Jerry Hewitt Credibility?

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Jerry Hewitt Credibility?

Post by osceolafootball » Mon May 15, 2006 12:25 am

Over the past several weeks, I have read several postings by Jerry Hewitt questioning several aspects of both the NIFL and several of its member teams. As the General Manager of the Osceola franchise I have read with mixed interest and amusement most of Mr. Hewitt's columns. I don't want to use the word too generously, but as a journalist I would assume that Mr. Hewitt would at the very least try to validate some of the claims he posts. Let me briefly update you on some of the facts surrounding our Team:

* This is the first year of our operation within the NIFL. Our Director of Football Operations is Thurman Thomas. I trust Jerry is familiar with both Mr. Thomas' reputation both as a person and his football resume. Our Head Coach is Marquette Smith. Marquette is a former USA Today National Player of the Year, National Champion at Florida State, and former Carolina Panther.

* We have been very successful within the Central Florida business community in garnering corporate sponsorships and support. This was a fairly large challenge initially in overcoming the anger/disappointment that the Kissimmee Kreatures brought to the community.

* We fully appreciated that fan support and attendance would take time. We play our games in a great facility, we advertise agressively, and I believe most people would agree that we are trying to operate at a very high level.

* Our record stands at 6-3. This is by far the best record of any first year team within the NIFL.

* We have had away games cancelled at both West Palm and Dayton. This was through no fault of our organization. We chose to pay our coaches and players in full for these games. I'm unsure of the policy surrounding other teams or the assumptions he made, but Mr. Hewitt was both incorrect and reckless in assuming and stating that we had not.

* We have had zero turnover on our roster. We treat our players, coaches, and support staff as we would want to be treated, and quite frankly, I believe members of our organization are quite pleased to be a part of the Osceola Team. Again, Mr. Hewitt was operationg off of heresay, at best. My phone number is 407-210-2256, and the last time I checked, my phone still operating. If you need to call collect Jerry, let me know.

In closing Mr. Hewitt, I appreciate clever banter as much as the next guy. In this case, you were neither clever or accurate. Maybe your career as a journalist can move beyond your current residence when you start to let the facts take precedence over trying to create a good story.


Dave Czech
General Manager
Osceola Football

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Post by GoAces » Mon May 15, 2006 12:46 am

Correction, your 6-3 record is not the best record for a first year team in the NIFL. Flying Aces are 8-0. You may be doing good in Florida and I'm glad your running the team right but obviously you have no clue what's going on with the rest of the league.

outside source
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Post by outside source » Mon May 15, 2006 1:19 am

Glad you cleared that up, so I either choose to believe you or the owner of another team that told me a different story. I have not impuned anybodys integrity, only reported what I was told. Osceola or any team is not under any obligation to pay any player for games not played, so if you have in fact done that, I commend you for it.

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Osceola Football...

Post by MarshalsFAN80 » Mon May 15, 2006 2:29 am

osceolafootball wrote:Over the past several weeks, I have read several postings by Jerry Hewitt questioning several aspects of both the NIFL and several of its member teams. As the General Manager of the Osceola franchise I have read with mixed interest and amusement most of Mr. Hewitt's columns. I don't want to use the word too generously, but as a journalist I would assume that Mr. Hewitt would at the very least try to validate some of the claims he posts.......
Well, while I found that to be a very interesting read, I've never taken Mr. Hewitt's BUZZ to be completely serious. As a matter of fact, and I don't know why I am posting this because you won't be back to read it, but he even puts things on his posts that say that they are 'jokes' fairly often.

I'm glad to see that Osceola has been paying their's a good thing that someone actually has PAID their players in a "PROFESSIONAL" league.

Here are the REAL PROBLEMS:

1. The NIFL sends out a STATE OF THE LEAGUE announcement that appears to be somewhat of a joke. There are too many teams that are NOT functioning in a professional way. (I.E. Tennessee)
**you want proof of that? I can show you pictures of the WALLS that had NO PADDING ON THEM.

2. People taking things personal on the web!!! :mrgreen: DON'T WORRY ABOUT A WEBSITE THAT ISN'T AFFILIATED WITH THE NIFL!!! The majority of people read the page know that he isn't a part of the LEAGUE!

3. You just got beat by West Palm Beach. A team that until they played you, hasn't been able to put enough points up on the board to get a win. (and yes, I realize the Marshals just got beat again and have slipped to 4-4 but, I don't work for them...I'm just a fan that would love to have a job in football and I know that you can't win games by giving up 3 kickoff returns like the Marshals did this week!)

