Since Baltimore left AIF in 2014...

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Since Baltimore left AIF in 2014...

Post by NTE » Fri Oct 16, 2015 7:04 pm

...I haven't paid attention to the AIF, now they have 22 teams!?!? I realize of course that at least 16 of them will fold by midseason next April, but how can they have 22 teams and no Baltimore? The 2 time champ that actually had a halfway decent following and a big arena?

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I believe this JeffCapo post from May 24, 2014 answers your question

Post by firehawk5 » Fri Oct 23, 2015 9:11 pm

"Official Release by the AIF and the Baltimore Mariners"
This Saturday's game between the AIF’s Baltimore Mariners vs. the Atlanta Sharks at the Baltimore Arena has been cancelled by the arena due to a dispute that arose between the arena and the Mariners. While both sides worked hard to try to resolve the issue time was not on its side and a decision had to be made that was in the best interest for Mariner ticket holders and the visiting team Atlanta Sharks travel plans.
While the AIF was not a party in the dispute between the arena and Mariners they were in communication with both parties offering input and support throughout the process. With the cancellation of tonight’s game the Atlanta Sharks will be given a win and the Mariners a loss.
Baltimore had already secured the number two seed in the 2014 AIF playoffs and tonight’s game had no bearing on the playoff seeding. After careful discussions the AIF had with ownership of the Mariners and other interested parties, and with the fact that the leagues only game next week Cleveland at Baltimore had no bearing on the league regular season outcome the AIF and the Baltimore Mariners have decided to end the regular season early by a week and cancel the Baltimore vs. Cleveland game and go directly into the playoffs.
The AIF will release a complete 2014 AIF Playoff schedule and seeding format by the beginning of the week.
Fans who bought their tickets from Ticketmaster, the arena box office or the Mariners directly should go to the proper outlet to receive a refund.

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