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Posted: Wed Nov 19, 2008 7:29 am
by cglue
aba red white and blue, i left you something valuable.

Here lies the problem

Posted: Thu Nov 20, 2008 3:56 pm
by cglue
[quote=""Paul S""]Good point. Someone is gonna get stuck with a bill or with a worthless ticket to Hawaii.

Those prizes aren't cheap.

But they also could be like those buy-one-get-one-free things. I enrolled at a gym when I was 18 and the offer to entice me was a free trip to Hawaii. So I got the 'package' (not a ticket) but a package telling me how to claim my free trip to Hawaii. There were essentially two ways. 1/ call this 800 number and book a minimum 7 night stay at their prefered hotes for 350 bucks a night then they send a voucher for your 'free flight' and hotel 2/ convince a friend to come with you and instead of 350 bucks a night you pay 500 a night but its divided by 2, oh ya friend finds own way to Honolulu. It was a scam, the cost of these overpriced hotels were far in excess of what I could by in 1988 as a 7 night package deal to Hawaii.[/quote]

Assuming is not a good thing. Now if you dont know then it is best to state that this looks interesting and I wonder how its gonna get done. But to asume that its ploy to take someones money and at the end of the day they will left with a tab is not fair to say.

I just sent ABAredwhiteblue a trip pass to go to Hawaii and he will tell its no scam.

Just leave the assumptions alone.

We'll agree to disagree as thats what friends do....

Posted: Thu Nov 20, 2008 11:46 pm
by Paul S
I understand Larry.

However I don't believe I assumed it was a scam. I said "But they also could be like those.........."

I didn't say it was like that. I said it could be...........

Anyways I hope it works out for San Antonio....

Larry, one advantage to your loss...

Posted: Mon Nov 24, 2008 12:55 am
by ABARedWhiteBlue
we get to read stuff like this:

// ... id=3743486
Showboats finish 4-0 in pre-season with win against Takers 139-83
November 23, 2008 - American Basketball Association (ABA) South Texas Showboats

The new expansion ABA team in San Antonio finished out their pre-season undefeated (4-0) by putting a beating on the Houston Takers 139-83. They will be getting ready to begin the 2008-2009 ABA season Saturday Dec 6, 2008. The Showboats will look to compete for the ABA Championship this year but must first compete to win their division. The Showboats will be playing Houston Takers(4yrs in the league), Texas City Rangers(1st year), West Texas Whirlwinds(3rd year), Mississippi Blues(1st year), and S.E. Mustangs(1st year ABA, moved from CBA). The Showboats are ranked #11 in the league and will look to see if they move within the ranking in the coming days after beating Houston who is ranked #10 in the ABA. The team in San Antonio is owned and operated by a San Antonio native and former Robert E. Lee high school player/graduate, Benjamin Mireles. "It is good to see our players step up and finish out strong in the pre-season. We wanted to go in there and play our best and also come out on top and we did just that. I was real disappointed with my guys in the second half but overall I am proud of the success we have had and it feels good going home with the win tonight before Thanksgiving." said coach Mireles.
The Showboats have 6 players right here from the San Antonio area, have been beating their opponents by an average of 36 points and added to the average by beating Hoston by 56 points. Houston has a pretty good team if you look at their line-up. Houston has 7 returning players from last year and played without their point guard Jefffery Addai. The Showboats want to bring an ABA Championship to San Antonio and they know they are being very underestimated. "We know that being an expansion team in this league and in our city is going to be tough but if we can get some recognition for our team and show the city of San Antonio that we have great talent within local players here, then the fans, media, papers, schools, and businesses will see how exciting it is to see these players work hard for a chance to do what they love to do and pursue a basketball career right here in this city." said owner/head coach Ben Mireles. The Showboats played without forwards Langston Grady(John Jay)-(Hamstring) and Andrew Francis(UTSA)-(Personal Leave) and hope to have both of them back by the first game of the season.

