Whitecaps Fifth Third Ballpark = Tiger Stadium West?

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Whitecaps Fifth Third Ballpark = Tiger Stadium West?

Post by patmc16 » Sun Oct 28, 2007 8:54 am

Soon Tiger Stadium, the home of the Detroit Tigers will most likely be demolished. I'm sure many people assume it is long gone already but it has sat unused since the Tigers left after the '99 season. Sadly the rate of decay seems to be increasing. As much as I loved going to the games there it is time for it to go. I would rather see it be demolished rather than watch it slowly rot away.

By now you are probably wondering why this thread is here. Well, they recently held an auction to sell off items from the stadium and sold pairs of seats to help fund the demolition of the building. They are also selling off odds and ends for the same reason. I went on Saturday (10/27) to see if I could pick up anything. While I was there someone asked the person in charge from the auction company what would happen to the seats that were not sold. All along they have said that any unsold seats would be demolished with the building. Based on what he said, this is untrue. He wasn't going to tell us but he let the cat out of the bag. Apparently at least some of the remaining seats from Tiger Stadium will be relocated to the Whitecap's home Fifth Third Balpark. I don't know how many (I'm guessing maybe they will be installed in a special section as I can't see them removing all of the existing seats at FTB). With The Whitecaps being the Tigers affiliate in the Midwest League, I think this is a pretty cool idea. It keeps a part of the history of Tiger Stadium alive after the building is gone. I didn't ask for any more details as he made it pretty clear that he had told us more than he should have. At first he only told us they were going to another stadium then told us it was the Whitecaps.
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