Playoff Game on a Monday?

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If the past......

Post by outlaw1 » Wed Jul 12, 2006 6:38 pm

Hey Jaxen. Did not know we had another local on here. Raining at your office too? Enough of the local talk. If the past serves as an indicator, then this surely has the making of a huge problem. Why there is even a debate at his moment should be questioned. Osceola should move on, all be it a sad way to advance. I'm sure both teams would have rather played a ball game, but as luck would have it, a major (ficticious) problem came to light. But what can you do. Look at it this way. If a shark nudges it's prey, it's bound to attack and cause trauma. CS has now nudged Osceola, and look for a swift return to kill their playoff hopes. If it were not possible, it never would have become an issue today. Prediction...More excuses come out about rosters,paperwork, scandals, and Osceola gets the rest of the year off. All lies, but hey, what else would you expect from the NIFL at this point. Sorry guys, but your dancing with el diablo, and unfortunately, unlike the playoffs, the NIFL is her home field, and she's not a good loser.

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