Bad News

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Bad News

Post by 50 Yard Fan » Wed Jul 23, 2008 4:57 am

:( Some one has updated the NIFL site :(

It's all the same material. They have just "professionally" updated the dates

NIFL prepares for 2009 season
16 Jul 2008 17:29 - twelve NIFL Teams will play 2009 season

The NIFL football 2009.
Own your own NIFL Football, 800-826-1498.
19 Jul 2008 13:10 - The National Indoor Football League's new game ball for 2009. Call now to order 800-826-1498.

They get a little ahead of themselves in other updates

NIFL jerseys for sale!
Now you can purchase an NIFL football team jersey of your favorite team.
18 Jul 2009 :p - Now you can purchase an NIFL football team jersey of your favorite team.... [store]

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Post by BananaCat » Wed Jul 23, 2008 2:01 pm

They did the same thing last year. Someone who has limited web design skills updated the dates and rewrites past articles. My belief is that they just want to maintain the illusion of activity and perhaps gain interest from prospective fools with excess money, or perhaps sell some worthless merchandise.
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Post by gonzo13 » Wed Jul 23, 2008 11:03 pm

Has anyone tried calling the number?
Just when I thought I was out....They pull me back in.

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Post by nksports » Thu Jul 24, 2008 12:31 am

The NIFL must die. It will take a stake to the heart or CS getting exposed to sunlight.

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