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American Indoor Football (but no Association?)

Post by preeths » Thu Oct 27, 2011 2:08 pm

Received the following from an AIFA principal:
2012 brings the
birth of American Indoor Football, a continuation of many of the goals and successes
of the American Indoor Football Association. In 2011 the AIFA East teams merged with
the Southern Indoor Football League with the goal of a broader geographically
footprint, and wider recognition. At the end of the 2011 season several SIFL teams
left to join a new league based in the south and the timing was right to again
provide league play for northern teams thus the AIF was formed.

The AIF is
set up as a National League but will based on regional play within each division. In
2012 the AIF will feature two divisions one on the east coast covering the states of
Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland and North Carolina and the other on west coast
covering the states of California, Arizona and Nevada with a championship game
played between the eastern and western conferenence champions hosted in 2012 by the
eastern conference champion.

The AIF will be run by league ownership and
management in conjunction with owners and executives from member teams serving on
the AIF Executive and Standards Committees. In addition to further the experience of
indoor football the AIF will be split into two tiers the Professional League and the
Developmental League. Both leagues will play on regulation indoor size fields, play
by AIF rules and regulations and receive the benefits of professional coaching and
scouting videos and league statistics.

The Professional League will be
the top tier and consists of teams playing in local arenas where players are paid
and receive benefits like housing, meals, per diem, etc. The season will run from
March to June each year.

The Developmental League is the second tier where
players that have been released from a professional league can improve their skills
and try to move back up or for younger inexperienced players that want to learn the
skills of indoor football. These teams will consist of amateur and former
professional players and play in smaller arenas or community recreation centers
during the months of August through October of each year. AIF Developmental is
proposed to start summer/fall of 2012.

The AIF will continue to carry on
the tradition of many of the past accomplishments of the AIFA including overseeing a
league run youth football program. This program will allow AIF member teams to run
their own youth leagues under the supervision of a national program. Not only is
indoor football one of the fastest growing professional sports in America but there
is a new wave across the country of schools adding 8 man on 8 man club or varsity
football programs. The AIF will also keep AIFA records and statistics from previous
years and will add a Hall of Fame for past members of the AIF and

John Morris former Co-Founder and President of the AIFA and Founder
of the AIF says that in these tough economic times professional sports leagues and
their teams must stay up with the times and constantly change their business model
to meet current situations. The concept behind the AIF is just that, play will be
contained within each division in 2012; expansion will be accepted only as it makes
sense to member teams already in the league. There will be in-depth training for new
expansion teams as well as a profit sharing plan between the league and its member
teams. Morris previously ran the day to day operations of the AIFA from it inception
in 2006, he also owns and operates a national marketing company for the last 13

In addition the AIF will continue the concept of an annual all-star
game. The 2012 AIF All-Star Classic will be held this summer in Cancun Mexico. This
event will help us reward our players and coaches while promoting the sport of
indoor football in a foreign county. The AIF will be teaching at numerous youth and
high school football clinics the week of the game as well as making player
appearances in the Cancun community. AIF Players and coaches will also be able to
enjoy local sightseeing and activities.

AIF players and coaches
chosen for this event each will receive a five day vacation at one of two different
oceanfront all inclusive luxury resorts. Each player or coach would have access to
the all inclusive items below as part of their package.

• Guided Bicycle
Tours daily

• Unlimited non-motorized water sports

• Scuba classes

Boxed lunches

• Cancun City & Shopping Tour

• All Inclusive full benefits
between resorts

• Free ground transportation between resorts

• Outside
restaurants credit coupon

• Mini bar stocked daily (sodas, beer, water and

• Room Service

• International Buffets, all meals and snacks

Exotic Cocktails, Frozen Daiquiris Non Alcoholic Beverages and Premium Liquor

• Ice Cream Dispensers

• A la Carte Gourmet Restaurants at both

• Healthy low Cal Meals

• Snack Video Bar

• Theater with
Daily Shows & Entertainment

• Sports & Activities Program

• Kids Activities

Charles Gunnings Head Coach of the soon to be announced AIF
Fayetteville NC team says I am glad to represent our owners group in saying we are
excited to be in the AIF, their rules will allow a great level of play on both sides
of ball. In addition to give several of our players the opportunity to compete in an
All-Star Game in a foreign county in one of the worlds best known resort
destinations is unparalleled by any other indoor football league.

