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Posted: Thu Nov 29, 2007 10:33 pm
by SignGuyDino
On "This Week in the D-League" the number 2 guy in the D-League flat out said they want one team per NBA team in 5-6 years, so players can learn the "system" for the parent team. They ARE going to expand.

Harlem is high on the list. How can anyone talk expansion without talking Buffalo?

As to the Cavs, Akron HAS to the first choice. Anything to make it harder for LeBron to one day leave has to be a factor, what better than to put a team in his own hometown?

If not, has to be Youngstown.

Charlotte getting its own team is going to be a problem, since the D-league failed in Asheville, Fayetteville, Greenville, and Charleston. Not to mention they competing with college basketball in the "triangle" area. I'd suggest a 3-4,000 seat venue, like the new Kimmel Arena in Asheville in 2010, or a similar sized venue in Greenville.

I still think they are putting teams in venues too big. I'll bet dollars to donuts the most popular team in the D-League will be the Harlem team the first moment they play, and they are certain to have the smallest venue.

I actually wrote an essay years ago on how the NBA could do a pro/rel system of 64 teams, but they aren't doing that.

Let's let them get the one team per NBA team, then let them handle the mess with the spring/summer leagues, for AA level cities, in about 5 years, which could replace their current summer camps.

Posted: Fri Nov 30, 2007 12:15 am
by HKF
Only problem with Buffalo is that it's a failing city in more ways then one. I doubt the people of Buffalo will shell out the money for a team, especially when you look at the avg. household income there.

I could be wrong though.

Posted: Fri Nov 30, 2007 4:40 pm
by mzracing76
Northeast Teams: I would say they are perhaps talking to the Albany Patroons of the CBA who have a very good ownership group. so expect the NBDL to rob the CBA again.

Teams from the CBA that may be interested in coming over to the NBDL are probally the Albany Patroons, Yakima Sunkings (if they get a better owner), and the Pittsburgh Explosion.

If they put another team in Texas, I think they should consider WICHITA FALLS. they had a team (Wichita Falls Texans), and played in a 5500 seat arena, and averaged 3500 per game. The owner went for greener pastures and moved the team to Chicago where they later went broke.

Another Hotbed for Minor League Basketball would be Omaha who would have atleat a 3500 attendance average, and Put a team back in Rapid City which would probally average 5000 fans like in years past.

Mexico City wont work, the CBA tried it. although they averaged 4500 fans a game, all they had for an Arena was a 21,000 seat arena. but managed to aveage 4500 fans, which is good for Minor Leagues, but finiancially, its not stable. other CBA teams, coaches, players, complained about the travel, and other problems that come from going across the border.

I never heard the NBDL saying they want to place teams wihtin 100 miles of a parent club. but I can understand why they would want that. but they are also wanting to place teams in the right situation first and foremost. And that is why they are taking their time handpicking cities.

And, I beleive, another round of expansion from the CBA is in the works. Especially in the Northeast with Albany and Pittsburgh. Think about it, they have to keep it quiet for Legal issues. They wouldnt announce a move to Albany and Pittsburgh until April or May after that league season is over.

1-Albany Patroons (CBA)
2-Pittsburgh Explosion (CBA)
3-Yakima Sun Kings (CBA)
4-Omaha, Expansion
5-Rochester, NY (they are in the ABA)
6-Harlem (NBA wants this city for some odd reason)
7-Wichita Falls (was good market in past)
8-Rapid City (Sioux Falls needs its archrival back)

plus, you will have NBA teams that will over time purchase expansion teams or take over the Basketball Departments of current NBDL teams.

But, i do see another round of CBA Expansion teams, especially in Albany and Pittsburgh in the Northeast. Albany would give the Knicks their own personal Farm Team, and the Pittsburgh team would give the Cleveland Cavaliers a farm team, and i can see the Cav's running the Basketball Department.

Yakima? they first will need to find a local owner who will manage the team better than that Indian Tribe. the Tribe is in debt, and not cause of the team, because of other bad business ventures. they must sell the team before the Sun Kings move to the NBDL.

I would love to have Yakima and Coach Paul Woolpert in the NBDL. And, it gives Portland its Farm Team.

Stay out of Las Vegas, Vancouver, and San Diego. those cities had CBA teams in the past, and never made it past a year. San Diego defuncted after 20 games, Las Vegas had 2-3 chances with different teams, and Vancouver couldnt support a NBA team. Bad Markets period.


Posted: Fri Nov 30, 2007 9:14 pm
by rams80
I don't think Pittsburgh would be able to afford the jump...or survive it.

Posted: Fri Nov 30, 2007 10:42 pm
by jjbballfan
[quote=""rams80""]I don't think Pittsburgh would be able to afford the jump...or survive it.[/quote]

I think if Pittsburgh is an option they are going to have to find a venue that fits them better. The Igloo is a joke, they don't draw well they have seats that are rolled back and right now are clearly behind the Penguins and Pitt... Albany seems like a good option they want a team in Harlem why I'm not sure but they make it sound like its a good deal.... The big problem with the Northeast is you don't have that NBDL/CBA size arena that fits them best... You either have the 3,000 seat with bleachers (high school gym) or the 14-20 thousand venue.... Also have to remember that you are not going to get good dates in the Northeast because they can have any concert, event, play or anything and it would be better attended then a NBDL/CBA event there.... I personally think that it would work better to stay west of Youngstown Ohio... and stay in cities between 50-300 thousand.... The way I see it Rapid City holds the CBA record for average attendance of over 6,000 (and if you ask fans of the time they say if anything it may of be under reported) and it was a city of 50 thousand then (now closer to 65)... The two places that minor league sports don't work other then baseball are the Northeast and the southeast (minor league baseball works because of weather not because of fans) Northeast works because if there is a prospect of the NYY, NYM, Bos, Bal, or any NE teams they are over hyped so ESPN is there and the die harts go to see how good the future looks..... My point is the NBDL isn't portrayed as the next best star its portrayed as future players at a cheaper cost something that is hard to do in the Northeast....

Posted: Fri Nov 30, 2007 11:11 pm
by TBirdCrazy
The problem with the Albany theory is that that is now the headquarters of the unless the league goes defunct, or partners with the NBDL, then I do not see the Albany Patroons merging.