D-League coming to Maine

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D-League coming to Maine

Post by flasah » Wed Feb 25, 2009 4:27 pm

http://www.centralmainesportsblog.com/2 ... tland.html

"Portland, Maine, February 25, 2009 - NBA Maine Basketball and Atlantic Coast Radio today announced THE BIG JAB 1440 AM and 96.3 FM will become the flagship station of the new Portland NBA D-League team. THE BIG JAB will broadcast all 50 games as well as a weekly interviews and updates. In addition, Chris Sedenka, host of the PM JAB, has agreed to become the voice of the new team.

"We are thrilled to be broadcasting our games on THE BIG JAB. It is the place to go to hear sports in Maine and we are very excited about the partnership." said Jon Jennings, Team President and General Manager of NBA Maine Basketball.

"We are honored to be named the flagship station for NBA Maine Basketball. The arrival of this team adds a new dimension to the local sports scene in Portland and southern Maine. We look forward to this partnership with NBA Maine Basketball. We also are proud to announce that Chris Sedenka, host of the PM JAB, will be the new play by play voice for the team. NBA Maine Basketball is bringing big time hoops to our city and the Celtics connection is fabulous. Stay with THE BIG JAB as we welcome the NBA D-league to Portland." said Jon Van Hoogenstyn, General Manager, Atlantic Coast Radio.

Fans in Maine can catch all home and away regular season and post-season games live on the flagship station BIG JAB 1440 AM and 96.3 FM.

NBA Maine Basketball will begin play this November at the Portland Expo Building. Fans can purchase season ticket packages for games now by calling (207) 210-6655 or visit http://www.nbamaine.com for more information."
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Post by mrsummitcitypigskin » Wed Feb 25, 2009 8:29 pm

From all of us in Fort Wayne, In. WELCOME to the D-League. Looks like here's
another team to stomp on our Mad Ants..... LOL

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Post by Minor League Man » Wed Feb 25, 2009 8:30 pm

I removed my rant complaining about them not choosing the bigger arena-found out that what he's promoting is the game itself, and not the glitz, flashy lights, and ego.

Sounds more like a PBL owner though-does that mean the Millrats, Frost Heaves, Rainmen, etc. have some hope now?
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Post by flasah » Wed Feb 25, 2009 9:27 pm

They will be renovating the Expo Building:

http://pressherald.mainetoday.com/story ... 8&ac=PHnws
City opens Expo to NBA farm team

"Investors who want to bring an NBA Development League team to Maine's largest city have won the right to lease the Portland Exposition Building.

The agreement covers five seasons, 2009-10 through 2013-14, with an option to renew for five more seasons. The deal was approved by the City Council Monday night.

The basketball team will pay $250,000 for building improvements and be responsible for all team-related operating costs at the Expo.

The investors have said they hope to become an affiliate of the Boston Celtics. The investors include Bill Ryan, owner of Oxford Plains Speedway; his father, Bill Ryan, board chairman of TD Banknorth; Jon Jennings, a former assistant coach with the Celtics; and state Sen. Barry Hobbins, D-Saco.

Under the contract, the team will pay $2,100 per event for seasons one through three, $2,200 per event for seasons four and five, $2,300 per event for seasons six through eight, and $2,400 per event for seasons nine and 10.

If the team surpassed minimum attendance of 2,900 per game, or 69,600 in a 24-game season, the city will get 50 cents on each additional ticket.

The Expo's capacity is 3,209 spectators. The most the city could make on the surcharge is $3,708 per season.

The team will have priority scheduling after existing commitments, including elections. The schedules could include a maximum of five doubleheaders with Portland High School's basketball teams.

The city will move ahead with plans to borrow $650,000 to renovate the Expo's basement locker rooms, improving and expanding them to meet federal requirements to have separate facilities for girls. Improvements to meet NBA regulations will be funded by the team, city officials said.

The team will invest $250,000 in equipment and improvements to the Expo, including a regulation-size portable court and additional bleacher seating. If the team leaves the Expo for any reason, the improvements will stay, according to the contract.

The city will pay for maintenance and utilities. The team will pay a surcharge for additional lighting. The city will operate concessions, parking lots and garages, though the team will get any profits.

The team will pay for and retain control of ticketing, media rights, advertising and sponsorship. The team also will pay for at least one off-duty police officer to staff each event.

The team may terminate the contract after two seasons; the NBA may assume the rest of the lease. The city may terminate for breach of contract at any time.

