New Franchises for 08-09???

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Post by jjbballfan » Wed Mar 19, 2008 3:31 am

[quote=""USBasket_EricE""]St. George might be a good location, since the city really isn't located near any NBA cities. The Jam would still be near the west coast and could possibly start up a Utah rivalry with Orem. I don't know how well Vegas would work out, but I'd like the idea. Rapid City would be nice, but for whatever reason, their former team didn't last. Omaha maybe. But I doubt they'd go to Seattle. Then again who knows. Broomfield hasn't done too bad being located near the NBA city of Denver.[/quote]

St. George is a great place the only thing is the arena is on the college campus so concessions would be a problem and also dates.... Rapid City as a community is great the problems with franchices is with there owners, there best owner is the one that moved the team after averaging close to 6,000 a night for a better arena deal..... And that was there best owner.....

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Post by logoguru » Wed Mar 19, 2008 10:24 am

Vegas isnt bad. The only problem is that Goodman sees them as a pro city...sooner than later (Hornets). Not sure if that is going to happen. It would be a great Phoenix affiliate.
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