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Post by jerry101jlh » Thu Feb 16, 2012 9:21 pm

[quote=""RevolutionX""]All I know if someone like john Morris told me I had to pay x amount of $$$$ to join his league and I found out other teams got a free ride, then I would be pissed. Heres a thought, how about these league owners stop ripping people off and charge a simple fee , the same for all teams, what ever the amount and then teams get something in return. What do you actually get from the league except some alphabet letters to say you belong to. Do you get insurance, ref fees paid, footballs, turf and/or dasher pads, uniforms,marketing assistance in market areas,league supplied stat persons at games, NO, hell you cant even get an original logo. Each team incurs all costs and get nothing in return for belonging and these shysters pad their, and their cronies own pockets. Its frikin disgusting how these leagues are run, but I guess if you want a team, you got to drop to your knees and pucker up.[/quote]

If you sign on with Morris, the one thing you can depend on is no fair shake. Some of these guys get in thinking they will get rich, others sign on because Morris talks them out of their life savings and some, well those are the real stupid ones, signing on simply because they don't know better.

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Post by Trish_lvs_Baltimore » Fri Feb 17, 2012 7:08 pm

Cologne Centurions aren't even in existence anymore. However, I do understand y'all's complaint.

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