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Post by Ken, Steelheads fan » Tue Dec 25, 2007 12:25 am

"psbf" wrote:pictures of Friday's game, just go to; and type in my name. The first three photos are of the game.
I don't see why the Xplosion have to be singled out for our attendence problems when many others in the league are down also!

The others as you put it, seem to be having their own set of problems. A lot of broke owners out there in the CBA these days.

This is the first photo I found. I just like visuals. It would be nice if others posted photos also. Visuals help back-up statements like, "We had a GREAT crowd!"

Yes, I can see the people to the lower right this time. Looks like a handful of people sitting in a cavernous barn, but it IS a nice crowd by Xplosion standards.

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