As the General Manager of the Osceola franchise you realize that there are many aspects to the game of football. One of which is dealing with the fans who post BLOGS about your games as well as about your franchise. Mr. Hewitt's articles are JUST THAT...blogs. I have a blog too...and I post here. Talk about my credibility as well.

The NIFL could be a GREAT LEAGUE but right now, it's not as good as it could be. I believe I've read in a paper regarding the FAN BUYING a ROSTER SPOT in RIVER CITY(aka St. Louis) called the NIFL a LOW TIER league.

I don't believe that the NIFL is a LOW LEAGUE and teams that are successful such as YOUR TEAM help make the league better! Don't take too long to focus on this because I'm sure there are a million things that a General Manager could be working on. I wish you luck through the rest of your season. Hopefully, I will actually hear back from you and this won't just be a one time post from someone who got his feelings hurt online. If you make the trip with the team to Cincinnati in June, be sure to introduce yourself to me. I'll be behind the fan club booth!

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Post by PIONEERSFAN101 » Mon May 15, 2006 2:30 am

Are you sure you havent lost some players? I mean a loss to the Phantoms? :)

But seriously, I like Osceola so far...Keep doing it right guys.

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Post by bannerman » Mon May 15, 2006 2:52 am

I have been following the NIFL for about five years now, and what is going on is very typically of the way this league works. It seems there are some really well managed, and then there are those that have no business being in any organized sport.

As for the Daily Buzz, it is a great read in the morning. At least we are getting another side of the what is going on in the NIFL. Because if we just listened to CS, then you would think there are no problems.

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Post by Gunsmoke » Mon May 15, 2006 10:44 am

I've followed this league for several years, after intensely following
a college team in Div. IA for years.

The NIFL is total crap.

Even though players are sometimes paid,
and with Div. III benchwarmers, players with no college experience
and semi-pro players playing and starting I refuse to call anything
professional about this league.

To congratulate yourself for being in this league is
silly, to say the least.

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Saturday night

Post by outlaw1 » Mon May 15, 2006 1:10 pm

Great post GM. People need to be held accountable for what they say especially if their comments are unfounded. For the record, West Palm was not West Palm. WP went out and signed many experienced players (former Miami Morays) for this game. Hence the several versions of the roster received, even the new one on game day. Although Osceola lost on the FG by WP, they were one turnover away from a blow out.(3 offensive inside the 10) Like I mentioned in a previous statement, half of the fans left when it looked like another Osceola stampede over WP. I'm sure there were alot of stunned faces when reading the Sunday morning paper. Either way, WP won, and that's that. Osceola was without two d-lineman, two receivers, and a db, but again, that's football, and it was not meant to be. So for anyone thinking this may be a sign or that Osceola is slipping, by all means, think that, and watch Osceola Stampede right over you.
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Post by Malepig » Mon May 15, 2006 1:11 pm

Jerry is good on his info. I have no doubt what he heard. If that is different then all is better. Both sides are right. What Jerry reported he would not say otherwise and what Dave Czech is true as well except the lie about the first year record.
I did not always agree with Jerry in the past but he did keep the company line well and better than most would have during this fiaso. I can't wait to see him next year in the af2 with the Fever.
But Marquette Smith? Get real! The only reason your team is 6-3 in because of the semi-pro rag tag teams that you are playing. Your record is not because your team is good but because your team has played joke teams patched together.
I will not question Jerry's accountability as it has been honest and unbiased. Also when he has made a mistake he has said so publically.
Dave, thank you for coming on to explain your side as well. As someone who attended a Kreature fiasco last year your work was cut out for you and I hope for future success.
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speaking of credibility...

Post by ChampionOfSteel » Mon May 15, 2006 1:22 pm

Osceola, FL (4-3)
Points For : 344
Points Against: 210
03/09/2006 Greensboro, NC W 43-0
03/19/2006 Florida W 42-14
04/01/2006 Fayetteville, NC L 55-58
04/15/2006 Charleston, SC W 40-29
04/22/2006 at Fayetteville, NC L 51-54
04/28/2006 Montgomery, AL W 72-12
05/13/2006 Palm Beach, FL L 41-43

Can I get the GM of the Osceola team to comment on where 6 wins came from?

I got you guys at 4-3.
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