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Post by jbirdmontana » Wed Feb 20, 2008 6:49 am

The Explorers players are still not getting paid on time so we will see if we still have a team next week. The new group of players is real good, but they will soon be losing at least one player (as in tomorrow). As for the financial problems that they are having, I some what agree with Tuckman that he is not responsible for all of the debt. Before Tuckman became owner of the team, I personally went to Bozeman and brought Jamar Howard up to Great Falls. He stayed at the Crestview the first few days that he was here, I also believe that one of the Assistants was staying there as well. Then they just up and moved him to an unfurnished apartment, I think all he had was a couch and a tv that was set on the floor. This means to me that the Explorers organization was racking up bills at the Crestview Inn and at the apartments before Tuckman. Also before Tuckman the players that they cut were taken out of the apartments and put at the Holiday Inn Express for a few days. Tuckman took over the team while these players were staying there, and those ugly dark blue uniforms they had to start the season shoulda been free ( I am just joking). I am sad to see it come to this but you can't do business the way Tuckman does. I am about to get criticial here about the former management I am not trying to offend anyone; the thing with drafting Mike Chavez and putting him on the team and paying him was a joke, we all knew he wasn't good enough, and please you guys thought he would sell tickets. Mike Peeples and Marlyn Bryant sell tickets, and not to call you out Ryan but Peeples came in after you left and Bryant returned to the team after me and a few sponsors bugged Tuckman enough that he brought him back. Why did yall allow Wedman to cut him in the first place?? Jamar left because he could foresee the problems and plus he had a deal in Germany waiting for him, and he left before Tuckman got here. THE EXPLORERS PROBLEMS THIS SEASON STARTED WAY BEFORE TUCKMAN TOOK OVER, AND IT IS SAD THAT THERE WILL NEVER BE CBA BASKETBALL IN GREAT FALLS AGAIN!!

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