Chicago PBL , Are they real?

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Post by DazedAndAmused » Wed Dec 26, 2007 11:07 pm

I think that is consistent with what QC Hawks is saying. But, I think that if the other sources are true, there will be a PBL team in Chicago (perhaps a sister team to Rochester) somehow involving (or being) the Throwbacks, with the Azteca owner as a sponsor. Not sure what that means for having another Chicago team next year.

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PBL Quickly Looking Pretty Bad, ABA NE and PBL Something Has to Happen!

Post by rider » Thu Dec 27, 2007 11:37 pm

With Chicago being bogus and one owner owning two teams the league looks very weak. It's to bad!

I got to believe something significant has to happen between the ABA NE and the PBL very soon.

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...and I disagree with your disagreement

Post by Ken, Steelheads fan » Fri Dec 28, 2007 12:44 am

[quote=""cdamion""]I also disagree with the statement that minor league teams wouldn't do well in big cities like Chicago.

If you look to hockey, Chicago has the Blackhawks in the NHL and the very popular Wolves in the AHL, plus a popular USHL (junior) hockey league team.

Prices in the majors are out of control. Families go to the minor league games because they can afford it. Generally speaking, a family of four can get into a minor league game for a fraction of the cost of the majors, and see a pretty good product.[/quote]

Whoa! Actually, the Wolves don't play in Chicago and the Wolves are attractive to those on the Northside and Northwest suburbs...but that's nit-picking on my part. Since this is a basketball forum, I was talking about basketball. I'll easily stand by my statement because minor league basketball WILL NOT work in Chicago. It also will not work in Dallas. There's something called the Bulls and the Mavericks as competition in those towns. Can you provide one instance where minor league basketball works in a major league city? I cannot think of any such instances.

Prices in the majors are out of control?!? I attend at least 60 minor league games a year (for two different sports). I've got news for you. It's expensive as all heck to attend minor league games too. If you're a regular, it costs even MORE money. You're expected to tip the food and drink vendors...and don't forget the parking lot attendant who saved a spot for you or the usher who cleaned off your seat before you sat down. More money out of pocket.

It's an urban myth that minor league sports are less expensive than the majors. Let's just say that minor league teams tend to be closer to home and are thus more desirable. 8)

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