Players of the game:

Kenny Wilson(John Jay H.S, Boise State, Czech) - 36 pts, 5reb, 5ast, 3st, 1blk

Keith Simpson(CBA - Silverados) - 24pts, 4ast

Isaiah Allen(UTSA) - 21pts

Chris Woods(Fox Tech H.S) - 9pts, 7reb, 6ass, 3st

The Showboats play their first ABA regular season home game at Antioch Sports complex on Dec 6th and host to the West Texas Whirlwinds in a rematch. This game of course will be when both teams have their final roster for the season. This is going to be an exciting game and we look forward to seeing you there.

For Ticket info, Events, Schedule, Player Profiles, Merchandise, you may visit us at our website at

no doubt

Posted: Mon Nov 24, 2008 3:51 am
by cglue
I told them to do the write up and I also sent the score to OSC lastnite when I got home. Hell Im not ashamed of the score, we simply got handled and thats that. We will be ready for the season opener DEC5.

Posted: Mon Nov 24, 2008 1:59 pm
by formerlyknownasfells
[quote=""cglue""]I told them to do the write up and I also sent the score to OSC lastnite when I got home. Hell Im not ashamed of the score, we simply got handled and thats that. We will be ready for the season opener DEC5.[/quote]

So wait, the games that are going on now are pre-season games? I thought they were regular season matchups.

Any word on when a full schedule will be done? Also, is the league planning on putting up stats this year?

Posted: Thu Nov 27, 2008 12:31 am
by ABARedWhiteBlue
// ... id=3744780
South Texas Showboats Complete Training Camp And Roster
November 26, 2008 - American Basketball Association (ABA) South Texas Showboats

San Antonio, TX. The ABA South Texas Showboats have completed their training camp and have made final cuts regarding the roster. The Showboats will have nine local San Antonio players and three from out of state. The team has recorded a 4-0 record in the pre-season going into the regular season play December 6th vs the West Texas Whirlwind at home.

The Showboats are ranked fiourth in the ABA Power Rankings based on their pre-season games. San Antonio is a city where Championship caliber teams have grown such as the Spurs, the Silver Stars and the Missions in AAA baseball. "The City of San Antonio has had so much talent and now we have an opportunity to show our fans how San Antonio has grown to develop basketball and great players," said CEO/Head Coach Benjamin Mireles. "We look forward to having a lot of fun in this league and just want to be able to complete at a high level night in and night out. The fans want to see fast, exciting, entertaining and affordable basketball and that is what we plan on giving them here in San Antonio. Willing is always something you want to accomplish, but this year there are so many good teams within our division with Houston, Mississippi, West Texas, Texas City, and SE Texas - this is going to be a dog fight for the division title." The roster includes:

Isaiah Allen, 6'3 guard from Jefferson High School - UTSA (Portland)

Keith Simpsion, 6'7 forward from Robert E. Lee High School, Texas A & M (SA)

Frank Ford, 6'2 guard from Leesville High School, McNeese State U

Ben Caldwell, 6'8 center from San Antonio

Albert Strickland, 6'8 forward from Lincoln University (Detroit)

Jason McNeil, 6'7 forward from Judson High School, Houston Tillitson (SA)

Chris Woods, 6'4 guard from Fox Tech Nigh School (SA)

Jamar Chatman, 6'1 guard from Southwest High School (SA)

Kenny Wilson, 6'5 forward from John Jay High School, Boise State U

Langston Grady, 6'6 forward from John Jay High School, Western Missouri U

Leonard Brown, 5'10 guard from Judson High School, Stephen F. Austin State U

George Reyes, 5'10 guard from John Jay High School (SA)

For more information, visit or

Posted: Sun Dec 07, 2008 8:21 pm
by ABARedWhiteBlue
// ... id=3749133
Showboats Tame Whirlwinds, 101-91
December 7, 2008 - American Basketball Association (ABA) South Texas Showboats

San Antonio, TX. The #4 ranked ABA South Texas Showboats met the #22 ranked West Texas Whirlwinds in a very exciting, entertaining and emotional season opener in San Antonio on Saturday night. The Showboats began their regular 2008-2009 season by defeating the Whirlwinds 101-91. It was a hard fought battle between two good teams.
Showboats' Coach Ben Mireles said that he felt his team did not play up to their ability and that they need to be more aggressive. "We di not do our jobs tonight but I will take the win. I felt we played poorly on both sides of the basketball and were beat up on the boards," stated Mirelse. We need to control the tempo of our games because we played the tempo of our opponent.

