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Post by utahstarsticketholder » Sat Feb 07, 2009 3:05 am

1. The team is alive.
2. The web site is alive.
3. Ticket prices are posted and a very reasonable. However I will walk up and pay to make sure there is an away team present!
4. Looks as the tryout have some good players but like with all teams at this level in sports last chancers, wannabeers and young kids.
5. Some parts of the web site have no information or are under construction.
6. Very little pub so far with amonth to go before the start of the season.
7. Were is the marketing?
8. Were are the press releases, calls into the four sports radio stations, television stories?
9. They can benefit from the lack of the AFL Blaze.
10. Sorry MLM, the majority of Blaze fans drink beer! About 50-50 mormon non mormon in Salt Lake County and pushing 40% in Utah County. So the lack of beer will be nteresting for sure!
Hoping they do well as the teams from the bball world (read ABA) lack any substance.
Dear Jack, We believe Joe Newman has a vision. As opposed to blogging his mission negatively why don't you offer suggestions of support and help. We did, Regards Roland Rodgers CEO BSN LLC

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