Major Sport Numbers?

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Major Sport Numbers?

Post by suge night » Mon Aug 14, 2017 7:57 pm

In addition to nearly 350,000 fans in attendance, the AFL also broadcasted games on AFLNow and Twitter to the tune of a Worldwide audience of over 5.7 million Arena Football League fans.

Are those numbers major league?

While it does establish that the AFL is still well ahead of the indoor leagues in attendance for a season, they will still need to consider where things are today. Where can they possibly improve? simply adding ownership hasn't been the answer.

The numbers presented in support of the league are just enough that if conducted with lower operating cost that could be considered as being successful, but so far the AFL has cost way to much. Simply increasing the payroll hasn't worked in a way that will get the public any more excited about attending games or watching it, though they do have a market just not major league based around the old school model, in today's Netflix broadcast game success is based around 1 million viewer's.

Do they have those numbers?
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