How long will the AAFL last?

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How many seasons will the AAFL last?

One and done.
No more than two seasons.
Maybe three seasons.
Four seasons, but that's pusing it.
I'm optimistic! Five or more seasons!
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How long will the AAFL last?

Post by phydeaux72 » Mon Nov 26, 2007 9:10 pm

What does everyone think?

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If done right................

Post by uflorlandofan » Tue Nov 27, 2007 3:52 am

I really think if this league is done right, and I mean done right. And I am not so sure how the NFL officails play into this, I truly think this could be the real buffer between College stars who do not make it in the NFL right away and guys who mature slowly like a Kurt Warner type. It could also work in this way. To many, College football is the greatest sports time of the year, really the most exciting. You have the College football season which is the shortest out of any of the major sports in this country. Here you will have stars you followed during the College season, and also real 11 on 11 football in the spring getting you stoked for late summer College football info!

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Sam Hill
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Post by Sam Hill » Mon Dec 03, 2007 3:17 am

The bottom line is this: they're spending much more money than they'll take in> The rents they're paying the colleges are outrageous. Add in player salaries (even if they're not NFL salaries) and the fact you have no national TV deal, and I fear you can forget about it.
Old enough to remember when bashing the ABA was fun.

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Post by logoguru » Mon Dec 03, 2007 3:28 pm

The problem with this survey is you are assuming theyll get on the field. PSFL never had a game, but practiced and folded a week before the season began.
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Post by projectpat1982 » Sat Dec 15, 2007 9:22 pm

With the end of NFL Europe, this is now going to be the closest thing to outddor pro football or minor league football there is. We see instances of guys making from the AFL to the NFL or from the CFL to the NFL. If this league has a good first year, I think it has some hope. They can not let the league expand to more than about twelve teams though. There is just not enough good talent to go around. Here is the question. If you are a good or even great (former heisman winners) college players and you did not get drafted of got cut early in your carrer where would you rather go? AAFL,AFL,CFL or hope a practice squad calls sometime soon. The AAFL will be a league for slow developers with a lot to prove and a 4 year degree that should mean a good head on thier shoulders. Remember most guys with that degree have back up plans incase they dont make it to the NFL. The is always color commentary!

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Post by logoguru » Sat Dec 15, 2007 10:43 pm

Call me Team Who Cares?.
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In the newspaper -CyFair

Post by factor » Fri Feb 08, 2008 6:22 pm

[quote=""phydeaux72""]What does everyone think?[/quote]

There is no question - people in Texas love football. With the conclusion of our NFL season this past weekend, and college and high school games having ended almost a month ago, the rabid football fanatic will now begin to suffer through the dreaded off-season.

Meanwhile, the rest of us casual sports fans are looking forward to NCAA basketball’s March Madness, Major League Baseball’s spring training, and many other great sporting events that occur in this country.

So it never seems to fail that some group will again try to create a second outdoor football league that plays opposite the NFL schedule, thinking that there are an abundance of skilled enough, former college players looking for jobs, and that there are plenty of fans all over America willing to pay good money to watch those guys play.

The newest supposed sensation is the All American Football League, slated to open with a schedule of ten games beginning in April. Team Texas will be based right here in Houston, and play their home games at Rice Stadium.

The initial draft for the league occurred last week, with five other teams besides Texas selecting upwards of 50-55 players: Arkansas, Alabama, Florida, Michigan, and Tennessee.

So as I flipped through the rosters to see what kind of talent might be on display in the AAFL, at first glance I recognized the names of exactly nine players – IN THE ENTIRE LEAGUE. Now, I consider myself to be the typical, average sports fan that Team Texas will be trying to sell tickets to, and I’ve only heard of three of their players: quarterbacks Eric Crouch (former Heisman Trophy winner at Nebraska), Kliff Kingsbury (Texas Tech), and BJ Symons (Texas Tech and Cy Creek HS). They did not draft one other player that I am even familiar with.

And there lies the biggest reason why the AAFL will eventually fail, just like every other faction that has tried to capitalize on this type of scheme. The market of football fans willing to spend their hard-earned dollars to watch unknown players, is just way too small. It basically consists of friends and family members of the players and coaches on each team, and the smallest percentile of crazy fanatics that are willing to watch any football being played at any time, in any place.

It has simply been proven time and again, that nothing will ever be created that rivals our passion for the NFL or our favorite NCAA football teams. What drives the NFL is it’s star power of big name players that we all love to watch, and the millions of us that have spent many devoted years cheering for our favorite franchise.

You simply cannot re-create that type of atmosphere overnight. The failures that have tried include the USFL, the XFL, and recently NFL Europe, which folded it operations just last year. There are hundreds of indoor arena football teams that try to pick at our football enthusiasm all over the country, with little success.

The problem is, once we as fans have cycled through the NFL season, most of us have spent our money and time on enough football tickets for the year. The majority of us cannot invest ourselves in another team, especially one full of non-stars and players we can’t identify with.

The AAFL is the newest playground for recently finished NCAA football players who are no longer desired or were not drafted by NFL teams. It is a way for them to try and grab a small, weekly paycheck for four months, while wondering what else they are going to do with their lives. Players are sold on the fact that if they perform well, they may be able to reach the dream again of someday wearing an NFL uniform. But the reality is, for 99 percent of them, that won’t happen.

So and after a couple of seasons playing games in front of empty crowds, and team owners not being able to turn a profit, the AAFL will join the list of secondary football leagues that crash and burn.

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Post by firewolff » Mon Feb 11, 2008 4:12 pm


So and after a couple of seasons playing games in front of empty crowds, and team owners not being able to turn a profit, the AAFL will join the list of secondary football leagues that crash and burn.[/quote]

Or not. It's simply way too soon to know. Let's see how many fans actually turn up and tune in before we start digging the grave.

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Post by Jamie » Mon Feb 11, 2008 7:42 pm

You left one option off the poll... that they do not finish their first season...

I'm not predicting that. Most likely they'll finish. But it is one scenario.

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Post by Tater » Thu Mar 06, 2008 4:11 pm

How about "They won't play one down." as an option? That would have been my vote back in January, and now it's going to be announced that they are finished before they start.

With the AFL already being in existance for 23 years now, you would have thought someone would have realized the competition for football is very narrow outside of the NFL and College. This was going to be an uphill climb from the start, and using such huge venues, high salaries, and the extreme travel costs were going to kill it sooner than later.

I guess they should have consulted some of us first.
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