The Whirlwinds came into the game with confidence and played very well throughout the game. "I give Coach Phelps and his team credit where credit is due," added Mireles. "They played us tough tonight and welcomed us to the ABA. They have some good players and I am just happy the first jitters are behind us."

The Showboats had a great first half by taking a 54-48 lead into the locker room. With Kenny Wilson, former John Jay and Boise State standout, having 16 first half points on 5-7 shooting and Isaiah Allen, a former USTA Roadrunner with 16 first halve points on 7-10 shooting. The Whirlwinds had a great third quarter holding the Showboats to eighteen points as 8 of 18 came from Keith Simpson, former Robert E. Lee graduate.

The third quarter closed with the game tied 75-75. "The momentum was shifted in our favor and we should have finished the game strong," stated Coach Phelps. "We need to play Whirlwind basketball and not give the momentum back. I was very pleased with the Showboats organization and how they treated us. It started with greetings at the door and I felt that this was one of the best games I have been a part of in my four years in the ABA. They did a great job and we look forward to a great year of basketball against this team."

The Showboats shot 56% from the field; the Whirlwinds 54%. The Showboats hit 28-36 from the free throw line, giving them a big advantage. Standout players included:

South Texas Showboats

Frank Ford, 11pts, 5 reb, 3asst, 2blks

Isaiah Allen, 19pts, 4asst, 7reb

Keith Simpson, 18pts, 5 reb

Kenny Wilson, 23pts, 3 asst

West Texas Whirlwinds

Randy Holbrook, 19pts, 6reb.

For more information, visit or

Another happy recap...

Posted: Mon Dec 08, 2008 3:06 pm
by ABARedWhiteBlue
// ... id=3749242
South Texas Showboats Win Again, 94-93
December 8, 2008 - American Basketball Association (ABA) South Texas Showboats

San Antonio, TX. The ABA South Texas Showboats, 4-0 in pre-season, are now 2-0 in the regular season with a strong defensive stand at the end of the game. The #12 ranked Southeast Texas Mustangs battled this one out to the wire as both teams went in unbeaten The Showboats came out strong in the first quarter and immediately went up 24-9 before the Mustangs finally called a timeout to gather the team. As the Mustangs returned to the floor, they rallied back within 4 by the end of the first quarter. This is where the battle began.
The Mustangs outscored the Showboats 28-14 in the second quarter, but the Showboatrs, who were down by as many as 19 at one point, went into the locker room down by ten with a run of their own. "This is a game of re-structure and pressure. We had to execute on the floor and we didn't do a good job of rotating," said coach Mireles.

The third quarter was very interesting as the Mustangs came out and pushed their 10 point lead to 21 very quickly. The Showboats had to continue fighting their way back constantly. The Showboats had a tough time with match-ups all night long but came out and started to put pressure on the Mustangs defensively and closed the third quarter at 71-56.

This is where the Showboats began their comeback. They started the fourth quarter with a small run of their own breaking down the Mustangs lead to 6. "We had struggled most of the game with our defense and that is why we were in the position we were," added Mireles. "My team was lacking poise and defense and I had to put some guys out on the floor that were going to give me what I needed. I have a good bench and therefore can utilize any players at any time.

