AIFL annual meetings over, no news

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Post by nksports » Wed Aug 30, 2006 1:57 am

I'm inclined to go with Rage on this one. Nothing personal to nobody, but the AIFL may not even be around next year (see threads on lawsuits, the AI is 0-1 in court with more losses to come).
The UIF seems to be the strongest business model around right now. They don't charge what AF2 does, but they make sure their owners have the jack to run a team for at least one season (that's why the franchise fees are higher). Most of the UIF owners spent their time in the NIFL long enough to know how not to run a league. The Dayton debacle of two years ago strengthened their knowledge.
As far as travel costs go, you can be coast-to-coast, but if you have the right groupings, you can keep your travel costs reasonable (at least until the playoffs).

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