Daytona beach leaves WIFL wants to join af2

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Post by tony-o » Fri Sep 21, 2007 9:33 pm

If the WIFL is done, than I would hope Columbus would join the AIFA. But I don't think the WIFL will fold. Daytona was a big part of starting up the league, but they were not "the league".

This is just another case of an owner joining the af2 with the thought that maybe they will be able to jump up to the AFL eventually. They want to keep the momentum going forward, and unfortunately the af2 only slows you down.

No one has ever said the WIFL is an elite league. People have consistently pointed out that it was the league's first season and that there are only four teams. I'm hoping it will become an "elite" league(which I'm assuming people mean is at the same level as the UIF and IFL). We already have the most talented players of any indoor league, we just need more owners that are dedicated to making this league grow.

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