The Showboats lost the momentum with about 4:30 to go in the game when they were back down by as many as 15. Coach Mireles then started to bring guys off the bench who ended up bringing in energy and the defense he was looking for. The Showboats came back to win 94-93. It went down to the wire with the winning shot being a free throw by Jamar Chatman with .6 seconds to go. "I know we have a good team but we need to be more assertive with our play defensively and be more productive on both ends of the floor," stated Chatman. "As for the free throws, I know I missed the first, but I knew I wasn't going to mss the second. We should have put pressure on them all night and pushed the ball, but we didn't. I give the Mustangs a lot of credit and respect. They are a great organization and ran very well. They have some good players and I am just glad to come out with a win," said Mireles. For more information, visit or

Posted: Sun Dec 14, 2008 1:53 am
by ABARedWhiteBlue
// ... id=3751417
Showboats Remain Undefeated, Beat Whirlwinds 153-125
December 13, 2008 - American Basketball Association (ABA) South Texas Showboats

The nationally ranked (3)South Texas Showboats (8-0 overall / 4-0 regualr season) went into Midland hoping to continue to play well and add to their 3 game winning streak. Tonight, they did just that. The Showboats blew through the Whirlwinds 153-125 to finish off their 3 game road trip. The Showboats came in from the start and never trailed in this game. They had another amazing team effort with 6 players in double figures, including 3 players with 20+pts, 2 players with 10 a piece, and 1 player with 30+pts. The way they accomplished this was with a tremendous 42 total assists as a team. "I am very happy with tonight's win because we finally were able to get guys involved" said coach Mireles. "It is nice to see what your team can do when they play unselfish basketball and move the ball in transition. We had an a great game offensively."
The Showboats had a tough first half defensively but played well overall. They had 6th man Frank Ford come up off the bench and bring a spark. He came in and had a quick block, rebound and a vicious dunk over one of the Whirlwinds tallest players(6'10). This was an ESPN top 10 dunk no doubt!! Let's not forget, he is only 6'2. "He is a great player if he plays his game. I know Frank(Ford) is a beast when he plays his game. He plays the game well and loves the defensive side of the basketball. He's solid and he;s an amazing re-bounder for a 6'2 guard." said Mireles. Ford has his first double double of the season coming out with 24points on 84% shooting(11-13fg) and 12 rebounds along with 4 blocks and 1 steal.

The Showboats ran all night long and took a 74-67 lead into the locker room at halftime. "We took this lead at halftime but allowed them to stick around. This is not Showboats basketball. We had to many turnovers(9) in the first half and we cannot play point for point in this league or we will have to fight to win the game. We have to stop the other team defensively." said Mireles.

The Showboats went into the 3rd quarter and capitalized on their lead. But again let the Whirlwinds stick around by allowing eight 3pointers in the quarter which allowed them to finish the 3rd quarter with the lead barely in their grasp at 109-102.

The Showboats came right into the 4th quarter and allowed a 3 pointer by the Whirlwinds cutting the Showboats lead to 4. This is when coach Mireles called a timeout and really got after his group."I told my guys that we needed to take care of the basketball and were not playing our game. We allowed them to just shoot at will and we needed to be more aggressive on the boards and defensively" said Mireles The Showboats then walked onto the court and did exactly what coach Mireles had said. They held them to only 27 points in the quarter compared to the 49 points the Showboats tallied.

Overall the game was exciting and there were lots of exciting and interesting dunks and very fast paced. This was a very physical game but the teams did a decent job with the overall actions on the court.

The Showboats next game is Sunday December 14th in San Antonio where they host the Southeast Mustangs 7:30pm at Antioch Sports Complex.

Players of the game:

Kenny Wilson - 34pts, 11-23fg, 4-9 3pt, 8-9FT, 8ast, 5reb, 2 st, 1 blk

Frank Ford - 24pts, 11-13fg, 1 ast, 12 reb,1 st, 4 blks

Isaiah Allen - 25pts, 10-20fg, 5-7 3pt, 5 ast, 4 reb, 2st

Keith Simpson - 29pts, 12-16fg, 1-3 3pt, 4ast, 5 reb, 2st 1 blk