Continental Baseball League, found their niche?

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Continental Baseball League, found their niche?

Post by MJHankel » Mon Apr 14, 2008 7:06 pm

Okay, I will admit I have been down on this league vocally, even on this site recently. After doing a bit of research, I must say I am surprised. The Continental Baseball League may have just turned the corner and found its niche.

Of the four teams that played last year, two changed metro areas and names and the other two found better stadiums (or to be more specific, they actually will play in stadiums now instead of small fields). On business standpoint it looks better. They all can now sell beer (which is very important for baseball attendance). They all actually appear to be in communities that actually want them. Some are even willing to use public money to fix up the stadiums.

I am not about to try to compare their quallity to the likes of any other league. They have been quite open and honest with there intentions. They intend to be developmental at the rookie too short-season A level. Their sallary caps make that clear. At this level, they are not claiming any amazing veteran tallent, they are giving a start.

Surprisingly (if you read anything about this league) they actually appear to have had a decent turnout to their all-star game last season.

When they don't claim to have tallent that they obviously don't have people know what they are getting into. I would be perfectly fine watching rookie level ball, as long as I wasn't told it was AAA level. I actually think it is kinda refreshing. All to often league PR departments blow league tallent levels way out of proportion.

I personally plan to check out the Blue Thunder (now of McKinney, TX) this season. I might even try to get up to Texarkana to see the Gunslingers.

I think most people (me included) were ready to write this league off as a one and done indy league to go down with the long list of failed upstarts, but they are still here for another season, they have better stadiums, and they have actually produced some tallent that moved on to higher leagues.

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