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Joes new owner screening question(s)

Posted: Fri Jul 18, 2008 3:26 pm
by a1sports
1. Do you have a computer or access to a computer?
if yes, then:
2. Do you know of or ever heard of or been on OSC?
If no then:

Welcome to the ABA.

This has to be what is going on. By the way, there are no letters of credit or deposits being required, there are no backround checks, etc etc. Time to take a good hard look at what Joe is doing to the African-American community which he preaches he is helping so so so much.

Posted: Fri Jul 18, 2008 4:29 pm
by The Sweeper
Come on, A1. We all know that there is only one question Joe asks a possible owner..."Got 10k?" (apologies to ABARedWhiteBlue).

Posted: Fri Jul 18, 2008 4:36 pm
by formerlyknownasfells
[quote=""The Sweeper""]Come on, A1. We all know that there is only one question Joe asks a possible owner..."Got 10k?" (apologies to ABARedWhiteBlue).[/quote]

No, it's more like "Do you have a pulse?"

Posted: Fri Jul 18, 2008 7:32 pm
by heatht
He must be offering franchises for less or payment plans or something...because he's been adding them add a breakneck pace.

New ABA Teams Added This Summer so Far:
1. Alaska
2. Aurora
3. Bowling Green
4. Buffalo
5. Detroit Hoops
6. Detroit Zafirs
7. Fresno Porn Stars
8. Hamilton, Ontario
9. Hollywood Showstoppers
10. Kansas City
11. Kentucky Logo Stealers
12. Knoxville Storm
13. Las Vegas Lights
14. LA Push Me Back In
15. Modesto
16. Nashville Broncs
17. NYC Internationalz
18. North Las Vegas
19. Philadelphia
20. Phoenix Fury
21. Prescott Valley Rhinos
22. Sacramento
23. Savannah
24. Shreveport
25. South Chicago
26. South Texas
27. Washington Raptors
28. West Virginia
29. Winston-Salem
30. Charlotte

I can't believe there's that many dumb, ignorant people that would join the ABA after the horrible seasons of 2006-2008.

But give Joe credit for finding all these teams...even if only 1 out of 10 will make it past the first season.

Posted: Fri Jul 18, 2008 7:45 pm
by LightningMan
[quote=""heatht""]...7. Fresno Porn Stars...[/quote]
:eek: That's not the name, right?

Posted: Fri Jul 18, 2008 7:48 pm
by formerlyknownasfells
[quote=""LightningMan""] :eek: That's not the name, right?[/quote]

It wouldn't have surprised me, but it is the Fresno Legends.

Posted: Fri Jul 18, 2008 8:48 pm
by formerlyknownasfells
Here is my take on the new teams:

New ABA Teams Added This Summer so Far:
1. Alaska--Too many travel issues--Will fold. No one is even close to them!!!
2. Aurora--Don't know enough.
3. Bowling Green--Shaky ownership
4. Buffalo--Competing with the PBL which is a stronger league.
5. Detroit Hoops--Major market with good teams. No chance.
6. Detroit Zafirs--See above and add that two teams in one city?
7. Fresno Porn Stars--Arm pit of California, weak area for basketball.
8. Hamilton, Ontario--Eh.....
9. Hollywood Showstoppers--Many have failed and so will this one.
10. Kansas City--Basketball area, COULD succeed.
11. Kentucky Logo Stealers--Basketball crazy area, we shall see.
12. Knoxville Storm--Don't know enough to say.
13. Las Vegas Lights---See Hollywood.
14. LA Push Me Back In--See Hollywood and Las Vegas.
15. Modesto--See Fresno, those teams will more or less only see each other.
16. Nashville Broncs--Strong competition with the NHL.
17. NYC Internationalz--HAH!!!!!!!!!
18. North Las Vegas--See Las Vegas, Hollywood, et al.
19. Philadelphia--Competition with the Sixers, Flyers, and college hoops.
20. Phoenix Fury--With Joe Bryant in there........Maybe, but a 1:10 chance.
21. Prescott Valley Rhinos--Close travel, but an unproven market.
22. Sacramento--See Las Vegas squared, LA, etc, etc, etc
23. Savannah--I may actually go see a game there.
24. Shreveport--Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm.
25. South Chicago--How many Chicago teams does this make?
26. South Texas--Larry will have some games if they are stable.
27. Washington Raptors--Travel issues.
28. West Virginia--No comment because I might offend someone.
29. Winston-Salem--HUGE basketball area, but...........
30. Charlotte--Ummmmmmmmmm, the BOBCATS!!!!

Posted: Fri Jul 18, 2008 10:32 pm
by The Sweeper
Noticed today that there seems to be "truth" to the Montreal team. I don't think the owners of the Royal have anything to do with the 'new' Martix.

Fresno Legends...Fresno Porn Stars...can we get the Fresno Porn Star Legends??

Posted: Sat Jul 19, 2008 1:22 am
by Paul S
Joe simply asks many open ended questions. He never will ask a yes/no question

1/ Do you want to be involved with sports
2/ Do you like making money
3/ Do you think you are successful
4/ You sound like a really bright guy, are you ready for pro sports

He then gets the mark (ok sorry Joe, the investor) talking about himself awhile and then announces something to the effect off..............

"WOW ________ (insert name here), I'm impressed. You are a strong candidate, normally I have an in depth screening process and ask to see a lot of due dilligance. But I can tell you are a man of your word and a man of the world, where did you get your education?"

"__________________" (insert high school) answers the investor

"I've heard of that place" (Joe frantically googles name) "I mean with a deposit of 10K you really have a great opportunity to really go places in basketball, make a name for yourself"

and then the rest is history............

Posted: Sat Jul 19, 2008 11:17 pm
by SignGuyDino
I object. Only the comedians on OSC should start threads with titles like this.