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Posted: Mon Oct 22, 2012 4:36 pm
I spend well over $1000 buying tkts for local teams.
I would consider it an insult if any one expected me to pay
more than 10 cents to see a half field game.
I can see it all now, when you get to the 25yd line turn
around and run the other way. :D

Posted: Mon Oct 22, 2012 6:26 pm
by IndoorQB
haha it was something like that...both teams had to use the same end zone and kick off from the same spot bc the field was coming up in the one end zone

Posted: Mon Oct 22, 2012 6:29 pm
by Hockey
I realize my mind is thicker than mud, but
I still don't understand your post about referencing an arena that can pack 1500
has to do with seating.
I don't see the relationship with the American Assosiation (basebal team named
the Anoerexics?) buying group tickets.

OMG... Ding! :o
Sorry I took it seriously not facetiously :D
on me[/quote]

It's not your fault that in 2012 we still haven't been provided a font for sarcasm. Come on scientists, get to it.

Posted: Tue Oct 23, 2012 5:39 pm
by RevolutionX
[quote=""FootInBallDoor""]Carolina Force
Maryland Reapers
Virginia Badgers
Roc City Thunder
Macon Steel
Harrisburg Stampede
Cape Fear Heroes[/quote]

Cape Fear, Macon, Harrisburg and wait for it......Maryland returning.
York (pssss) Rock City, and Carolina Force expansion. Virginia Badgers and Tri-state Redhawks travel. Rumor had it Marland owner owed the world and people were looking to get paid so surprising they back, especially since they were the fayetteville force, i mean maryland force, i mean Maryland reapers. Lets not forget the logo fiasco. Tri state or artumus big red rumored to be york now. Problem with all this is John Morris. enough said. He is running another scam with Bowman trying to get people to believe these are new teams. He owns Carolina, probably seized Maryland Reapers. What happened to the west? Nevada was all set to play 2013, how does this work for you? what happened to Chattanooga? Remember the big press release announcing them joining. Everything is a scam. the entire 2012 season was a fraud from day one and now 2013 will be any different? No!. The real ones getting scammed are the players and coaches thinking they are getting involved with real pro football, be it minor league. Then the fans. And all you suckers keep paying this scam artist the dollars making him fat pockets and you so you can crap a bowling pin. ( get the point) Shame on all you for not doing your homework, but as the thread says, theres a sucker born every minute.

Posted: Thu Oct 25, 2012 5:29 pm
by NTE
How about a team at the Baltimore 1st Mariner Arena? Any chance of that? I do miss the Mariners. The league was always crap, but the Mariners games where fun, even though they never had more than a couple thousand fans at best. And they did draw 7000 to that championship game in 2010.