be playing their best games this weekend.
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Local Sports: IBL East playoff now down to four teams

Post by balling2008 » Thu Jun 26, 2008 1:10 pm

What a joke. Those other teams are very smart to have dropped out and saved their money. Sounds like a waste of time & money. This is not good for the IBL but whats new. :rolleyes:

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Post by not so fast » Thu Jun 26, 2008 2:19 pm

I am not sure what it is going to take for some of you to realize that the ibl is a joke. This is how the playoffs are always structured in this league, and in fact, local park district leagues in whatever towns you live in are better run than this.

The east teams with the exception of elkhart are only here to subsidized the rest of the league, and pay franchise fees to dulio, who couldnt care less what happens. just look at the all star game for heavens sake. Or how poorly the pre season tournament was run. I know of teams that thought those were exhibition games, only to find out that they count on their regular season record. Great communication.

Its time for the ibl and aba to go away, and i gotta think it will. If whatever league it is, has no plan to address the previous years problems, or no plan to try and improve the quality of the league, and their only objective is to expand and make more franchise fees, then you have no real league.

this aau mentality that is now growing in so called minorleague basketball, is and has destroyed the integrity and respect that minorleague basketball once had.

I can tell you this, there are people who were coaching and involved in the Old IBA that are now coaching and scouting in the NBA. But rest assured, these clowns involved in this league couldnt even scout a pbl game or coach it. What a travesty. Because there are some decent people involve with this league, but they are very naive.

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Post by zeke41 » Thu Jun 26, 2008 2:48 pm

Wow...I must say that this situation is not good for the IBL. I was hoping this league would follow up with progress, but having teams drop out of the playoffs due to financial instability snatches the "professional" title from the league.

If you think about professional sports, the ultimate goal...the sole reason for playing, the sole reason for following as a fan, is to prove you have the best team by winning a championship.

Business is business...I get that. You need to make things work financially.
However, what people who attempt to run some of these leagues don't understand is the goal of a championship run is what builds the excitement. That's how a fan gets pumped up about his or her team.

I guess it is what it is! The IBL should be real and call it what it is becoming - an exposure league! My question is what is the Express doing in this league still. They have built a solid foundation, which will undoubtedly be hurt by the financial failures of a good portion of the rest of this league.

I hate to be a pessimist, and trust me...I'd like to be supportive, but this isn't good for the IBL! Hopefully this league can regroup and find a way to have a better season next year!

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Post by Ken, Steelheads fan » Thu Jun 26, 2008 3:27 pm

[quote=""MJHankel""]Where did this info come from? I am not saying your wrong, just, where did you hear it?[/quote]

The information came from this Gary Post-Tribune article. The person starting this thread missed a few details: ... ds.article

The Steelheads are going to play in the east tournament if two things happen first. 1) They get their current checks on time, and 2) Those checks clear. Sounds reasonable to me. More than reasonable. The players aren't going to get future checks for playing in the tournament though and must sign waivers to participate.

Same old Gary, Indiana stuff. We're our worst enemies. It's nothing new unfortunately. Sigh!

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Post by winds55 » Thu Jun 26, 2008 6:53 pm

Gary was scheduled to play tomorrow at 4:15. The Elkhart paper had the story today that Gary would not be playing, and announced the newest schedule. We're went from a 4 games on Friday, 2 Saturday, 1 Sunday to 2 Friday, 2 Saturday, 1 Sunday, to now 1 Friday, 1 Saturday, 1 Sunday.
When is payday? Do the players think they're going to go to the bank Friday, cash their checks, then just show up for their bye game on Saturday? Sorry, but their won't be anyone for them to play!

If Elkhart (city/county) had a gym/arena available to them with an NBA court, I doubt the Express would be involved in the IBL - they'd be looking at D-League.

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Post by SignGuyDino » Thu Jun 26, 2008 7:23 pm

Yes, business is business. But in minor league sports, if the fans don't have an expectation your team will play WHEN the team qualifies for the playoffs, the franchise should be revoked. Fans deserve better.

I'm sorry. This cannot be acceptable.

Teams need to have dates reserved upfront with a shortened playoffs, and have escrow/deposit accounts set up with the league to guarantee the playoff games would be played.

The way it's going the PBL could just steal some IBL teams and create their own summer league in a couple years.

This is probably the first real negative comment I ever had on the IBL, which pains me a lot. They were doing a number of things the right way, offering a fun, high-scoring version of basketball.

I think all the travel costs and playing beyond where it's reasonable will kill any league, IBL and PBL will be no exceptions.

It's like that Tears for Fears song: Everybody wants to rule the world. Enough of this global expansion. These are AA leagues at best and can't afford it.

Let's hope they can right the ship and fast because they can't afford this to continue for long.
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