The team will play at least 20 of its 24 home games per season at the Expo. The investors are exploring playing some home games in other Maine cities, according to Jennings, who would be the team's co-owner, president and general manager.

The team's colors will be green and white, like the Celtics'. The team will invite the community to participate in a naming contest, Jennings said."

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Post by PaulD » Wed Feb 25, 2009 11:39 pm

Im really glad that Maine gets a DLeague team. Hopefully affiliated with the Celtics. The owners are really well connected and like the article says the team is not undercapitalized. Portland is a good sports town. This will be a win win for alot of people.

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Post by toad455 » Thu Feb 26, 2009 11:00 pm

I wonder if the Mavs & Raptors are still considering placing teams in Frisco, TX & Hamilton, Ontario. It would be nice if one of the more successful PBL teams moved up to the D-League(Vermont??, Rochester??).

The D-League's new alignment would be:

Fort Wayne
Vermont/Rochester/other PBL team

Sioux Falls

Rio Grande

Los Angeles

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Post by Minor League Man » Thu Feb 26, 2009 11:03 pm

I heard the Knicks were considering putting a D-League team in Harlem (in either the armory at 142nd Street and Fifth Avenue or the old Renaissance Casino and Ballroom).

Any further developments?
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Post by Frank Mart » Wed Mar 04, 2009 1:00 pm

D-League will end with other winter minor leagues (ABA, CBA and PBL) when you reach the northeast.

If arrival of Maine to D-League joins PBL strong franchises will be end of minor leagues.

Happened when they marched to the D-League Dakota Wizards, Sioux Falls Skyforce, Idaho Stampede and Colorado 14ers... CBA died then ...

D-League players is interesting but not an interesting league for Europe. Old CBA was a hotbed of good players to get contracts in Europe and NBA.

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Name the Team Contest

Post by flasah » Wed Mar 04, 2009 8:37 pm

Name The Team Contest
http://www.nba.com/webAction?actionId=s ... veyId=1760

"NBA Maine, with the help of the Portland Press Herald and the BIG JAB, is looking to our fans to help name the team. Fans can go online at http://www.nbamaine.com, call our office at 207-210-6655 or send in the ballot from the Portland Press Herald to help select the name for our team. There are seven names fans can choose from; Maine Beacons, Maine Claws, Maine Crushers, Maine Destroyers, Maine Red Claws, Maine Swarm, and Maine Traps. The team will also choose one randomly selected voter to receive two tickets to a 2009 Boston Celtics playoff game. For a copy of the official rules click here.

The choices are:

Maine Beacons- The Beacons is a tribute to the more than 60 lighthouses in Maine that guide ships safely to shore, like our coaches will guide our team to victory.

Maine Crushers- The Crushers celebrates the lobster industry in Maine. A lobster uses the crusher claw to destroy their prey, much like our team intends to crush our opponents.

Maine Claws- The Claws name celebrates the lobster industry in Maine. Maine is the largest producer of lobsters in the United States.

Maine Destroyers- The Destroyers name honors the 400 years of shipbuilding in Maine. It is a vibrant part of Maine’s culture and history, and also represents our teams desire to destroy the competition.

Maine Red Claws- The Red Claws name celebrates the lobster industry in Maine. Maine is the largest producer of lobsters in the United States. The “Red” is in tribute to Boston Celtics Legend Arnold "Red" Auerbach.

Maine Swarm- The Swarm represents the state insect of Maine which is the Honey Bee. Bees swarm together as a group to reach a goal, much like our players working together to win games and get the call-up to the NBA.

Maine Traps- The Traps honors the tradition of lobstering in Maine and the hard working lobstermen. Our team will work hard to trap our opponent and get the win every night."

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Post by flasah » Wed Mar 04, 2009 8:49 pm


"The league will officially announce the team's NBA affiliation this summer, with the top two factors being preference and geography, [NBA Development League President Dan] Reed said.

Even though the official announcement is months away, all signs point toward Boston.

The team offices in downtown Portland have photos and framed jerseys of former Celtic players on the walls. The team plans to put in a parquet basketball floor -- the same type of floor the Celtics play on in Boston -- in the Portland Exposition Building, where the club will play.

The club plans to spend more than $200,000 on the new floor, as well as additional seating, a video scoreboard and other improvements to the arena, which will have a seating capacity of about 3,200. Ticket prices will range from $5 to $25."

"Another D-League franchise will be awarded in the Northeast in the coming weeks, Reed said."

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