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Post by DestroyersFan » Sat Jun 03, 2006 12:34 am

outside source wrote:We're trying to be cautiously optimistic
When presenting this to people who can fund this league you may want to be discrete in that regard. Because while I love the fact that you are doing this, many of your posts in this thread have come accross as being politely pessimistic. That's not something people usually jump to invest in.
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outside source
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Post by outside source » Sat Jun 03, 2006 1:56 am

The product will speak for itself. Don't confuse being cautious as pesimistic. I'm not going to come on here and beat my chest that this is the greatest oppotunity to ever hit the sports world.

Part of my job here and now is to try to keep the fan informed as much as I can. THat doesn't mean coming on here and throwing around a bunch of words that may turn out to mean nothing. Plenty have done that in the past, I don't need to follow in their footsteps.

So far sponsors have had no problem with how we approach things, maybe they like the breath of fresh air as well. We are hopefull to be able to start announcing partnerships very soon, maybe even next week.

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Post by yellowpages » Sat Jun 03, 2006 5:19 am

I like the idea that this new league is taking on the challenges of getting national sponsors. I don't see anyone else doing it or putting forth the efforts. They will definitely be at the fore front should they land a few.

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Post by SignGuyDino » Sat Jun 03, 2006 6:44 am

I'll post the same comments I posted elsewhere here:

Some free advice, first and foremost:

1. No clowns. No shady figures. Yes, create a public blacklist like the ECHL does. You shaft a player or local business, you are blacklisted, period. (I can think of a few.)
2. Absolute deadlines. No arena lease in hand, no team. AT LEAST 4 months lead time.
3. PREPAID RENT. Leave NO doubts the teams start and finish the season.
4. Expansion fees INCLUDE turf, padding, uniforms, etc. Discount for transplanted teams.
5. Agree with 4 teams. You could do 12 games in a division. Of course more is better.
6. Yes, speed up the game. 3 hours is great for NFL football but in an arena with our kids it drags WAY too long.
7. Pay to play, pay more to win, like XFL.
8. People running PA and Game Ops that actually know what the hell they are doing.

Some other ideas:

9. Create an established flag football league or run flag football tournaments. Utilize the turf you have while it's installed. The more free publicity (actually, you can make money doing this) the better. Same with indoor soccer, lacrosse, hell, even dodgeball.
10. Play clocks. My Lord, people, the game of football needs play clocks in every arena.
11. This won't be popular, but message boards are great when they are independent. When they are an "official" part of a sports website, it becomes nothing but B&M sessions. Also a lot of slanderous garbage. I wouldn't have one. Also, NOBODY in the league is allowed to post on any boards about the league except for the boss.

Wish you luck. Asheville's desperate arena brought a desparate team. Hopefully that can change later (shameless plug: http://www.wncarena.com ) but right now it's not a good idea to approach our city. Maybe contact us a couple of years from now or if we reach a deal for a new arena this year or next.

I wonder what impact this group that owns the AIFL now will have on the NAFL, a semipro outdoor league they also acquired? Some decent potential indoor talent there. My friends with the Asheville Grizzlies, both coaches who were shafted by the AIFL Asheville team, runs a very good program and I'm 100% sure they'd want to coach a decent indoor team.

Feel free to e-mail [email protected] or call (82 8) 681-0391. I'm not hard to find.
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Post by PIONEERSFAN101 » Sat Jun 03, 2006 5:35 pm

It looks like PIFL 101 is identical to GLIFL rules page....

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Post by yellowpages » Sat Jun 03, 2006 7:03 pm

There are some similarities with the GLIFL like with all the other indoor leagues but, it is not identical. Use of a TE and the kicking game is obviously different from all the other indoor leagues including the AFL/AF2.

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Post by PIONEERSFAN101 » Sun Jun 04, 2006 3:56 am

No I mean it looks like it was copied and pasted with a few tweaks.

outside source
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Post by outside source » Sun Jun 04, 2006 4:15 am

I asked the person who did it for us and they said no. They did say they did look at it and some others and picked a format that looked the best. If it looks like the GLIFL's, then I guess a compliment to their style. I haven't look at theirs in quite awhile, but maybe I should.

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Post by Billy5 » Sun Jun 04, 2006 5:16 am

Great news about the PIFL. Please keep us up to date.

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Post by fwp » Sun Jun 04, 2006 10:50 pm

niflfan wrote:OK, let me get this straight. This is the same guy that posts reckless ramblings regarding a variety of topics on his web page. All under the guise, of "I am only interested in what is best for indoor football and mankind". In often failed attempts to be funny, this guy is nothing short of a joke.

The business plan here is so transparent it's funny. Let's trash everyone and their brother. Keep marching out my 6 years of indoor football expertise. OK, just tell everyone where to send their money. Genius!

News flash, people generally invest their money with credible, competent people. Whoops, you're 0 for 2 there.

Nice try, but I highly doubt anybody in their right mind is buying this nonsense.
Why wouldn't they? Everyone knows for a fact that he knows indoor football. His partner also has been very involved with, believes in the game, and is ready to promote that belief on a national level.

Strong franchises in leagues that are failing them would be silly not to have dialogue, find out what this league is about, and what membership could do for them. Every team wants to be at the top of the league that they're in, but they want their league to be successful. They'd have a chance to have a voice with a new league starting at the ground floor. What more can you ask for?

I've been as big an NIFL fan over the years as anyone, IMO. But it's become apparent that someone isn't going to let the league learn from its mistakes.

For Heaven's Sake, look at how the solid franchises are being treated in the NIFL. If you go to the league website, how do you know anything about the Billings franchise, in case you're interested, they're the Billings Outlaws. Something you can't find on the NIFL website is that you can find out about the Outlaws at http://www.billingsoutlaws.com . Fortunately, they've taken it upon themselves to get out and advertise. Here on OSC you can see the Billings Outlaw banner, same at http://www.indoorbowl.com .

Osceola, after having their nickname approved and spending the offseason marketing have gone this entire season without a name....."Football"?

Guaranteed games? Communication? I had an owner of a NIFL team contact me earlier in the year for information so that they could try to hammer out their travel plans, the league certainly wasn't communicating what they were doing with the Lincoln franchise.

The voice of the NIFL's most valuable commodity, their solid franchises, is ignored, despite supposed procedures put in place to have decisions approved.

Heck, other leagues also have their problems, and if teams and owners aren't satisfied with what's going on where they're at, they should take the time to at least find out what's going on. They'd be foolish not to do at least that for their franchise and for their fans.

AIFL? We all know their problems. IFL, many know theirs. UIF? Will there be an eastern portion of that league next year? After listening to one of their owners cussing, calling opposing players names and berating fans on a webcast last night, I'd want to distance myself from someone like that if they're making decisions in my league.

Heck, there's going to be big changes for next year there anyway, be silly not to check out options.

Who knows if the PIFL will kick off? Definitely is getting some very good feedback from what I hear. Very solid people are checking things out and sound like they want to be involved from the early stages, where they can have a voice.

I hope it works out. I hate feeling like the game is going to get buried. This sounds like it could very well have the best opportunity at success, if the people involved keep their heads and stay steady.

I'm optimistic that we'll have something else to check into next year, we might even see some very familiar names involved with this new league.

Best of luck, PIFLers!

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