first ever indoor game outdoors

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first ever indoor game outdoors

Post by douglas mccarthy » Thu Jun 03, 2010 2:42 pm

on saturday june 5th @730 pm the rochester raiders will make history. Holding the first ever indoor game outdoors @ marina dodge staduim in downtown rochester, jim macmahon will be on hand along with jarrett payton. the stadium can hold up to 17000 people and we are looking for a great crowd to be on hand for this historic game press conference is tonight @600 pm while the raiders hold their first practice at the stadium. more to follow

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Post by robster2001 » Thu Jun 03, 2010 2:56 pm

This may be the first IFL game outdoors (which is kind of a contradiction in terms, no?), but didn't someone else try this a couple of years ago?

douglas mccarthy
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article on oursports central

Post by douglas mccarthy » Thu Jun 03, 2010 3:14 pm

Rochester To Host First Ever Outdoor/Indoor Football Game
June 2, 2010 - Indoor Football League (IFL)

Richmond, Virginia: The Rochester Raiders are set to make industry history on Saturday, June 5, 2010. Marina Auto Stadium in Rochester, NY will be the site of the first ever indoor football game played at an outdoor venue.
The roughly 17,000 seat modern venue, complete with jumbotron, will house the hosting Raiders as they take on the Chicago Slaughter.

For the sheer magnitude of such an event, Raiders owner Dave McCarthy says, "Think when the [Buffalo] Sabres played their outdoor game". The reference made from the Sabres being one of the few teams so far to take part in the NHL's yearly outdoor game. McCarthy also stated that this game will be "A wild thing to see".

Adding to the events allure will be the presence of NFL greats. Jim McMahon and Steve McMichael will be on hand for the festivities.

Jarrett Payton, son of former NFL Hall of Famer Walter Payton, will be one of the main stars to watch on the field. Payton is one of the premier running backs in the IFL.

Slaughter General Manager Alan Perkins is excited to watch Payton in this outdoor element. "Jarrett is a great athlete and can adapt to any facet of the game". Perkins is also comforted that aside from being outdoors, the field and in game elements remain the same as regular indoor games. Perkins only hope is that, "...there is no rain or snow, you never know in New York".

The innovative concept is also lauded by the league. IFL Commissioner Tommy Benizio is excited to see the type of play this creative endeavor can bring. "The IFL variety of indoor football most closely represents the NFL outdoor game," says Benizio. "It makes this special event very fitting for the league".

Thursday night at 6:30 PM there will be a session at Marina Auto Stadium for the media. An official press conference will also take place at the stadium on Friday featuring Jarrett Payton and Steve McMichael with the time to be announced. Kick-Off for this ground breaking game will begin at 7:30 PM on Saturday. For more information, visit or

The Indoor Football League was created in 2008 from a merger between the Intense Football League and United Indoor Football Association. It consists of 25 teams located across the United States from Alaska to Washington D.C. For more information about all things IFL log on to or contact Jeremy Hirsch, IFL Communications Department, at the league office, (804)643-7277.

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Post by daytonadan » Thu Jun 03, 2010 3:27 pm

They picked the right opponent and are doing a good job with publicity ... should be a fun night.
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Post by Hockey » Thu Jun 03, 2010 3:43 pm

I looked at minor league baseball stadiums as potential venues for "indoor football". Perhaps you would need to rebrand it as "50 Yard Football". Essentially put down an entire dasher and flooring system right on top of the field, should be able to assemble, play a game and disassemble in two days. Perhaps even focus on having afternoon games.

There would be plenty of time during a minor league baseball teams season to secure 8 2 day spans.

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Post by newiflfan » Thu Jun 03, 2010 3:48 pm

Will this game be played if it happens to rain?

Not asking to be stupid, I could just see the turf being real slick when wet.

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Post by indoor fan » Thu Jun 03, 2010 4:26 pm

The NIFL played a couple games outdoors in 2007. They were the first.

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Post by Over the Top » Thu Jun 03, 2010 4:31 pm

Doesnt the CPFL play the majority of their indoor football games outside?

douglas mccarthy
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outdoor game

Post by douglas mccarthy » Thu Jun 03, 2010 5:37 pm

this game will be played rain or shine but the forecast is 70-75 degress with sun

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Post by jerry101jlh » Thu Jun 03, 2010 5:56 pm

Memory sometimes fails me as to accuracy, but I believe the NIFL did play a game or two outside in its final season. Also here, AFL, ... outd,5970/

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