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DOnt take it personal...

Post by TideGM » Sat Sep 02, 2006 4:58 pm

Shimadajoe, I think the problem with the AIFL, NIFL, and all the other failed leagues starts with the head honchoS in charge. All of the broken promises by Haines...CS have left people with a bitter taste in the month and people will always pick on the leagues that continue to associate with those people.

Yes, the GLIFL had problems, but why wasnt it a big issue? Simple, the LEAGUE took care of the problems...they did not just abandon a city...put in a semi-pro team...or just leave the debts in place and hope they go away...

That is the difference between the AIFL and the GLIFL. Haines has a pattern of doing the same thing in several different leagues...he can't change his strips now...but, the fact that the owners have stepped in and taken some of his control away is HUGE and should help the AIFL survive and grow.

2007 is going to be a great year for indoor football....I hope that the AIFL game is on TV so I dont have to drive all the way to see my boy play in Reading....

...TIDE IS RISING 07....

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Post by sportsmgrjay » Sat Sep 02, 2006 5:16 pm

The league took care of them? Crunch players went unpaid right, for the mostpart, has the league sent any1 down to the new team south of cleveland to help with corporate sales or anything like that? Oh YEA the guy in charge there WAS recemended by league office or so I hear. Have sold $0.00 in sponsorship money, Nice bill of goods to new owner in there. You guys have a great model in place But you do have issue's.

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Post by shimadajoe » Sat Sep 02, 2006 5:19 pm

I was just pointing out with all the AIFL bashing, that there are problems in other leagues as well. I believe the AIFL has taken some great strides to better itself lately. With more to come, with fan input from the Fan Committee. It's a shame that most all the bashing comes from one person, that rides the fence of both leagues. Which I might add, is very unprofessional while being paid by the GLIFL. I do not recieve any monies from the AIFL. I am just a fan that wants to see indoor football stay alive in my town.

On a side note, I drove to reading to see a game last year. Well worth the 6 hour drive. Hope your kid does well next year.

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Post by exit322 » Sat Sep 02, 2006 5:56 pm

[quote=""shimadajoe""]yea, the GLIFL never has any problems............

The Battle Creek Crunch endured a tumultuous inaugural season. One that saw them lose ownership and lose players due to lack of compensation. The Crunch did more than just survive, they succeeded.

Battle Creek qualified for the GLIFL playoffs, only to be soundly whipped in round one by top seeded Port Huron 74-3. The moral of the story is, the Crunch survived as a minor league sports franchise and now the plan is to return in 2007.

"We have new ownership in place. We are already getting things geared up for next year. As much as you would like to take credit as a head coach for any success, the bottom line is you need players to win games. We're going to go after more college talent next year...and younger talent," says head coach Bob Kubiak.

Money was a problem for the Crunch in their inaugural season. For most of the year players went unpaid. Kubiak says that cannot be a problem in 2007, and the best way to increase revenue is to generate interest in the arena football outside of Battle Creek.[/quote]

Strangest part of it...the Crunch really didn't lose very many players. I think a few left, but the rosters I saw on a weekly basis were largely the same guys week after week. That said, they didn't have a prayer of beating Port Huron. The Pirates were just playing at too high a level.

Port Huron was on a roll by that point of the season. The way they were playing, they'd have probably pasted anyone they played (except Rochester, the Raiders were on a pretty high level), and I'd go as far to say that they'd have beaten just about any indoor football team out there (UIF Sioux Falls is a stretch, and Lexington would have been another tough out. Billings is another one they could have had trouble with).

Shane Franzer's numbers aren't ever going to win a fantasy title, but if I started an indoor football team tomorrow, he would be the FIRST player I would call, period. If he's in Port Huron next year (all signs point to "yes," unless he moves up), the Pirates will be favored to repeat. Though if Ed Bynes moves up, Port Huron will have a little more trouble stopping guys.

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