Nowartarski the head coach with another AIF team the Harrisburg Stampede

the opportunity to work with John Morris and coaches like Coach Gunnz in
the development of the AIF is just what our sport needed. The wide open style of AIF
Football will not only be great for the players, but our fans in these cities are
going to see lots of scoring, hard defenses, fast paced hard hitting football all in
the comfort of their local arena.

Our updated AIF website is currently
under construction and will be online soon. Stay tune to until
that time for team announcements, player signings, our league schedule and the
latest happenings in the AIF.

If you would like more information on the
AIF or would like to play in the AIF in 2012 please contact us at
[email protected].

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Post by exit322 » Thu Oct 27, 2011 3:02 pm

Obviously, we're still a good ways from "NIFL 2007" territory here, but I want to commend them for trying.
What are you doing here?

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Post by coachingubigr » Thu Oct 27, 2011 3:15 pm

For the sake of the people of Fayetteville, I hope what happended in 2011 does not happen in 2012.

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Post by preeths » Thu Oct 27, 2011 4:37 pm

I am told the league has five teams committed in the East and five more in the West. Harrisburg and Fayetteville were mentioned in the release.

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Post by Trish_lvs_Baltimore » Thu Oct 27, 2011 4:54 pm

Is this some kinda' joke? LOL

John Morris can't be serious......
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Post by coachingubigr » Thu Oct 27, 2011 5:33 pm

[quote=""Trish_lvs_Baltimore""]Is this some kinda' joke? LOL

John Morris can't be serious......[/quote]

I just don't see this ending well for anyone.......John Morris is like the Little Engine That Could of indoor football. Always trying and failing and trying again.

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Post by daytonadan » Thu Oct 27, 2011 5:42 pm

I'm sorry, but (BWAH HA HA HA HA HA, ahem)....half that frakking release reads like an ad for a timeshare condo .... (muffled BWAH HA HA HA) ... he's talking ABOUT ICE CREAM DISPENSERS AT A MEXICAN CONDO in a release about a pro football league....

Stuff like this makes running the garden section at a Wal-Mart look brighter and brighter...
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Post by SugarBear » Thu Oct 27, 2011 6:32 pm

By no means, would I ever consider myself a "hater" or begrudge anyone an opportunity to make a living/money. But the entire indoor world (even beyond this new AIF "venture") never cesses to amaze may. The backdoor games and utter shadiness. I am assuming that basically all of the eastern portion teams will be owned by JM, correct? The potential 5: Fayetteville (now run by Jack Bowman from what I've been told - GM of 3 teams is 3 years Richmond/Carolina/now Fayetteville - how does this happen), Harrisburg (with a coach that just praised him in the press release - but was fired by him before!!), Trenton (which got bamboozled last year when he was sold into the SIFL with Trenton and Fayetteville), Carolina? (who knows if they're coming back but they were owned by same owner), Baltimore (from what I hear, will be run by Chuck Thompson and they're already trying to ride the Baltimore Charm of the LFL coattails to get in 1st Mariner - which as I read on the boards is still due money from the previous venture there) Am I crazy? Does any of this make sense?

PS: Dan great comment/catch - I said the same thing. You're announcing your new league and worried about the amenities your all-star team will have.....WHAT????

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Post by SugarBear » Thu Oct 27, 2011 6:44 pm

What also amazes me is how they are going to have Developmental teams fund their "pro" teams now. Let's be honest, that's all those are truly there for. Its so obvious and pitiful at the same time. Again, players and fans are going to get screwed. I can see it now. For only $250-300, play in this "pro" developmental league, because here is your opportunity to get to the next "professional level". You get about 200 players in each location (split amongst 8 teams) - they're making $50,000, will cost about $15-20,000 max to run, when you play in these little sports centers, and each "pro" team makes $30-35,000 - what a joke. Its very frustrating to see because I know a lot of players and I can see how they'll fall for it because so many are desperate to either hang-on, or live the dream. Very sad.

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Post by coachingubigr » Thu Oct 27, 2011 6:58 pm

Any indoor football fans that lives in one of these 10 cities needs to only purchase single game tickets. lol.

Purchasing a season ticket to an AIF team could be trouble.

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